Neighbourhood Plan Submissions Documents

Neighbourhood Plan Submission Documents

The 6 week consultation period on the Neighbourhood Plan ended in February, with 140 replies to the questionnaire on the Vision, Objectives and Policies. Following comments from parishioners and external interested parties, the NP had been updated. It was submitted to SKDC on March 16th 2022, along with supporting documents. These can be seen by clicking on the links below.

The Caythorpe and Frieston Neighbourhood Plan: submission version March2022

The Evidence Document.

This provides more detailed information about the parish, and explains how the policies and objectives fit in with national and local planning policies.

Consultation Statement.

A detailed account of the various stages of the consultation process, the results of the 2021 Survey and the Feb. 2022 questionnaire about the Draft Plan. Comments received from external interested parties and the responses to them are also included.

Basic Conditions Statement.

A statement  of how the Caythorpe and Frieston Neighbourhood Plan meets the legal requirements of a Neighbourhood Plan.

There now follows a period of at least 10 weeks, during which SKDC will review the environmental and heritage impacts of the NP, check that the plan does not conflict with local or national planning regulations and finally submit it to an examiner who will have the final say on whether the NP is acceptable. Further modification to the NP may be required before it is put to a referendum.