CFPC Chairman

Well, the Queen‘s Platinum Jubilee has come and gone and hopefully as a community we have all celebrated at least on one of the days if not all of the days. Myself and my family enjoyed all four days of the celebrations and felt that we had a really good community spirit. As it was the street party on Sunday was a washout, however the move to the Marquees in the playing field was made at an early stage and the numbers that attended made those festivities just right, it wasn’t too many and there wasn’t too few, so well done everyone.


I think a really big thanks has to go out to Dave Cree, he was around for the set up, during the celebrations and then on the Tuesday for the takedown. I believe he, his family and members of the Playing field committee have worked really hard to help make this event happen, so I’m really thankful to him and all associated that made this a pleasant weekend. Additionally, all the committee who organised the different events did an absolutely fantastic job from the Thursday afternoon treasure hunt, quiz in the evening and then the Beacon lighting, followed by Friday’s events jazz in the park, kids playtime and the barbecue all went really well, Saturday evening, although very cold had some good groups playing and a good open MIC session, which people fully participate in, so I think  a  really good community spirit was present, and then the Sunday as I mentioned earlier, the rain washed out anything that could be held in the street but thanks to Darren Lee and his friends, we managed to have the tables and chairs in the marquees and we had a really good celebration. And of course Darren was on edge all the time as he was due to become a grandfather very soon if not over that weekend.


SKDC helped us along with a good grant, make the weekend work and we had lots of donations from local business either cash or goods or prizes these benefactors were, Mid UK recycling, PGL, Wards farms, Alan and Hillary Mason, N2Enterprises, Spar shop, the Red Lion, the sports and social club, the Wagon and Horses, the parochial Church council, the women’s Institute, the Village Hall committee, the Playing field committee.  Thank you all.



We have had notification that the A607 may be closed due to bridge repair work over the Leadenham bypass bridge repairs, keep your eyes out on our Facebook page and our website and the notice boards to find out the exact dates. I’m not sure if it’s only closed at night time or for a long period but hopefully diversion should be in place. Counsellor Alan Graham is looking into what the Stagecoach bus will do during these road repairs so again keep your eyes on the Facebook page and our website as he will post the results of his enquiries on those media and we will put a notice on the noticeboard.


We have had a couple of complaints from residents who regularly take children and walk down the Frieston path, that all the overgrown vegetation on the verges and hedges mean that the children either get stung or if it’s been raining get wet through from the overhanging vegetation, if you have a property that has a hedge row and verge which goes onto the Frieston path, hopefully it would be possible for you to cut back the vegetation and hedge row so that people can use a path without getting wet or stung, especially the younger members. I thank you in anticipation and look forward to seeing a clear path.


The village hall AGM was held on the 8th of June and very well attended, however, it was a last-ditch attempt to get volunteers to help run the village hall. Many people have ideas and we need them to come forward to help us keep our village hall going. We know as a parish council that it’s situated in the wrong place, with no car parking, as the Playing field has a lovely cricket pitch and pavilion but again no car parking and the ideal thing would be to combine both of them in a new location. However, there isn’t a new location identified within the village that we can take advantage of and therefore we have to make the best that we can with what we have!!! At the moment if any of you would like to come forward and help this would be very much appreciated, contact the new chairman Richard Johnson, who’s contact details I’m sure are in News And Views.


SKDC will at some stage be taking down the garages on Eastcliffe square, which are an eyesore for everyone hopefully it will soon look better.


That’s about it for this edition, I can’t think of much more to tell you other than we have a parish council meeting on the second Wednesday in July  (13th) in the village hall starting at 7:30 with a public session starting at 7:15, so if you have any interest, any issues or you wish to raise anything with us please attend and we will see how we can deal with them.


Wishing you all the best

Neil Fritzsche

chairman CFPC