November 2021



Dear Councillor,

You are hereby summoned to attend: 

Caythorpe and Frieston Annual  Parish Council Meeting

to be held on Wednesday 10th November 2021

commencing at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

social distancing will be maintained.


The agenda for the meeting is to be found below.


There will be a short public forum before the council meeting proper which will begin at 7.15pm.

Members of the public may ask questions of or make short statements to the council during this forum. All councillors are requested to attend this forum. Should the forum last less than 15 minutes, the Parish Council Meeting will begin at that time.

Mrs Debbie Manderfield

Clerk to the Parish Council




1. Apologies for absence. 

2. Declaration of Interests - To receive declarations of interests under the 2000 Local Government Act.

3. Approval of minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 15th September 2021 

4. Parish Clerk’s Report 

a. Appraisal


5. Financial Matters:

a. Authorisation of BACS/Cheque payments. 

b. Review of CFPC accounts. Bank rec & management accounts. 

c. Update from Finance committee 

d. Village Hall Refurbishments


6. Registers 

a. Risk Register Review and accept. 

b. Maintenance Register Review and accept. 

c. Updated Standing Orders. 


7. Project Register update: - 

a. Items taken in order as they appear on the register. 


8. New Proposals – if there is no paper circulated 7 days prior to the meeting then the proposal will not be addressed

a. Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr Allen

b. Caythorpe Hall Footpath Diversion – Cllr Graham

c. Allotments – Income & Costs 

d. Village Hall Grant – Cllr Hall

e. Resignation – Co-option/ Finance chair


9. The Parish Environment: 

a. Planning

b. Other Planning Issues

c. Report from Cllr Hall – Planning Committee Chair


10. Neighbourhood plan

a. Update by Cllr Allen


11. Community Safety - Report on local crime and policing matters.

Please visit for activity in our area


12. Community Activities by Portfolio Councillor – Reports issued prior to meeting.

a. Cllr Crawley  - Litter Picking and the Big Clean,  Environmental Sustainability

b. Cllr Crawley - Playing Field committee

c. Cllr Hall - Village Hall committee

d. Cllr Fritzsche - News & Views

e. Cllr Graham – Footpaths, Public Transport

f. Cllr Sandy – Highways, 

g. Cllr Lee - Emergency Plan, Dog Fouling, Shops, Businesses & Employment

h. Cllr Betts – Housing, Facebook Page, Volunteering, and skill sharing

i. Cllr Linforth - Community Heartbeat, Hospital Car Scheme, LIVES, Children and Child care

j. Cllr Roberts - Allotment committee, Remembrance Day Parade, Burial Ground

All reports to be circulated prior to meeting


13. Items of urgent business.

14. Arrangements for next meeting:

15. The next Parish Council Meeting Number 5 of 2021/22 will be held on Wednesday 12th January 2022 commencing at 7.30 p.m. in the village hall.