Draft Annual Parish Meeting May 2022

Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council
Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 4th May 2022

Councillors: Crawley (Chair), Spackman, Sandy, Lee, Hall, Graham, Roberts
There were 5 members of the public.
Clerk: Mrs D Manderfield

1 Apologies for Absence
Councillors: Fritzsche, Linforth, Allen, Betts

2 Approval of Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 2021
These minutes had been presented previously and signed by the chairman as a true record of the meeting.

3 Matters Arising
There were no matters arising.

4 Annual Report from Portfolio Holders and the Chairman

4.1 Report by Cllr Graham
Right to Roam
Govt legislation relating to historic paths, stating that pre-1949 paths must be recorded by 2026 to continue to carry public rights
Lead to some comms for us all to check paths were on the definitive map
Legislation then scrapped so issue became a non-issue

Fulbeck Path
Quite a few questions coming from various quarters
No change that we’re aware of and still awaiting the beginning of consultation
We have contacted the landowner for an update, as signs have appeared directing people away from the public route of the path. We are awaiting a response.
Path from Frieston Road to Lower Green
Relates to the footpath linking Frieston Road and the lower green, Frieston
Residents contacted us in relation to the fence that was downed but also about the stile, and whether this could be replaced by a gate to similar
Email sent to council, awaiting a response

Public Transport
Road Closure
Relates to the closure for the Anglian Water works
Checked how much of the road was going to be closed in response to resident’s queries
Route of Number 1 bus
Residents have been querying whether the bus will be re-routed to avoid the High Street
Contact made with Stagecoach to query this
Awaiting response.

Cllr Roberts questioned the possibility of a bus stop at the Red Lion. This has been discussed at a previous Parish Council meeting. Cllr Graham agreed to investigate.

4.2 Report by Cllr Betts 
During 2021 we continued with our Covid support for parishioners who needed assistance with shopping or other matters due to them being poorly or having to isolate. By September we had assisted over 20 households in the parish. 
We have continued to post all important notices and planning applications on our Facebook page to reach as many parishioners as possible. Our Facebook page now has over 350 followers, up from less than 100 in 2020. Facebook messenger continues to be a popular way for parishioners to contact us about any topics they want to raise. 

Speeding Assessment
During March, April & May 2021 we borrowed the speed sign from Carlton Scroop Parish Council to assess the extent of speeding throughout the village. We set up the speed sign in 8 different locations around the village. We saw an average of 10% of vehicles speeding, yet there were some significant variances between each location (See summary below). 
The greatest number of speeding offences were on Church Lane when entering the village with 27% of vehicles speeding.
It was agreed at our parish council meeting in July 2021 that given the low level of speeding throughout the village that we would not pursue other traffic calming measures such as speed bumps or reduced speed limits. 

Potholes have been one of the main topics of discussion in respect of highway matters in our Parish. In April 2021 the parish council and Alexander Maughan petitioned Lincs Highways to address the dire state of Gorse Hill Lane where patch repairs had been completed the previous year yet had subsequently failed. In July 21 the scheme to replace the lower section of Gorse Hill Lane was agreed and the replacement of the lower section of the road took place in August over a two week period. 
Other roads around the village are still in need of repair as large potholes have not been addressed despite being logged on www.fixmystreet.com many months ago, notably the High Street, Lime Grove and Frieston Heath Lane. Repairs to these roads are stated as being “In Progress” despite being raised a number of months ago. We have now escalated this to our Highways Officer and Cllr Maughan and have requested dates for when these stretches of road will be repaired. 

A member of the public raised concerns about speeding. Cllr Crawley agreed to pass his issues on to Cllr Betts

4.3 Report by Cllr Hall
Village Hall 
Proposal to run a nursery – SKDC has confirmed that no planning is now required.  However, this has been put on hold as the proprietor has now taken on an additional nursery elsewhere, and needs to establish that business before further consideration of the Caythorpe site.
Ukraine Fundraising Event – Held on Friday 25th March – Raised just over £2,000
Breakfast last held Sunday 3rd April – These are now back to normal and being well attended
Additional Grants – Omicron leisure and hospitality grant received for £1,133
All Village Hall groups running as normal.  Currently limited one off bookings are being made for events such as birthday parties etc…

Treasurer Report: £2,685 at HSBC, £39,656 at UTB

A new portfolio for me to look after and not much to report as yet.  I have been in contact with the allotment chair, Karen Pepper, and all the allotments are being cultivated.  No issues currently arising.
The rental agreement is due for renewal in 2023.  Once Parish Council has agreed on the new charges, we will need to inform the allotment committee over the next few weeks to allow them time to implement with the allotment holders.

4.4 Report by Cllr Allen
Work on the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) in the last year has involved completing the statutory public consultation steps and using the results to produce a plan for submission to SKDC. The main steps were:

1 July 2021
Survey booklet based on the responses to the original call for opinions goes to every address in the parish with News and Views and a web version goes live.

5 July 2021
Clive Keble (Planning consultant) contacted 40 interested parties: govt. bodies, landowners companies with HQ outside the parish etc. 4 weeks were allowed for replies.
6 were received + 4 automatic acknowledgements. 30 did not respond.

5 Sept 2021
Survey closed. All posters, collection boxes etc. removed. 278 responses.

1 Oct 2021
Survey results published on the parish council website 

6 Jan 2022
Start of the statutory 6 week public consultation on the draft NP.  Draft NP published on CFPC website, with hard copies in Village Hall and St Vincent’s Church porches. Questionnaire for responses to the draft NP delivered to every address in the parish and an online version of the questionnaire goes live. Clive Keble contacted interested parties again.

6 Feb 2022
Public exhibition ran from 10am -12 noon in Caythorpe Village Hall. Around 40 parishioners attended.

18 Feb 2022
6 week consultation period ends. 140 responses received from parishioners and 10
responses from external consultees.

4 Mar 2022
Working group meeting to amend plan in response to public consultation.

9 Mar 2022
Plan is approved for submission by Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council.

16 Mar 2022
Plan and support documents submitted to SKDC. They are also available on the parish website.

There NP will be reviewed by SKDC and an examiner to determine whether it is acceptable and conforms to both local and national planning requirements. Several landowners have objected to proposed Local Green Space designations which affect their property, but it was decided to leave it to the examiner to decide whether or not our proposals are permissible.  Around 10 weeks are needed for this stage, so we expect to have a reply around the beginning of June. Some alterations to the submitted plan are likely to be required. The final version of the NP will be put to a referendum later in the year.

A member of the public questioned how funding was allocated to the Village Hall and the Playing Field Committees. Cllr Crawley explained that a request was made to the council and a vote taken on an annual basis.
A member of the public wished to officially thank Cllr Allen and her team for all the hard work that had gone into producing the Neighbourhood Plan

4.5 Report by Cllr Lee
Dog Fouling
Signage has been updated where necessary and bags left at locations where compliance appears to be difficult for some. Thankfully most of our dog owners are responsible.

Emergency Planning
Thankfully we survived the winter weather with just a few gales and isolated heavy downpours with no reports of any damage. We took up the offer of sand and sand bags from the SKDC, to assist us if necessary and these are kindly being stored by Ben on Love Lane.

Business & Employment
Following a quick Straw Poll of High Street businesses, it appears that all is well. And owners/tenants are continuing to provide excellent service. We welcome Vicky Wilkinson who has opened a fine  glass ware shop on South Parade, we wish her well. Both pubs are doing well and are both looking to improve. The Waggon is updating the beer garden and the Red Lion now has a new decking area. 

4.6 Report by Cllr Fritzsche
News & Views
This is the first complete financial year that News & Views have had a separate bank account, to that of the parish council. The reason that we went down this route was because the editors of News & Views carry out a very good job for no pay. However, they do enjoy paying back to the community with reinvestment that they get from advertising, after expenses from running News & Views . By separating the income away from the parish councils account means that we can easily identify any profit made by News &Views that can be used to support community events such as the Caythorpe gala and other community events. 

This procedure has worked well over the last year and enabled the editors to have more freedom with supporting our community. As a governance issue the editors still need to gain approval from the parish council for the spending of the money, this is for their protection as well as that of the parish council, to ensure the community event supported has no one from the parish council or the editors having a personal gain or professional interest in that area. 

As you will see News & Views is a real professional format, now printed as a glossy magazine, local businesses are keen to advertise, and it has a good wide circulation. The editors have been looking to improve circulation, where and when they can. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the editors of News & Views on behalf of the community, for the sterling work that they do producing such a high class and readable magazine, which people like to receive. Not only the editors though, also the delivery people who volunteer to go out and deliver these magazines around our parish in all weather. All in all it’s a great success of volunteer workers coming together to assist our community ,so once again my heartfelt thanks to all those involved and I’m pleased to say that they are continuing with the good work.

4.7 Report by Cllr Roberts
War Memorial. Remembrance Day Parade and Service. Church Green.
The Church Green and borders are maintained by the Parish Council on a as and when required basis. The Army did bring the paint to repaint the posts and chains around the Memorial but forgot to give it to us. These posts etc are done in their colours, a message has been sent asking them to bring them again. The donated Army seat will need a coat of preservative and Neil has suggested we tone down the colour of the Harry and Mabel Streeter Memorial bench. The spikes put on the Memorial overhanging electricity cable have been very effective from deterring the roosting pigeons from messing on the Memorial.
There was no service of Remembrance in St.Vincents in 2021. The Rev Stuart Hadley organised a short service on the Green which went very well. There was a long wait before the 2 minutes silence. Stuart and I have spoken about this and this year he will ,now that restrictions are lifted ,organise a service at 10.15am in Church leaving in time for 11am.  Prior to the service it is hoped to organise a Church Parade led by the Chairman leaving the Waggon and Horses at 10am. The Parade last year was well attended.

Burial Ground
The Parish Council contractors have again achieved a high standard of maintenance and many verbal positive comments have been received. The mole man keeps a close eye on the area and prevents a lot of damage. A badger has been rooting some of the grass up earlier in the season, but we can live with that.  The gates will need a coat of preservative again. The shed door and frame were painted last year.
Following representations by bereaved next of kin advice was taken from the regular grave digger and as a result the Parish Council can provide double depth graves if required. This will satisfy peoples wishes and practically it will save space. Persons wishing to put their affairs in order may reserve a grave plot by contacting the Parish Clerk.   I suggest that before the next financial year we review our fees.

Community Safety
I am unaware of any community safety issues at the time of writing. The Parish Plan includes a wish to retain the public High St pay phone in case of emergencies. It is my personal opinion that the fully equipped Old Lincoln Road Police Office should be retained as a public asset and used on a regular basis the Police.

A member of the public advised that there had been occasions of police presence in areas of the village and suggested that there were parishioners who felt unsafe.

4.8 Report by Cllr Linforth
Update on Defibrillators
We are incredibly lucky to now have all four working defibrillators within the parish. 
Defibrillators are checked weekly by myself and I liaise with the Community Heartbeat Team who ensure the ambulance service are aware of the nearest working defibrillator, should it be needed. When 999 are called, they will decide as to whether a defibrillator is needed. If it is deemed that it is required, the caller will be advised of the nearest one, and be given the code to get into the cabinet to retrieve the defibrillator. The cabinet cannot be opened without the code. 

At present we do not have a LIVES representative in Caythorpe. If this is something that a member of the community would be interesting in doing, it is something that the parish council can support with training etc and would urge them to contact me. 

Hospital Car Scheme
Due to covid restrictions, this is something that we have not been able to pursue over the last two years, however, as we are now “living with covid”, it would be a great service to offer. The Parish Councils involvement is more a stamp of approval and the passengers themselves arrange with the driver details regarding collection/payment/pickup times etc.
There is a c all connect service that can be used. Residents can contact the company who will advise what service they can offer.

Children and Childcare
Caythorpe Primary School is fully open. The headteacher has recruited some new teaching staff and numbers are at a good level.
Caythorpe Preschool remains open. Number of children is low at present which has resulted in preschool still not being open on Fridays. However, as demand dictates, they would look at opening again on a Friday. 
Sure start centre is now open with regular face to face sessions happening. 

4.9 Report by Cllr Sandy
I have only recently taken over the housing portfolio, so my report is on work that was already in hand. 
The major and ongoing success is the improvements to East Cliff square. For some time, the residents have been complaining to the SKDC about rubbish dumping and rodents living in the garages which were unused and derelict.
An inspection showed that the steel reinforced rods are bursting out of the concrete, the roof is asbestos sheets, and all the doors are broken.
We finally got action when our SKDC councillor Penny Milnes got involved which resulted in the rubbish being cleared almost immediately, the site fenced off and a scheme to demolish the garages and more parking spaces to be put in their place. Which we are now told is in hand  at the moment. 
There are also various housing tenancy issues which have been raised and these are also ongoing

4.10 Report by Cllr Crawley
Litter Picking and the Big Clean
The litter picker employed by CFPC continues to work around the villages clearing litter. She has been supplemented by a volunteer who is clearing litter as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. Various members of the public are clearing litter where they live or walk.
I continue to liaise with Mid UK regarding litter from their operation and they continue to deploy litter picking teams along Caythorpe Heath Lane and the A607 from time to time.
The Big Clean Team are not due in the villages until 7th September. Suggestions for areas of concern are requested which I will pass on to them.

Environmental Sustainability
The provision of environmentally friendly heating and power to the village hall is on hold pending decisions regarding re-roofing the flat roof at the rear. The scheme for the Hammond Pavilion is being investigated further.
Limited progress is being made on the scheme to provide charge points for electric vehicles in the area. Permission has been gained from the owner of the Waggon and Horses to site  charge points on the rear car park. Estimates of cost have been obtained from Western Power Distribution to supply the charge points at the Waggon rear of the school on Back Lane. We are now working with Lincoln County Council to source a company to install the actual charge points and meters and to obtain grant funding to cover the cost as much as possible.
Trees have been planted around  both Caythorpe and Frieston, with a total of about 150 planted to date. In addition, I have worked with the company responsible for the battery storage facility on Caythorpe Heath Lane to ensure they have replaced more than 100 trees and shrubs around the site to comply with their planning consent.

Playing Fields
Councillor David Spackman has been appointed to share this portfolio.
Two shipping containers have been provided for storage of sporting equipment on the field with the assistance of Peter Sowerby and Rainthorpe Haulage and a grant from the Football Foundation and these have been screened with hawthorn hedging.
New hawthorn and holly hedging has been provided on the boundary to the A607 to replace the trees felled by Western Power to maintain their power lines.
A large hornbeam tree has been sourced and planted in the hedge to Church Lane as part of the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebration. An ornate tree guard and commemorative plaque have been ordered and will be placed in position before the event in June.
The next DASH is being held on Sunday 8th May and this has been designated as a fundraiser for Ukraine. Many local people have volunteered to assist with marshalling the event and baking.
The Sports and Social Club has reopened and is trading mainly at weekends.
Play equipment has been repaired and continues to get good use.
Cricket and football teams, including many juniors, make good use of the sports facilities.

4.11 Report by Cllr Spackman
Having recently joined the PC, I will be responsible for the planning applications and am currently in the process of having the portfolio handed over to me.  Below is a list of the current applications together with their status. 

S19/2107 Land at side of St Vincent’s House, Old Lincoln Rd – 
This has now been taken to appeal, therefore it remains ongoing.

T21/0012 Land Adjacent to 9 Waterloo Road, / Craggs paddock. 
TPO added to 8 Spruce, 1 Fir and 1 Pine tree. 
This is to protect the trees which were considered to be important and a prominent sylvan feature. The privacy of the neighbouring properties was also a considering factor. 

S22/0811 The Barn Waterloo Road. 
Application for side and rear extension. New application 

5 Any Other Business: 
A member of the Social Club Committee made a case for requesting financial support from the Parish Council for the annual firework display. This will need to be discussed at a Parish Council meeting.

Cllr Crawley reviewed and closed the meeting