May 4th 2020 Minutes

Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council
Parish Council Meeting via Zoom held on 4th May 2020
Councillors: N Fritzsche (Chairman), R Brooke, C Linforth, A Crawley
Clerk: M Stevens
Copies:    All CFPC Councillors

Item 1 Apologies for Absence. 
Apologies were received and noted from Cllrs. Allen,  Budden and Roberts
Item 2 Declaration of Interests under the Local Government Act 
There were no declarations of interest.    

Item 3 Zoom access and a reminder of key functions    
3.1 MS Opened the meeting as the host and explained that the meeting would be handed over to the Chairman for the remainder of the meeting.      
3.2 Members joining the meeting confirmed that they were all able to easily join the meeting and were happy with the use and display and functionality.    

Item 4 Zoom Licence update and Costs     
4.1 Cllr Fritzsche confirmed that following the last meeting enquiries had been made regarding the 12 month purchase of the Zoom software at the offer price of 4.99 per month only to find that this offer was for a limited time only and had now expired.    
4.2 MS confirmed that CFPC had now lodged an interest in purchasing a copy as part of a scheme being orchestrated by LALC where groups of 10 licences could be purchased for £7.99 per month.  
Agreed That once availability was confirmed MS would seek approval from the members for authority to purchase a licence.    
Action: MS

Item 5 Personnel – Update of Parish Clerk Recruitment/Interview     
5.1 Cllr Fritzsche updated the meeting of the results of the recent interview for the role of Parish Clerk.  Cllr Fritzsche summarised the content of the interview and proposed that the candidate Mrs Debbie Manderfield should be offered the role of Parish Clerk and RFO effective from 1st June 2020 and that the role would be based on a 12 month probationary period.
Agreed This proposal was seconded by Cllr Brook and unanimously approved by all other councillors attending.    
5.2 Based on this resolution it was agreed that Cllr Fritzsche would prepare an official offer letter and Contract of Employment document for signing.    
Action: NF

Item 6 Other Personnel Announcements    
6.1 Cllr Fritzsche informed the meeting that he had received a letter from Cllr Carpenter that stated that due to personal reason he was resigning from the Parish Council as at 31st May 2020.    
6.2 MS confirmed that the SKDC elections department had been informed of this announcement and subsequently a response had been received that confirmed that the 14 day notice period would have to be instigated by noticeboard and website thereby allowing the residents to register and interest.  It is noted that registrations exceeding 10 within this period would constitute the need for an election. If there is less than 10 CFPC would then be able to progress with the co-option process.     
6.3 Based on the information above Cllr Fritzsche has requested that the period notice process is commenced from 6th May.    
Action: MS

Item 7 Future Meetings     
7.1 Cllr Fritzsche proposed to continue having remote PC meetings to cover essential business starting with the Annual Parish Council Meeting in May that would cover accounts and governance items, appointment of committees and acceptance of key documentation. It was proposed that CFPC would continue to use the short-term benefits of Zoom by continuing to hold Parish Council Meeting so that important issues would continue to be addressed.
Agreed This proposal was seconded by Cllr Brooke and unanimously approved by all other members attending the meeting.    
7.2 It was agreed that the next Parish Council Meeting would be the Annual Parish Council Meeting and that this would be held using Zoom as a platform on Wednesday 13th May commencing at 7.30 p.m.
That the public forum would be kept as brief as possible and that the public wishing to attend would be invited to register in advance with the Parish Clerk.
That the agenda would be drastically reduced but ensuring that the key requirements from a normal Annual Parish Council Meeting are addressed and that another meeting is considered for the following month to address the remaining items.
That Cllr Fritzsche would set-up a laptop and projector and screen in the Village Hall so that those councillors currently without the required hardware technology would be able to attend whilst still maintaining the required social distancing requirements.
That all Councillors would be invited to attend the meeting and that the notice would be published on noticeboards and on the Parish Council Website    
Action: MS/NF

Item 8 Any Other Business    
8.1 Highway Community Work Gangs - Hough Division 18th May     
Cllr Crawley sought clarity regarding some wording within the recent email.    
8.2 Sports and Social Club Funding    
Cllr Crawley informed the meeting that an email had been received regarding the current reduction of income being received by the Pavilion and the Sports and Social Club.
Agreed That additional information is required before any consideration and decisions are made regarding the awarding of funds and that Cllr Fritzsche would email Cllr Budden to investigate further.    
Action: NF
8.3 Planning
Cllr Brooke reported issues regarding the recent approved decision notice for Caythorpe Hall Lodge.  Cllr Brooke stated that following an on-site investigation an email had been written to the SKDC planning officer seeking answers to a number of issues raised.    
Action: RB

Item 9 Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be the Annual Parish Council Meeting and will be held via Zoom on Wednesday 13th May 2020.