The Caythorpe & Frieston Parish Council is made up of 11 elected members - comprising a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, and 9 members - who work for the benefit of the community and all local residents. The Parish Council is fully accountable and subject to detailed audit.

The Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer and The Litter-Picker are the Councils only employees

The council meets bi-monthly (Jan, Mar, May Jul, Sep and Nov) on the second Wednesday of the month. Meetings are normally held in Caythorpe and Frieston Village Hall beginning at 7.30pm.  There is usually an open session before the meeting (from 7.15pm) at which members of the public may raise matters of public concern/interest. Minutes of Parish Council meetings can be found on another page on this website.

Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, information regarding the activities of the Parish Council (including the Annual Report of the Council and the Annual Balance Sheet) can be obtained from the Clerk. There may be a small charge for the reproduction of certain information.