September 2020 Minutes





Councillors: N Fritzsche (Chairman)

J Allen, J Betts, R Brooke, M Budden, A Crawley, C Linforth, A Roberts, P Sandy

Other attendees: Cllr Penny Milnes, Cllr Alexander Maughan

Clerk:  Mrs D Manderfield

Item 1 – Apologies for absence

Simon Pattinson, Mid UK Recycling

Item 2 – Declaration of Interests under the Local Government Act

Cllr Crawley expressed an interest  as a committee member of the Playing Fields Committee

Item 3 - Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 7th July on ZOOM

3.1 These minutes were presented to the councillors prior to the meeting for approval

Agreed unanimously that the minutes are a true record and will be signed by the chairman as soon as is possible due to covid restrictions

Item 4 – Parish Clerk’s Update on Matters Arising Since Last Meeting:             

4.1 The tree on Frieston Green

It was reported that the tree was cleared of all the deadwood and the invoice of £180 has been paid as per the quote

4.2 Lime Grove hedge

The clerk advised that the SKDC contractors work during the winter and so should be completed by February 2021

4.3 The CFPC website 

The clerk advised that all the historical data was to be copied and pasted  from the old website to the new one. After a morning of training, the clerk reported that there was initially a problem as all the old minutes and agendas had boxes around them. This is not accessible and therefore discouraged from the website point of view.

4.4 External Audit

The CFPC was selected as part of the random 5% sample subject to intermediate level review by the auditors. This has now been concluded. The Notice of conclusion of Audit is displayed on the notice board

4.5 Dog Bin Signage

Cllr Roberts requested signs to put on one of the bins which had had meat put in it and was full of maggots.

4.6 Tree Survey

In response to the Playing Field Committee’s request for a tree survey the clerk has requested quotations from various arborists.

4.7 LCC archives

As the Jubilee and Caythorpe in lockdown photography books are less than 30 years old, Lincolnshire Archives would be unable to help. However, there is an archive in the local Grantham library but due to covid-19 they are currently unable to accept any books.

4.8 The co-option elections

The clerk reported that the new councillor is Mr Darren Lee. Both candidates have been informed of the decision. Mr Lee has accepted the position and the necessary paperwork has been delivered to him.

Item 5 - Financial Matters

5.1 Authorisation of BACS payments

Documents containing invoices approved and paid since the last meeting and up to 31.8.20 were previously distributed.

Decision: Approved unanimously

5.2 Review and Approval of CFPC accounts

Bank Reconciliations as at 31.8.20 and management accounts were previously distributed.

Decision: Approved unanimously

5.3 Update from Cllr Budden – Finance Committee Chair

5.3.1 Burial Ground Income reduced by £1,300 based on low numbers to date

5.3.2 Chapel Lane bench (added to Community Fund for now). The PC covered the cost of groundworks and are hopeful that the cost of the benches will be covered by donations.

5.3.3 Staff salaries now accurately forecast for the year, reduced by £468

5.3.4 Clerk’s expenses - over by £230, which is the cost of new spectacles for the previous clerk

5.3.5 Public Works Loans Board loan – unfortunately we were misinformed when told that this loan had been fully repaid by August 19. The final payment was due last month of £886

5.3.6 Miscellaneous costs –budgeted £1,830. Only spent £138 after 5 months, so have reduced forecast to £1,000

5.3.7 Pavement crossings – it was decided to retain £1720 in the budget, although £280 of pavement crossing budget was moved to cover over-spend on burial ground gates. It was decided that the sensory pavement be kept on the budget until after Cllr Maughan’s meeting with the Highways manager on Monday 14th September

5.3.8 A607 bus shelter amendments  - provision of £1,000 has been removed as even if it may be required it is unlikely to be in this financial year

5.3.9 Village Gates – ‘overspend’ of £586 is virtually all covered by VAT, which we will recover in due course

5.3.10 Allotment tree work – original estimate of £1,500 now increased due to actual quote for £1,800 (ex VAT) from Simpsons.

Overall forecast shows an additional approx £1,000 of reserves being spent compared to budget, this would leave reserves of approx £21,400 at 31 March 2021. There will be a VAT reclaim to make (approx £800) in April 2021.

Cllr Budden explained how it was necessary when producing the budget to know of any portfolio expenses incurred and when they might become due.

Action: All

Decision: Approved unanimously to agree to the revisions stated above

5.4 Village Hall Grant

Cllr Brooke reported details of the VH finances, and these were distributed previously.

Decision: Agreed unanimously to keep the Village Hall Grant at £3500

Item 6 Registers

6.1 Risk Register – this was distributed previously. The clerk reminded councillors that she has training on 22/23 September.

6.2 Maintenance Register – this was distributed previously and reviewed.

Decision: Approved unanimously to approve these two documents

ITEM 7 -  Project Register Update

7.1 Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Allen reported that a working group of 5 non-PC members had been found. There had been a disappointing response to the appeals for people’s opinions, and as such Cllr Fritzsche requested that all councillors submit some ideas in respect of the plan.

Cllr Allen requested that she joined an online planning course for £30. It was agreed that the PC would cover the cost

Action: All

Decision - Agreed unanimously to approve the progress of this project

7.2 Village Gates

Cllr Betts reported that all four gates were delivered two weeks ago by Glasdon. JC Groundworks agreed to honour the original quotation from December 2019, although Cllr Betts reported having difficulty in confirming an installation date.

Action: JB

Decision - Agreed unanimously to approve the progress of this project

7.3 Burial Ground Gates

Cllr Roberts reported that the gates are due to be installed in November/December, however Cllr Roberts admitted that there may be an additional cost should the gate posts cause damage to the path.

Action: NF

Decision - Agreed unanimously to approve the progress of this project

7.4 Parking Signs – Cllr Sandy. Project completed

7.5 Chapel Lane Bench

Cllr Roberts reported that the concrete pad is down Cllr Roberts has advised the council of a family interested in a memorial bench in memory of their son.  . A second resident has expressed an interest in the council placing a bench for her husband. Cllr Fritzsche to liaise.

Action: NF, AR

Decision - Agreed unanimously to approve the progress of this project

7.6 Remembrance Day Operation Order

Cllr Brooke reported that the final details needed to be completed before passing to Cllr Roberts.

Action: RB, NF

7.7 Signs for Remembrance Day Parade

Cllr Roberts reported that the signs are completed and ready

7.8 Emergency Plan – No action required at this time.

7.9 No Parking Line Markings

Cllr Maughan reported that public advertisements will be going out during October/ November which will include a direct letter drop to affected residents in the vicinity of the restrictions

Action: AM

7.10 Face Masks

Cllr Fritzsche reported that the face masks have been made and delivered to parishioners. Cllr Fritzsche thanked Cllr Milne & Cllr Maughan for their contributions to the £400 worth of grants, £300 from SKDC and £100 from LCC.

7.11 Allotment Hedging

Cllr Roberts reported that Tim Ward has agreed to cut the hedges when he has the correct machinery on the back of his tractor in the area.

Action: NF

7.12 Playing Field Trees

Cllr Crawley raised the issue of the insurance company stating that there needs to be an annual tree survey. Cllr Fritzsche questioned this and declared to put it into a report at the next meeting.

Action: NF

7.13 LCC Archive Library

Cllr Roberts suggested storing the books in the old police building but Cllr Fritzsche preferred to place them where they would be accessible to all.

14. Allotment Tree Works

Cllr Roberts reported that the allotment committee will discuss the overspend with a view that the balance is paid from their balances. Cllr Roberts is hoping that the work will be done during November/ December.

Action: NF

Decision - Agreed unanimously to approve the progress of this project

ITEM 8 - New Proposals.

8.1 New Flag: Cllr Roberts

Cllr Crawley agreed to source cost effective prices

Decision: 5 yearly replacement of village flags

Proposed Cllr Roberts, Seconded Cllr Fritzsche

Action: AC

8.2 Second Chapel Lane Bench - Cllr Roberts, see 7.5 above

8.3 Sensory Pavement Re-proposal - Cllr Roberts

please see comment by Cllr Maughan below

Decision - agreed that Cllr Maughan would proceed with this project on behalf of CFPC

ITEM 9 – The Parish Environment

9.1 Planning

9.1.1New Applications – including actions taken and decisions since last meeting

Application No: S20/1018

Applicant: Mr Peter Sandy

Proposal: Alterations, repair and extension to existing dwelling (Block 1) facing on to Church Lane. Demolition of two Blocks 2 and 3 and replacement semi-detached dwellings built within the footprints. 3no. additional dwellings (Terrace, Blocks 4,5 and 6) built within the rear of the site. Parking areas and access into site with landscaping and boundary treatments.

Location: The Old Coach House , 6A Church Lane, Caythorpe, NG32 3DU

App Type: Full Planning Permission  Responded 10 Aug 20

S20/1241 - Tree works St Vincent's Church Caythorpe. No objections Responded 10 Aug 20

Application No: S20/1323

Applicant: Miss Amber Sowerby

Proposal: Loft conversion and alterations to an existing bungalow including the addition of a double garage

Location: Caythorpe Hall, Folly Place , Church Lane, Caythorpe, NG32 3EL

App Type: Householder  Responded 3 Sep 2020 No objections

Application No: S20/1376

Applicant: Mr Christopher Bennett

Proposal: Removal of cherry tree

Location: The Cottage, 7 Frieston Green, Frieston Road, Frieston, Lincolnshire

App Type: Trees in CA - Section 211 Notice.  Responded 4 Sep 20 - No objections

9.1.2 Decision Notices Received Since Last Meeting

S20/0869 Demolition of garage, erection of agricultural storage building and associated works and landscaping. Land Adjacent To Caythorpe Hall Church Lane  Caythorpe Lincolnshire NG32 3EL. The South Kesteven District Council has considered this application under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) and Grants Planning Permission for the development described above

S20/0916 & 0921. Repairs to roof. The South Kesteven District Council has considered this application under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 (as amended) and consent has been granted for the development described above.

S20/0925. Reduce canopy of Beech Tree by 20-25%.  The District Council grant consent for the work described above.

S20/0928.  Erection of two detached dwellings. Glamis House 45 High Street Caythorpe Lincolnshire NG32 3DR.  The South Kesteven District Council has considered this application under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) and Grants Planning Permission for the development described above. CFPC requests ignored: Car parking spaces & distance to dwellings in Back Lane.

Ongoing Planning Issues

S17/1611 ANESCO 7.2 MW Energy Storage Facility on Caythorpe Heath Lane. 

Question raised by Cllr Roberts as to the condition of planting / soft landscaping on western boundary.  Contacted ANESCO to ask what their plans are if any to remedy this.  There is an on-going requirement to maintain soft landscaping / planting for 5 years from the date of use of the site.  Awaiting their response. Reminder sent.

S19/2044 – erection of dwelling 27 Old Lincoln Road – SKDC Granted

S19/2107 – Erection of dwelling land adjacent to St Vincents’ House 47 Old Lincoln Road – SKDC not yet determined.

S19/2223 – Caythorpe Hall Lodge  / Gate House

Correspondence ongoing with SKDC regarding demolition of existing outbuildings and location of waste-water vent pipe through wall into church yard. 

On commencement of building work, footings under old outbuildings were non-existent; accordingly, new footings and amendment to structure was required.  Soil pipe now moved within building area and not through wall into church grounds. Complete

ITEM 10 - Neighbourhood Plan

please see 7.1 above

ITEM 11 -  Community Safety.

Cllr Roberts advised that he had no knowledge of the possible domestic violence cases that were referred to on the website

ITEM 12 – Community Activities by Portfolio Councillor

12.1 Cllr A Crawley

12.1.1 Environmental Sustainability

Progress is being made on gathering proposals for the green heating and lighting to the Village Hall and Hammond Pavilion and a paper will be submitted in due course. Grant funding to offset the cost of this is limited at the present time as many funds have diverted their efforts towards Covid related issues. It may be worth deferring this until Covid has passed.

A parcel of land has been identified as suitable for tree planting and a possible wildlife and amenity area. A tentative offer has been made to donate this land to the Parish Council. Research is ongoing to identify how this can best be used for the benefit of the community and what costs will be involved. A paper will be produced in due course.

12.1.2Litter and the Big Clean

The council employed litter picker Ben Watson has informed us that he will be going off to university from 26th September and will therefore be relinquishing his role. His brother may be interested in taking on the role – enquiries ongoing.

A local girl has volunteered to litter pick around the village as part of her Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. She has been provided with equipment and advice and will carry out litter picking until such time as she has gained enough hours for her DoE award.

The Big Clean Team were in Caythorpe on 2nd September and cleared the overgrown verge in Old Lincoln Road. An email has been received from Andy Roberts praising the quality of the work carried out on Old Lincoln Road and saying what a difference it has made.

12.2 Cllr M Budden

12.2.1 Playing Field

The Play Area has reopened and had new bark installed. It also also been inspected - the report is awaited. It is likely the rope elements (the climbing nets) will require replacement “at very considerable cost”.

Subject to Covid restrictions being suitably relaxed it is planned that Senior Saturday Football will start with a home match the first week of October. Senior Sunday Football will presumably start around the same time, but Sunday fixtures have not yet been received. Junior Football has already resumed.

The last two Cricket matches are on Sunday 13th September.

Fineturf will be contracted to do Autumn work on the cricket square.

The Caythorpe Dash will take place on Sunday 11th October, assuming no further Covid restrictions. It will be socially distanced with runners being dispatched in groups of 6 at five minute intervals. There will be no after-event food nor use of changing rooms. As of 02/09/20 there were 85 entrants. Entry is being capped at 200 participants.

The Social Club have cancelled Firework night as social distancing would be impossible to enforce.

GW King will again be cutting hedges but slightly later this year as not needed to be done in time for Gala/Arnhem weekend.

12.3 Cllr R Brooke.

12.3.1 Village Hall Committee

I mentioned at the last meeting that I would, on receipt of the VH accounts, put forward their request for an increase in the annual grant currently standing g at £3500. The amount of uplift was to be at our discretion.  Having passed the accounts to a Mike

Budden for comment, the VH situation is that without our grant they are forecasting a deficit of £891.  This considers loss of income and reduced outgoings but includes a spend of £2300 for drain repairs and replacement furniture.  Following a grant of. £10,000 from SKDC, they have updated the fire alarm electrics together with other essential maintenance Items.

With currently approx £18k on deposit and £3400 in the current account, and showing a forecast surplus of approx £2600 following receipt of the £3500 grant, I do not support any additional uplift, particularly as we may be required to fund additional support elements to the wider village should a second phase of COVID-19 occur.

12.4 Cllr N Fritzsche

12.4.1 News & Views 

News and Views editions continue to flourish as a community magazine. It’s well tended by the editors, Pete and Laura who deliver us with a real quality magazine. Michael Budden, Peter, Laura, and I are still trying to determine the best way to manage the finances of the magazine. Initially we thought it may be better to take the finances outside of the Parish Council and have a standalone account, but the editors felt this was too great a risk if anything unexpected came along financially with the magazine.

Our latest train of thought is to have a separate bank account under the banner of the PC with all income and expenditure recorded for News and Views separately by the editors, in this bank account, thereby giving us the best of both worlds. The PC still own the magazine, but it gives the editors the ability to see what they’re making on the advertising and how we can best support the community with the spare funds that we have from income.

12.5 Cllr A Graham

12.5.1Footpaths Sensory Paving

This issue has been ongoing for some time now. On reviewing this, Cllr Maughan updated to the effect that this work has been included in the work schedule for this financial year, and that sensory paving will be installed in two additional locations. However, it now seems as if the locations given will need to be re-assessed by the council to ensure they ‘meet the usual criteria’. Updates will be sought on this issue. Footpath Diversion Caythorpe/Fulbeck

Several members of the council have now met with the owner to discuss his proposals for the footpath. These involve re-routing the path to run parallel with the wall by the A607, avoiding the field it currently goes across as this will contain cattle. The owner needs to buy the field in the corner by the junction with the 607 for his plan to be feasible and his is undertaking discussions on this.

The parish council approached SKDC to enquire as to the progress of the issue, as this is largely a planning issue. An update from SKDC is awaited. Path through to Frieston

The path between Frieston Rd Caythorpe and Hough Rd Frieston was reported to the council as being very overgrown and in need to attention. This was reported on Fix My Street. The response from the council was that it would be looked at but was not a priority at this time.

 12.5.2 Public Transport - Nothing to report

12.6 Cllr P Sandy

12.6.1Highways - Nothing to report

12.7 Cllr J Betts

12.7.1 Housing

Nothing to Report

12.7.2 Facebook

Recent planning applications and other highways notices have been added to the Facebook page and comments responded to.

12.7.3 Volunteering and Skill Sharing

All is quiet on that front yet a couple of COVID volunteers I know are still helping certain residents, yet this is not due to COVID yet just due to mobility issues. .

12.8 Cllr C Linforth

12.8.1 Community Heartbeat

We still have no plot for the Frieston defibrillator to be placed so I will now be sourcing an alternative spot in Caythorpe that is possibly near that end of the village.  I will reach out to the village via social media and new and views to try to source a site for this.

All defibrillators are in FWO.

12.8.2 Hospital Car Scheme

There is no change in this due to the current corona virus pandemic so this is something that will be relooked at once lock down measures are eased more.

The Parish Councils involvement is more a stamp of approval and the passengers themselves arrange with the drivers collection/payment/pickup times etc.

12.8.3 LIVES

No changes so as per last update - At present we do not have a LIVES representative in Caythorpe. The community have been approached; however, no one has come forward yet.

12.8.4 Children and Child care

Schools and preschool have reopened today (3rd September).

12.9 Cllr A Roberts

12.9.1 Allotment Committee

No vacancies. Tree/hedge work quotes still work in progress. When a quote is accepted by the Committee work will take place after leaf fall  ie end of November early December.  £1500 already in PC budget for this financial year. This will be needed, allotment committee will discuss the overspend with a view that the balance is paid from their balances.

12.9.2 Burial Ground

The gate renewal is expected to be completed in November/December. Finance has been budgeted for this financial year. A reminder that there is a chance remedial work may have to be done to the newly laid path when the post excavations have been made. The contractor is Pete Baker from Hougham.

12.9.3 Remembrance Day Parade

Roger Brook has completed the operational briefing paper for Remembrance Day wreath laying and the Parade beforehand. This briefing paper will be circulated.  The Chairman has confirmed to me the wreath laying will go ahead as usual regardless on Sunday 8th November.

The bugler has confirmed his attendance and his fee is £45.It is doubtful the the Parade will take place. I am attending the Church AGM on Sept 2nd and will find out what the Church of England instructions are re Church attendance the service prior to the Act of Remembrance on 8/11/20.

ITEM 13 -  Items of Urgent Business

Due to meetings being held by zoom it is important that Cllr Fritzsche signs the minutes and all other necessary documents as soon as possible.

ITEM 14. Arrangements for Next Meeting

Subject to the applicable COVID-19 government guidelines, the next PC meeting, number 4, will be at 7.30pm on Wednesday 11th November 2020 and will be conducted via ZOOM.

Open Forum

Penny Milne SKDC Councillor

o             The corporate plan and budget are going to council this month

o             Shortfall due to lack of income is currently covered by reserves

o             £200 still in kitty from the ward grant, planned to use for Covid related matters

o             New conservation officer is Patricia Craggs

o             Planning at the Clay Pigeon shooting is still ongoing

o             Coffee shop at Toll Bar rd. Marston has been approved on the proviso that the right hand turn across the A1 is closed

o             Cllr Milne expressed support to keep the BT phone box and will forward a personal email for the PC to respond to directly

Alexander Maughan LCC councillor

o             Cllr Maughan has reported what looks like a ‘land grab’ by the applicants of an agricultural storage facility to Highways England. This is an ongoing situation as the land may well be needed in the future for improvements to the South bound slip road on the A1 between Marston and Downtown

o             The coffee shop at the toll bar was objected to by SKDC but it was felt that Highways England chose to support the application on the grounds that they could force the applicant to fund the closing of the right hand turn across the A1

o             Cllr Maughan continues to push for improvements to the A1 especially safety issues between Grantham and Newark. MP Caroline Johnson is in support of this and Cllr Maughan has a meeting with Highways England to discuss details.

 Public Attendance

A parishoner of Caythorpe attended the meeting in order to bring his concerns about the weight restrictions and the speed limit on Church Lane and Waterloo Road to the attention of the council. His concern was that the 7.5 ton weight restriction and the 30mph speed limit were not adhered to by some road users. He made suggestions for better signage, warning of the prohibition and also that there are likely to be pedestrians in the road due to the lack of a pavement. Cllr Fritzsche explained that in the past the PC had borrowed a mobile speed sign camera, which alerted drivers to their speed and also collected speeding data, from Normanton & Carlton Scroop PC and had carried out a speeding survey at various points in the village. It was agreed that the clerk would enquire into borrowing the sign again so that the PC could complete a second survey at points around  Church Lane/ Waterloo Road. Cllr Fritzsche then pointed out that the 7.5 ton weight limit was in place due to the bridge on Gorse Hill Lane and the responsibility of this lay with LCC. At this point Cllr Fritzsche introduced Cllr Maughan who explained that any contravention of the 7.5 ton weight limit would be an issue for the police. Cllr Maughan did point out that if HGVs were accessing a property, they did have the right to access even if there is a weight restriction order. The parishioner and Cllr Maughan then discussed the possibility of a Community Speed Watch. The parishioner had witnessed buses and HGV’s driving fast on this stretch of road, and although large vehicles sometimes appear to be moving faster than they are Cllr Maughan agreed that he would write to the companies involved raising these issues. Cllr Budden and Cllr Betts expressed support of the parishioner’s position and volunteered to help operate the speed camera sign. It was agreed that the clerk would liaise with the parishioner once the camera was made available.

Cllr Betts raised the question of changing the speed limit on the corner of Waterloo Road from a 30mph to a 20mph. Cllr Maughan explained that this would mean raising a Traffic Regulation Order. The process would begin with notifying Cllr Maughan of the requirement and setting out the reasons why the change is needed. This request is then added to a waiting list of which there are around 300 in Lincolnshire at the moment. There is then an assessment carried out under very rigid criteria including accident data, number of developments, pedestrian rates etc. He said that he was unsure as to whether the criteria would be met for a 20mph.

Cllr Maughan has agreed to collate the information around the criteria so that the PC could decide whether to raise a TRO.

Action: clerk, AM, JB, MB

A second parishioner was unable to access the zoom meeting in person. However, Cllr Roberts raised the points made, namely the issue of sensory pavements and crossing points.

Cllr Maughan explained that sensory pavements would only work pavement to pavement and as such Highways can only place a sensory crossing between the Care Home and the Red Lion. Cllr Maughan is due to have a meeting with Rowan Smith, the highways manager, but he is of the belief that the crossing will be financed by highways and that the PC will not be asked for any contribution.

{Electronically signed}

D Manderfield

Parish Clerk