CFPC - Minutes from the March Meeting





Councillors: Fritzsche (Chairman), Crawley, Roberts, Sandy, Allen, Lee, Graham, Linforth & Betts

Other Attendees: Cllr Maughan (LCC), Mr David Spackman, four members of the public

Clerk:  Mrs D Manderfield


ITEM 1 – Apologies for absence

Cllrs Hall, Milnes (SKDC)

ITEM 2 – Declaration of Interests under the Local Government Act

Cllr Crawley declared an interest as a member of the Playing Field Committee

Cllr Roberts declared an interest as a tenant of an allotment and a member of the allotment committee

At this point Mr Spackman left the room

ITEM 3 – New Councillor

After due discussion it was Resolved that Mr Spackman would become the new councillor. Mr Spackman accepted the position and signed the relevant paperwork.

Action: Clerk

At this point Cllr Spackman returned

ITEM 4 –  Approval of Minutes of Meeting 5 held on  12th January 2022 

Copies of the minutes were circulated prior to the meeting. It was Resolved to adopt the minutes as  a true record of events and they will be signed by the chairman, Cllr Crawley in due course

ITEM 5 – Parish Clerk’s Report  

Sam Barrell and Simpsons have both completed the work that they had been instructed to do

There were two enquiries with respect to becoming a Parish Councillor, but only one application. This has been sent to Cllr Crawley to continue the co-option process

The website continues to be updated and the Freedom of Information and Publication Scheme policy has been added after approval at the last meeting. There have not been any suggestions made with respect to the Financial Regulations. I have attached a draft copy which will need to be Resolved prior to posting on the website.

Since my appraisal it became clear that I had been underpaid since I started my role as clerk. These adjustments to payroll were made in January and February. Pay scales for 21/22 have not yet been approved by The National Joint Council for Local Government Services (NJC) and so there may be another balancing payment made at some point. March payroll will include the balance of holiday pay for both members of staff. Chloe’s pay will increase on 1st April to £4.81ph

(Note:- Since then the pay scales have been accepted by the NJC, an increase of 0.20p per hour from 1.4.21 – 31.3.22. This means the clerk is due a balancing payment of £124.80 which will be paid in the April payroll)

The precept for 22/23 has been submitted and accepted

Work on the Queens Platinum Jubilee has started and there have already been two meetings. There are plenty of volunteers and ideas. I have drawn up 2 sets of minutes that you can read if you require. I have put in place a TTRO (Temporary Traffic Regulation Order) to close part of the High Street for the street party on Sunday 5th June. We are planning to apply for a SKDC Community Fund Grant to help with this event as a quick suggestion is that it will cost in the region of £10k. However, some of this will be donated either by cash or equipment. The Armada Beacon is broken. I have approached PM in the hope that she might point us in the right direction for having it repaired.

We have had various requests for memorial stones at the Burial Ground. One new one, and two removal and re-inscribed. As at 28.2 we have £900 outstanding from various funeral directors. Cllr Roberts has determined that double depth graves are possible. I will however take each case on its own merit with the funeral director concerned

The budget has been attached to this agenda, I have tried to add in contingency where possible. It is important for councillors to realise that once the budget is agreed it is not possible to change. However if agreed by full council it is possible to adjust it.


ITEM 6 – Financial Matters:        

6.1 Authorisation of BACS payments

Councillors considered the list, previously circulated, and Resolved to approve the accounts for payment. 

Please see Appendix A below

6.2 Review and Approval of CFPC accounts

Councillors considered the bank reconciliations and the management accounts, previously circulated, and Resolved to approve both

Please see Appendix B below for management accounts

6.3 Update from Finance Committee

There was no update at this time 

6.4 Financial Regulations

Cllr Crawley raised his concerns with regards to authorising bank payments. It was Resolved that the portfolio holder would sign the invoice for the clerk to pay, thus acknowledging that the details are correct, and the payment is due. The clerk will ensure that all authorisers will receive copies of the invoices. Financial Regulations will be duly amended.

Action: Clerk

6.6 Budget

Cllr Fritzsche summarised the budget proposals. Although there appears to be a deficit in the next financial year, this is due to the estimation of costs for the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations. However it is anticipated that the majority of these costs will be met by volunteers, donations and grants.  

Action: Clerk

6.7 Insurance

The Insurance schedules had been distributed previously. Cllr Crawley pointed out that there were now 2X20ft shipping containers used for storage on the playing field that should be included. It was Resolved to accept the quote and inform Gallagher.

Action: Clerk

6.8 Internal Auditor

It was Resolved that Bruce Nelson would be asked

Action: Clerk

6.9 Sam Barrell Quote for Stump Grinding

Following a discussion it was agreed that this is not required, please see Open Forum below

6.10 Annual Training Scheme

It was Resolved to continue the subscription for the LALC training scheme. Councillors are encouraged to use it.

ITEM 7 – Registers

7.1 Risk Register – this was distributed previously.

It was Resolved to approve this document

7.2 Maintenance Register – this is available to be viewed on Parish Online and was distributed previously

It was Resolved to approve this document

ITEM 8 -  Project Register Update – this has been updated and is available to be viewed on Parish Online

8.1 EV Charging Points

Please see Cllr Crawleys report below. 

It was Resolved that this project was ongoing

8.2 Neighbourhood Plan

Please see Cllr Allens report below.

It was Resolved that this project was ongoing

8.3 WPD (Western Power Distribution) Sub-station

There is a possibility of moving the sub-station if the Parish Council was able to source a more suitable location. Cllr Fritzsche reported that the siting of the new sub-station on the junction of Old Lincoln Road and the A607 was an eyesore on the approach to the village. He explained that the homeowner had been declined planning permission by SKDC when wanting to erect a 6ft fence around their garden but that it appeared WPD were allowed to erect exactly that to try and mask the sub-station on permitted development rights. 

It was Resolved that this project was ongoing

Cllr Maughan added that he would request consultation details between WPD and LCC and SKDC as the Parish Council do not consider ‘passing comments’ as ‘consultation’.

It was Resolved to make a formal complaint

8.4 Footpaths

Cllr Graham reported the scheme for reporting historical footpaths has now been scrapped.

It was Resolved that this project was closed

8.5 Line Markings

Cllr Maughan reported that this was going to consultation on Monday 14th March

It was Resolved that this project was ongoing

8.6 Stock of Council Houses

Cllr Roberts reported that he had not yet had a reply from Dr Caroline Johnson’s office. He had previously been contacted to say that they would contact the housing minister on behalf of the Parish Council

It was Resolved that this project was ongoing

8.7 MID UK Recycling consultation

Cllr Crawley and the clerk had a meeting with Mid Uk and subsequently an open planning meeting was held. The Parish Council submitted comments to LCC planning.

It was Resolved that this project was closed

8.8 Potholes

Cllr Maughan reported that after extensive lobbying of the Government LCC failed to have the 12m funding that had been lost, reinstated. This means that LCC has had to increase council tax by 2% to cover this shortfall. He went on to report that there were orders in place to address some of the potholes on the High Street. Cllr Betts reported that he had been approached by a parishioner regarding the pot holes down Frieston Heath Lane and the response from Fix my Street. Cllr Maughan agreed to investigate this.

It was Resolved that this project was ongoing

Action: AM

8.9 Allotment Hedging

All work has been completed.

It was Resolved that this project was closed

8.10 SKDC Sand Bags

SKDC have delivered the sandbags to Ullyotts farm on Love Lane 

It was Resolved that this project was closed

8.11 Noticeboards

Noticeboard toppers are now insitu

It was Resolved that this project was closed

8.12 Queens Platinum Jubilee

There is £1000 budgeted for this event and it is the understanding that there may be grants available.

It was Resolved that this project was ongoing


8.13 Caythorpe Heath Bridge

Cllr Maughan is in discussions with highways as to whether the grit lorry could grit from either side of the bridge. 

It was Resolved that this project was ongoing

Action: AM

8.14 Arnhem Weekend

This will be held on 2-4th September. The army will be back in June. Cllr Crawley had met with the army recently and reported that they were happy to help out within the village. There is, reportedly, a Community Liaison Fund available for the village to access.

It was Resolved that this project was ongoing

8.15 Arnhem Drive Signage

The damaged sign has been reported to SKDC

It was Resolved that this project was ongoing

8.16 Queens Platinum Jubilee

Cllr Fritzsche reported that the committee meets regularly and there are various events happening over the weekend of June 3rd – 5th. There are grants available for funding this and donations have already been received. A TTRO has been agreed to close the road for the street party on Sunday.

It was Resolved that this project was ongoing

8.17 Armada Beacon

Cllr Fritzsche and Cllr Crawley met with SKDC who  after discussions will now look in to funding for repairs, the issue was not resolved

It was Resolved that this project was ongoing

Item 9 – New Proposals

9.1 Neighbourhood Plan Approval

The paper had been circulated previously and after due discussions it was Resolved to approve this proposal. The Councillors all thanked Cllr Allen for her hard work in bringing the plan to fruition


9.2 New Lincolnshire Flag

The paper had been circulated previously and after due discussions it was Resolved to approve this proposal

Action AC

9.3 Old Lincoln Road Noticeboard

Paper was withdrawn

9.4 New Oak Tree at Frieston

The paper had been circulated previously and after due discussions it was Resolved to amend this proposal, after input from local residents (see open forum below), to include a second Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip tree).

Action: AC

9.5 Jubilee Tree and Plaque

The paper had been circulated previously and after due discussions it was Resolved to approve this proposal. The tree suggested would be a Hornbeam and it will be planted on the playing field, Church Lane side.

Action: AC

9.6 A607 Hedge

The paper had been circulated previously and after due discussions it was Resolved to approve this proposal

Action: AC

Item 10 – The Parish Environment

10.1 Planning – this is available to be viewed on Parish online

All planning is now available to view from the Parish Council website

10.2 Other Planning Issues

10.2.1 Mid UK Recycling MRF

Cllr Fritzsche reported that there had been an open meeting for councillors and parishioners held in the village hall prior to the Parish Council submitting a decision.

The general consensus was that previous applications made by Mid Uk to extend  opening hours had been rejected due to the rural aspect of the location. Cllr Fritzsche pointed out that this had not changed. Cllr Roberts expressed his continued concerns with regard to light pollution from the site. Cllr Maughan was doubtful that objections could be made on this point as it was likely that this was within current acceptable levels. Cllr Maughan was more concerned with noise and the affect that could have on local residents and also that there was sufficient parking for additional staff.

10.3 Report from Planning Committee Chair

There was no report from Cllr Hall.

Item 11 – Neighbourhood Plan – Report by Cllr Allen

Cllr Allen reported  that there had been objections to various green spaces within the Neighbourhood Plan and that the deadline for spending the precured grant was looming. Thus any consultancy fees would require funding from the Parish Council.

ITEM 12 -  Community Safety. 

During the months December – January there have been 1 Violence and Sexual assault and 1 Burglary

ITEM 13– Community Activities by Portfolio Councillor – the following are reports written by the individual councillors.

13.1 Cllr Crawley

13.1.1 Litter and the Big Clean

The SKDC website only shows the Big Clean team up to the end of January 2022. If there are any areas we would like addressing then please let me know and I will pass this on for their next visit whenever this may be.

I have reported fly tipping of tyres on Gorse Hill and this was cleared promptly by SKDC.

Chloe Mulhall continues to pick litter from around the villages.

13.1.2 Environmental Sustainability

There is still uncertainty around the village hall roof and therefore PV panels and Air Source Heat pump scheme is on hold.

The Playing Field have expressed an interest at their last meeting about PV panels, battery storage and Air Source Heat pump to the Hammond Pavillion and I am obtaining updated quotes.

13.1.3 EV Charging Points

I have met with Mrs Lesley Rann who is agreeable to the siting of EV charge points on the rear of the Waggon and Horses car park

I have received budget estimates of costs to install 100KVAelectric supplies (suitable for 50 Kwh charging points) from Western Power. It appears the only sites they are able to supply are the Waggon and Horses (£7108), Back Lane (opposite the Sycamores)(£5311) and Back Lane (adjacent to School View)(£9934). The prices quoted are for the incoming power supply only and based on the estimated rate at the time. They also include VAT at 20% which is reclaimable. 

We will need a charger ‘head’ for vehicles to plug into and Dan Clayton (of LCC) is investigating this through a couple of different companies together with grant application. He was meant to be meeting representatives from Digital Bunker last week but the meeting was cancelled without explanation.

I suspect that there will be opposition from local residents to the site on Back Lane opposite the Sycamores, due to the proximity to local properties.

13.1.4 Tree Planting

I have submitted a number of different papers for tree planting at various locations around the villages.

I will be calling for volunteers to assist in planting over 120 trees.

Sam Barrel has donated an oak tree and various smaller trees have been received from local residents.

Trees have recently been planted on Kings Hill green, and along the A607, and the green at the junction of Back Lane and Chapel Lane has received a tree kindly donated by Margaret and Gordon Grant.

Playing Fields

The new containers are now in position thanks to the assistance provided by Richard Rainthorpe in offloading and positioning them.

I have ordered 60 Hawthorn bare rooted plants with spirals and canes to plant around the perimeter of the containers to act as a visual screen, deter noise nuisance by balls being kicked against the sides, and act as carbon sinks and wildlife habitat. I will be calling for volunteers to assist in planting.

I will be preparing an article for News and Views to cover this.

The next DASH fundraiser event is on Sunday 8th May  when a half marathon and 5k race will be held. Volunteers will be called for, to assist in marshalling and catering.

13.2 Cllr Hall

Nothing to Report

13.3 Cllr Fritzsche

13.3.1 News and Views is doing well and still publishing they are still trying to improve the circulation and increase advertising although in these tough times it’s a big challenge.  We used the delivery volunteers to circulate the Neighbourhood plan information from the PC was was a good use of resources for us to get information out quickly to all people in the parish.

I am asking councillors again to provide updates on their portfolios with a short article in News and Views, as below

17th March, if 

Councillor Collette Linforth 

Councillor Andy Crawley 

Councillor Becky Hall

all given update for that edition of news and views.

17th of April, if 

Councillor Pete Sandy, and 

Councillor Jonathan Betts 

could give an update for their portfolios 

This should then have updated people with all our portfolios before the Annual Parish Meeting where if you save the article you’ll have to add any updates and then present it to the annual meeting date yet to be set in May.

12.4 Cllr Graham

12.4.1Footpaths Portfolio Update path

We have had a number of enquiries regarding the path from Fulbeck to Caythorpe. The situation effectively remains the same as it was, where the proposal cannot go ahead until the landowner owns all the land that is required. The field in the corner on the left as you leave the village is still owned by someone else and until that changes the plans are on hold. At such time as that situation changes, or the landowner puts in a revised plan, a public consultation will take place and the Parish Council will be able to express an opinion/. Footpath over Lakeside Farm

There was an enquiry about a footpath that it was claimed exists on the OS map but does not appear to exist on the ground. The path in question crosses Lakeside Farm and comes out in Frieston at the junction of Frieston Road and Hough Road. Upon investigation it appears that this is correct and that the path does not exist as a currently used right of way. This situation may have existed for some time though as there seem to be houses built on the route of the path. I responded to the individual and am awaiting a response, and at such time could pass this over to the relevant team in the council, though it is not clear what they would be able to do. Historic footpaths

Communication has gone out over a piece of legislation that could have had an impact on our footpaths in the area. A clause in right-to-roam legislation introduced by the government in 2000 stated that any pre-1949 paths must be recorded by 2026 to continue to carry public rights. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act contained a provision that would extinguish those rights if the paths have not been properly recorded. This could have caused some concern; however, this deadline has now been scrapped so it is no longer an issue. We put up information in News and Views and also on Facebook.

Cllr Graham was asked whether there was a footpath around Frieston Green, as it appears to stop at the corner forcing pedestrians onto the road. it was agreed that Cllr Graham and Cllr Maughan would meet at the site to discuss possibilities.

Cllr Graham also reported that he had been contacted in regard to the buses avoiding the High Street. it appears this was due to WPD works that have since been completed. Cllr Graham agreed to contact Stagecoach to confirm that this change of direction is not permanent.

13.5 Cllr Sandy

Nothing to Report

13.6 Cllr Lee

13.6.1 Dog fouling issues were highlighted to me by Cllr Roberts, and via the Caythorpe Facebook group these have been addressed now. Information has been passed to the local community via our News and Views magazine.

13.6.2 Thankfully we survived the recent storms with no major damage. I  liaised with SKDC and we now have a tonne of sand and 100+ sandbags should they be needed to assist with flooding issues, Ben Ullyott has kindly agreed once again to store both on his premises on Love Lane.

13.6.3 No issues have been raised regarding business and employment and we continue to enjoy excellent service from all our service providers. And I believe they are looking for a chef at the Stables in Fulbeck.

Cllr Fritzsche raised the subject of the Battery Storage units on Caythorpe Heath Lane, Cllr Lee agreed that these should be included in the Emergency Plan.

A letter had previously been sent to Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, but as yet the Parish Council have not received a response.

Action DL/Clerk

13.7 Cllr Betts

13.7.1 Continued to update our Facebook page with planning applications and other notices which have come through thick and fast this past month. The number of parishioners viewing planning applications have increased based on the number of views of the posts and we have received multiple questions about the applications we have posted and I have advised them on how to raise comments / queries. 

13.7.2 We have been contacted by two parishioners via FB regarding the state of Frieston Heath Lane (By the concrete hard standing and agriculture shed before the tree lined hill starts). On both occasions I have directed them to Fix my Street yet last week a parishioner contacted me to say that 3 of circa 30 potholes had been filled in and the task had been closed. I have written to Alexander M / Penny to query how we can escalate a "Fix my Street" issue of closing out jobs before they are completed. Some photos I took of the road on Saturday last weekend. I await their response. 

13.7.3 No updates on Housing or Volunteering. 

13.8 Cllr Linforth 

13.8.1 Update on Defibrillators

All defibs are in FWO, however we will soon need to purchase new batteries for these. They have been installed since 2018, and at present the levels are fine, but something to bear in mind in the not-so-distant future that new ones will be required. Again, I will update on costs when we get to this stage. 

13.8.2 LIVES

No change - At present we do not have a LIVES representative in Caythorpe. Training is available for anyone that would like to become a representative and will continue to ask for this throughout the village. 

Hospital Car Scheme

No further update on this, however, this is something we can now move forward with and ask residents of the parish who can help and then promote their service. The Parish Councils involvement is more a stamp of approval and the passengers themselves arrange with the driver’s collection/payment/pickup times etc. 

13.8.3 Children and Childcare

Caythorpe Primary School is open for all pupils. 

Caythorpe Preschool remains open. Numbers are improving and they are discussing with school for longer opening hours.

There are enquiries being discussed about the possibility of someone renting the village hall for a private nursery. This is in the early discussion phase.

Sure start centre is open for face to face sessions.

13.9 Cllr Roberts

13.9.1 Allotments. The Southern boundary hedge has been cut low enough to allow members to cut this hedge themselves in future. There is a waiting list of Parish residents wishing to cultivate a plot when available. The soil is still too wet and sticky to begin sowing and planting.

13.9.2 Burial Ground. Following representations from bereaved next of kin ,advice was sought from the regular grave digger. The result is that if a double grave be requested then it can be provided. An  obstructing overhanging tree  branch has been removed. The resident badger has been rooting for worms and is making a bit of a mess at the moment.

13.9.3 Church Green. Nothing to report ,we are still waiting for the Army to fulfill their promise to provide us with their regimental colour paint for the War Memorial chains and posts refurbishment. If any member has contact with them could they be reminded. They did bring some to the village but forgot to give it to us

ITEM 14 -  Items of Urgent Business

There were no items of urgent business

ITEM 15. Arrangements for Next Meeting 

The next Parish Council Meeting Number 1 of 2022 will be held on Wednesday 11th May 2022 commencing at 7.30pm and will be in the village hall. 

Open Forum

There were two members of the public who wished to raise the subject of the trees on Frieston Green. There had been discussions between the local parishioners and the general consensus was that they would like to keep the tree stumps to be used for sitting and playing. It was also suggested that a Tulip tree be planted to replace one of the trees that had been felled earlier in the year. This prompted the Parish Council to amend 9.4 (above) as it was agreed there was room for 2 new trees on the Green.

There was a donation of £30 towards the tree donated by the parishioners, thank you letters will be forwarded on behalf of the Parish Council.


Appendix A

Invoice Date Invoice Number To Whom Particulars of Payment Total Amount Date Paid
31.12.21   Unity Trust Bank bank charges 18 31.12.21
6.12.21 2108 Syston Park Christmas Trees an 8ft spruce and an 11ft blue spruce 150 12.1.22
20.12.21 2020/21-15 Clive Keble Consulting support work for the Neighbourhood Plan during Nov & Dec 21 1430 12.1.22
8.1.22 80122 John Lord 3 signs in oak for CFPC noticeboards 452 12.1.22
31.12.21 311221 Expenses clerk expenses December 18.81 12.1.22
18.1.22 6509 Simpson Arboriculture Ltd tree work at the allotments 960 19.1.22
31.2.22 310122 Expenses Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar News & Views expenses 100 2.2.22
31.1.22 310122 Expenses Clerk expenses January 27.80 2.2.22
4.2.22 20222 Sam Barrell all tree work in Parish, Playing Field, Arnhem Drive, and Frieston Greens 5020 4.2.22
7.2.22 2020/21-20 Clive Keble Consulting consultation work on the neighbourhood plan 20.12.21 - 7.2.22 770 9.2.22
7.2.22 1 School Run Cafe for refreshments at the NP  consultation event 87 9.2.22
31.1.22 1471 Brian Wills Dog Bins 116 2.2.22
1.1.22 959 Enviro-Tec annual control for mole control 325 11.2.22

Appendix B

  Actual 2020/21 Budget 2021/22 Actual for Period Revised Forecast 21/22
Precept 30039


30039 30039
News & Views 9517 9000 7443.49 9000
Miscellaneous/Donations 0.0 0.0 1109.06 0.0
Community Fund 1610 0.0 0.0 0.0
Allotments 226 226 225.70 226
Burial Ground 1700 1700 1400 1700
SKDC Community Cleaning Grant 907 907 926.64 907
Neighbourhood Plan 0.0 0.0 7669 7669
Ward Grant 0.0 400 0.0 100
VAT Reclaim 1918 1538 1538.04 1538
Total Income 45917 43810 50350.93 51179
Burial Grounds 3037 2980 3326.06 2980
News & Views 7212 6634 6228.77 6634
Allotments 251 226 800 226
Audit 360 360 200 360
Staff Salaries 7278 7070 6737.64 7070
Election Costs 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Comm Projects 256 500 150 500
Maintenance 2096 2150 3042.93 2150
Street Cleaning 1147 1362 912.12 1362
VH Grant 3500 3500 3500 3500
PF Grant 3500 3500 3500 3500
S137 Expenditure 416 500 235 500
Insurance 2496 2522 0.0 2522
LALC & SLCC 504 550 224.92 550
Tel, post, stat etc 750 575 344 575
PWLB loan 886 0.0 0.0 0.0
Bank Charges 72 144 108 144
Mole Control 0.0 325 650 650
Misc 1307 0.0 0.0 0.0
Chattertons Legal Costs   400 100 1000
Neighbourhood Plan 198 0.0 5165.89 7669
Tree Work 180 1000 5100 6000
New Trees Planting 0.0 0.0 0.0 200
Frieston Bench 1333 0.0 578.61 500
Conifer Tree       150
Queens Platinum Jubilee       1000
BG Post & Gate 1428 0.0 0.0 0.0
Village Gates 3686 0.0 0.0 0.0
Allotment Hedging 1920 0.0 0.0 0.0
Memorial Signs 169 0.0 0.0 0.0
Misc 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Total Expenses 43982 34298 40903.94 49742
Surplus/Loss 1935 9512 9446.99 1437
Reserves   38865.95 38800.94 30790.95