Members Rules

Caythorpe Allotments 2015: Members Rules Page 1
Caythorpe Allotment Membes Rules-V3.1
The Member hereby agrees to respect and obey the constitution of the Association and in respect of the tenancy of the allocated allotment plot:
1. The Member agrees to use the plot for the growing of vegetables, fruit, or flowers, for their own consumption and not for trade or business except for the sale of surplus produce.
2. The Member agrees not to assign or sublet it or any portion of it to anyone else. The Association will consider applications for a plot to be shared between two people maximum.
3. The Member agrees to sign an annual Member’s Agreement and pay the annual subscription fee and plot rental within one month of the advertised due date. Members joining more than six months after the subscription date will be charged half the full rate. Members more than one month in arrears will be deemed to have ceased to be a member, unless explanation in writing of extenuating circumstances is received by the Membership Secretary. The plot will then be reallocated.
4. The Member agrees to keep the plot in a tidy condition, in a reasonable state of cultivation, not to trespass on other plots or be a nuisance to neighbours, keep hedges properly trimmed, not deposit weeds anywhere other than on a compost heap within own plot boundaries or light any bonfires. It is every Member’s responsibility to ensure that all green paths adjacent to their own plot are maintained to a high standard, kept object and weed free and grass is kept short.
5. Members will not attempt to dig wells or divert rainwater to other plots
6. Members must obtain the Association’s approval before erecting sheds, polytunnels or any fencing on their plot. No shed is to exceed 6’ x 8’, and polytunnels must not exceed 4 x 2 metres in size. Polytunnels will be restricted to a maximum of 1 per plot. Care must be taken when siteing, ensuring minimal shading to adjacent plots. It is expected that every effort to collect rainwater runoff from these structures is made and this to be collected in appropriate butts. With regard to polytunnels, a further charge for the supply of water may be levied, in addition to the standard water charge included within the rent.
Only glass substitutes such as polycarbonate, perspex or other alternatives may be used in greenhouses, cold frames or other permitted structures.
Caythorpe Allotments 2015: Members Rules Page 2
Caythorpe Allotment Membes Rules-V3.1
7. No Livestock or poultry shall be kept on the allotment.
8. Members will not take produce, crops, implements or other items from other plots on penalty of expulsion.
9. No timber, gravel, sand, earth or clay may be taken from the allotment site or any rubbish or building materials be deposited on their plot or the allotment site.
10. Only dwarf fruit trees, cordons or espaliers may be planted. Fruit trees must be kept to a maximum height of ten (10 feet) and root/shade (equivalent to branch spread) must fall within the plot boundary).
11. Cars may only be parked on the site in designated areas while the member is on the plot, Paths or access must not be obstructed and cars/trailers may not be tested or repaired on the allotment plot site.
12. Any petrol, oil, lubricants, fertilisers, chemicals, inflammable liquids and equipment must be stored safely at Member’s risk.
13. Any spraying of crops/produce should be undertaken using only proprietary items within EEC regulations, avoiding any run off onto other plots, accidental spray drift or run off into water courses.
14. Members shall not bring or keep animals on the site, with the exception of a pet dog which is to be held at all times on a leash, and remains on the Tenant’s Allotment Garden only. Any faeces to be removed and disposed of off-site by the Tenant.
15. Members’ relatives or visitors should be supervised while on the site and should not interfere with other plots or cause a nuisance in any way. The Association will not accept responsibility if any person is hurt through non-compliance with any of these rules.
These Rules must be read and followed in conjunction with all clauses contained in the Tenancy Agreement made between yourself and the Caythorpe and Frieston Allotment Association.
Any subsequent amendments to these rules as agreed at Annual General Meetings will be posted on the Notice Boards and any website. Members are responsible for taking note of any changes. Their subscription/plot rental receipt is the record of a Members continued agreement
The Association’s subscription and tenancy agreements, run from April to March.
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