The Neighbourhood Plan



Caythorpe and Frieston Parish was designated as a neighbourhood in June 2020. A working party of volunteers was formed, and together with input from the Parish Council and residents, this plan for the future of Caythorpe and Frieston was compiled. The Neighbourhood Plan (NP) is concerned only with matters that would require planning permission, such as house building, change of use of land or buildings, and developments that affect the environment.


Caythorpe and Frieston in the Local Plan

The NP must conform to the Local Plan (LP) for South Kesteven. Within this plan Caythorpe is listed as a ‘larger village’ but has no land allocated for housing development in the current LP. However, ‘In the Larger Villages, in addition to allocations, development proposals which promote the role and function of the Larger Villages, and will not compromise the settlement’s nature and character, will be supported’ by SKDC.


Infill development may also be permitted ‘provided that:

a. it is within a substantially built up frontage or re-development opportunity (previously

development land);

b. it is within the main built up part of the settlement;

c. it does not cause harm or unacceptable impact upon the occupiers amenity of adjacent


d. it does not extend the pattern of development beyond the existing built form; and it is in

keeping with the character of the area and is sensitive to the setting of adjacent properties.’


Within this framework the NP is divided into sections, each describing the current situation and aims for the future of the parish;

  • Housing
  • Communications
  • The natural environment and landscape
  • The historic environment
  • Village centre
  • Community Infrastructure
  • Business environment and employment