Councillor Crawley


Litter Picking and The Big Clean

The Big Clean Team have been in Caythorpe and Frieston twice, targeting Old Lincoln Road and Kings Hill and clearing overgrown verges and cutting back overhanging vegetation. Householders have also kept vegetation overhanging the footpaths cut back to assist easy access along these paths by the blind and partially sited as well as those who use mobility aids to get around.

Litter picking has been badly affected by Covid, but nonetheless, litter picks have taken place on Gorse Hill, along the A607, and Caythorpe Heath Lane using small numbers of volunteers.

In addition, Ken Ordish regularly patrols the A607 and clears litter which is greatly appreciated.

Councillor Darren Lee has offered to clear litter from Frieston and our thanks go to him for helping to keep this end of the Parish tidy.

Reports have been made to SKDC regarding fly tipping on Gorse Hill, resulting in them subsequently clearing dumped sofas, wheels and tyres and old wardrobes.

The litter picker employed by the Parish Council resigned on leaving the village to attend university, but has been replaced by his brother Jamie Watson, who continues to keep the litter deposited in the village in check.

A local girl (Chloe Mulhall) has been litter picking as part of her Duke of Edinburgh award. Thanks go to Chloe for helping to keep the village clean and tidy.

It was noticed that litter and broken bottles were being left on the Playing Field. An appeal was made in an earlier edition of News and Views for this to stop, and pointing out the dangers that broken glass poses to users of the play area.

An ongoing dialogue is being maintained with Mid Uk regarding litter from their vehicles and site and a good level of co operation has been established.

The control of litter undoubtedly contributed to the award of second place in the Best Kept Village competition.

Environmental Sustainability

It was decided at a meeting of the Parish Council earlier in the year that investigation should take place in to the provision of renewable energy to the Village Hall and Hammond Pavillion on the Playing Field to reduce the carbon footprint of the Parish Council.

Much work has been done to get a design proposal for providing air source heating with Photo Voltaic (solar) panels backed by battery storage. An initial costing for this has indicated that a substantial sum will need to be spent on the installation although it is possible that some of this could be recovered by grant funding and reclaim of VAT. It is also likely that the sums spent would be recouped in reduced running costs over the long term (although this is likely to have a pay back period of about 25 years based on current fuel costs). This would however provide clean green energy to both of these buildings without the need to burn oil or use as much electricity from the grid as we do at present. This will help to reduce air pollution and reduce our carbon footprint.

It is however likely that the Parish Council would need to obtain a loan to fund the installation cost in the first instance. Low cost loans are available to the PC for this type of project but this is a big commitment and one which we would like feedback from villagers about.

Would you be happy for the Parish Council to embark on this project on your behalf? and if so, would you be prepared for an increase in the precept to go towards funding this?  If so, how much do you think would be reasonable? Please contact us to let us know your feelings by email to or the Parish Clerk at or via the website.

It is also proposed to investigate the issue of tree planting to act as carbon sinks to reduce any emissions from the village. An appeal in News and Views brought one positive response and two further areas of land have been identified that may be suitable for tree planting. Enquiries are ongoing with the relevant landowners to see if this can be progressed. Once permission is obtained then efforts will be made to identify suitable species for the land in question and obtain the necessary trees, stakes and tree guards. It is possible that we may be able to establish a community orchard and that there may be a wildlife benefit from this project as well as enhanced public access.

At some stage, help will be required to plant the trees and maintain them until established. Volunteers will be required for this and I have also considered if a sponsorship scheme could be implemented.

This scheme will require an element of ongoing commitment as once the trees are established, they will need routine maintenance and the sites will need some ongoing maintenance as well.

These are exciting projects and I look forward to driving these forward to provide a greener, cleaner place for us all.


Andy Crawley

01400 318453 / 07986 548474