March 2020 Minutes

Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 11th March 2020

Councillors: N Fritzsche (Chairman),J Allen, J Betts, R Brooke, M Budden, J Carpenter, A Crawley, A Graham, C Linforth, A Roberts, P Sandy
District Councillor: P Milnes
County Councillor: A Maughan

Clerk: M Stevens
Item 1 Apologies for Absence. 
None – All Councillors present    

Item 2 Declaration of interests under the Local government.
Cllr Crawley expressed an interest as a committee member of the Playing Fields.
Item 3 Confirmation and a summary of requirements of the Annual Parish Council Meeting and the Annual Parish Meeting that are scheduled for May 2020.    
3.1 Cllr Fritzsche reminded the meeting that the next meeting would take place in the first week of May due to holiday commitments and that the Annual Parish Council meeting would be preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting.
Furthermore, Cllr Fritzsche explained that the format of the APM would be that each Councillor Portfolio holder would briefly outline their achievements throughout the year followed by any plans for the forthcoming period.  After each session the public would be invited to ask questions. The APM is not a platform for decisions taken by the council to be revisited and discussed by councillors it is to inform members of the public of the work undertaken by CFPC during the year and future plans and achievements by portfolio holders and  for them to take questions from the public attending the meeting.    
action: All

Item 4 Approval of Minutes held on 8th January 2020    
4.1 Approval was sought for the minutes taken at the above meeting.
Decision: Minutes were proposed by Cllr Betts seconded by Cllr Budden approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman.
Item 5 Parish Clerk’s Report – To Update on matters occurring since the last meeting not otherwise on the agenda.    
5.1 Website Upgrade - MS advised the meeting that recently LCC had installed a new website for the council and that the plan is now to roll-out to parish level.  This roll-out plan would commence with a training and briefing session on 23rd March with the intention that data would be migrated to the new system before the end of April.
Decision: It was agreed that once the new system became available selective members would be invited to comment on the content.    

5.2 Came and Company Event - MS informed the meeting that this event had been scheduled for 19th March and that there would be presentations from insurance and play equipment companies.  Since the meeting it has been learnt that the event will be cancelled due to concerns associated with the coronavirus outbreak.
Decision: It was agreed that as the intention was to glean information about playground equipment safety monitoring that the event would be attended by a representative from the PC once the event had been rescheduled.    

Item 6 Financial Matters    
6.1 Authorisation of BACS/Cheque Payments 
Two documents containing invoices approved and paid since the last meeting, and invoices awaiting approval for payment, were circulated to the meeting.
MS stated that invoices had been received from SKDC and AR Siddans for the Bus Shelter lighting and Burial Ground Pathway refurbishment respectively and due to the VAT reclaim it was recommended that although budgeted for 2020/21 that these invoices are paid within the current financial year and the budget adjusted accordingly.
Decision: All items were examined by members and unanimously approved for payment.    
6.2 Review and Approval of CFPC Accounts – End of February 2020
Management Accounts for CFPC previously circulated to Cllrs were presented to the meeting for approval.  At the meeting Cllr Budden chairman of the finance committee summarised the key points. 
Decision: The financial accuracy of the accounts as circulated were unanimously approved.    
6.3 End of Year Accounts and Audit Requirements
MS reminded the meeting that as the financial end of year was approaching that there is a requirement to meet certain requirements that included an internal and external audit of the councils accounts and governance.  It was stated that Bruce Nelson, chartered accountant and ex-chairman of the Parish council had very kindly agreed to carryout the internal audit of accounts.  Following this exercise, the following stages would take place: 
6.3.1 AGAR requirement by PKF Littlejohn.
6.3.2 Webinar available from 11th March
6.3.3 Instructions issued during the last week in March
6.3.4 AGAR submission by 1st July
6.3.5 Publishing Accounts on Website
Decision: It was unanimously agreed that the plan as outlined above would be actioned.    
Action: MS
6.4 Approval of Funding for Projects (details submitted prior to meeting)    
6.4.1 CFPC – Insurance Renewal Approval 
Cllr Budden stated that following the Finance Committee meeting that was held on 25th February it was proposed that of the 4 insurance quotes that had been received and reviewed the Ecclesiastical quote should be adopted for a period of 3 years at a first year premium of £2424.65.
It was noted that this price was considerably less that premiums paid previous years and would only increase by 4% for the next 2 years.
Decision: This motion was seconded and approved unanimously.It was agreed that this sum would be paid within the terms of the contract to meet the renewal deadline of 17th March    
Action: MS
6.4.2    St Vincents – Annual Grass Cutting Payment
Cllr Fritzsche reminded the meeting that this item had been actioned at the previous PC meeting where it had been agreed that the annual payment should be withdrawn, however a resubmission had been received from the PCC, albeit for a lager sum of money (£980), requesting that the matter is reconsidered and reversed.
Cllr Fritzsche went on outline further investigation and legal ramifications including S137 implications, however, invited the members to each comment on the current application.
Decision: Voting on the proposal the result was unanimously agreed that the original decision not to fund this proposal should be upheld.    
6.4.3    Village Gates  
Cllr Betts summarised  details from a paper that had been issued previously where it was proposed that a set of gates should be purchased and installed at 2 village locations.
Discussed at the finance committee meeting of 25th  March and therefore approval sought for an increase to the 2020/21 budget to £3100 from £3000. 
Each member expressed their view on the proposal.
Cllr Roberts sought to add an amendment to this proposal where the proposal should be shared with the community first.  This proposal was voted on but not carried with a recorded vote noted of 4 in favour and 7  members against, for Cllr Roberts, Sandy, Graham, Carpenter
Against Cllr Betts Budden, Crawley, Brookes, Linforth, Fritzsche, Allen
Decision: As a result of this first vote a second vote was taken of the original proposal with a recorded vote of Cllrs Roberts, Graham, Sandy, not in favour with the Cllrs Betts, Budden, Linforth, Brookes, Crawley, Fritzsche, Allen in favour the motion was passed with a majority vote. Cllr Carpenter abstained    
6.4.4    Burial Ground Gates 
Cllr Roberts updated the meeting with the fact that 3 quotations are currently being sought for the supply and installation of new gates for the burial ground.  In addition, approval was sought to increase the 2020/21 budget from £700 to £1000.
It was agreed that details of the quotations would be circulated once received and in addition a further quote would be obtained from Glasdon for the supply of a gate made from a composite material. 
The amount as proposed was unanimously approved and would be added to the 2020/21 budget.
The 2020/21 budget to be amended accordingly and added to the minutes of this meeting as appendix 4.      
Action: AR
6.5.5    Allotment Site – Perimeter Hedging 
Discussed at the finance committee meeting of 25th  March and  approval sought to  add the sum of £1500 to the 2020/21 budget.  Cllr Roberts gave details of the requirement to reduce the overhanging branches on the perimeter of the allotment site.  Additionally, it was noted that this item is on the Allotments Association’s AGM agenda where it is intended to propose a contribution to the cost of the work and then to seek help for the remainder of the cost from the Parish Council.  It is understood that on-going maintenance would also be discussed.
Decision: The amount as proposed was unanimously approved and would be added to the 2020/21 budget. The 2020/21 budget to be amended accordingly and added to the minutes of this meeting as appendix 4.      
Action: MS
6.5.6    War Memorial – Road Signs 
Discussed at the finance committee meeting of 25th  March and therefore approval sought for the sum of £151 to be added to the 2020/21 budget.
Cllr Roberts reminded the meeting of the 3 signs stating ‘Remembrance Day Parade in Progress Ahead’
Decision: The amount as proposed was unanimously approved and would be added to the 2020/21 budget. The 2020/21 budget to be amended accordingly and added to the minutes of this meeting as appendix 4.      

Item 7 Transport and Highways    
7.1 High Street Congestion    
7.1.1 Yellow Lines and Bus Stops
Cllr Maughan stated that the LCC planning committee is now due to deliberate at a meeting scheduled April 2020.
Decisions: It was agreed that Cllr Maughan would keep CFPC informed of any decision made and advise on the next stage of the process as required.    
Action: AM
7.2 Other Transport and Highways Issues.     
7.2.1 Sensory Pavements
Cllr Maughan agreed to provide recently obtained information regarding new locations believed to be near to the doctors surgery and care home.    
Action: AM

Item 8 The Parish Environment    
8.1 Planning    
8.1.1 New Applications – including actions taken and decisions since last meeting:
•    S19/2173 - Mr Stephen Osborn. 60 High Street, Caythorpe, NG32 3DN
Single storey extension to existing dwelling, replacement storage building, new garage and conversion of existing barn to form living area for main dwelling (amendments to application re S18/1963 for Single storey extension to existing dwelling, replacement storage building, new garage and conversion of existing barn to form living area for main dwelling).
CFPC – Responded 11 Feb 20
•    S20/0089 - Mr & Mrs Armstrong. 17 Church Lane, Caythorpe, NG32 3DU New dwelling on land at rear of existing
CFPC - Responded: 11 Feb 20.
•    S20/0268 - Mr Fish, 22 High Street, Caythorpe, Lincolnshire, NG32 3BS
T1 Sweet Chestnut - Reduce western canopy to 3.5m, reduce northern canopy to 3m, reduce eastern canopy to 3m, reduce southern canopy to 4m and reduce crown by 2m
 CFPC - Responded: 9 March 20
•    S20/0340 -  Dr S Marshall, Holly Cottage , 43 High Street, Caythorpe, NG32 3DR
Erection of bespoke conservatory 
CFPC -  Comments to RB by 17 March S19/2137 -  Mr Finney, 24     
8.1.2 Decision Notices Received Since Last Meeting
•    S20/0060
28th January 2020
J Scott
To remove dead wood from T3, T4 and T5. St Vincent's Church Caythorpe Heath Lane Caythorpe Lincolnshire NG32 3EJ
Work Allowed 5th February 2020 
•    S19/2067
28th November 2019
Mr Tim Dudfield
Erection of 1.2m high timber fence to front boundary 9 High Street Caythorpe
NG32 3BP
Approved: 16th January 2020
•    S19/2035
20th November 2019
Mr & Mrs G Rimmer
Listed building consent for the removal of rear porch and erection of a timber framed rear entrance porch
Frieston House 45 Hough Road
Frieston NG32 3BY
Approved: 10th February 2020 
•    S20/0184
6th February 2020
Mr Ian Braybrook
T1) Remove ash tree to ground level
T2) Reduce large horse chestnut limb overhanging garage Frieston Old Hall 36 Hough Road
Frieston NG32 3BY
Work Allowed 13th February 2020
•    S19/2222
19th December 2019
Mr Peter Sowerby
Refurbishment of lodge including replacement two storey extension.
The Lodge Old Lincoln Road
Caythorpe Lincolnshire NG32 3EJ
Approved: 13th February 2020 
•    S19/2223
19th December 2019
Mr Peter Sowerby
Listed building consent for the refurbishment of lodge including replacement two storey extension
The Lodge Old Lincoln Road
Caythorpe Lincolnshire NG32 3E
Approved: 13th February 2020
•    S19/1315
20th August 2019
Mrs Elizabeth Beardmore
Demolition of existing detached garage, formation of new vehicular access, and the construction of a 4 bed detached dwelling.
Urnsfield House Gorse Hill Lane
Caythorpe NG32 3DY
Approved: 27th February 2020    
8.1.3 Other Planning Issues
S17/1611 ANESCO 7.2 MW Energy Storage Facility on Caythorpe Heath Lane.  
The question was raised by Cllr Roberts with reference to the condition of planting / soft landscaping on the western boundary.  Cllr Brooke stated that he had contacted ANESCO to ask what their plans are if any to remedy this.  In It is understood that there is an on-going requirement to maintain soft landscaping / planting for 5 years from the date of use of the site. Currently awaiting their response.     
8.1.4 Administration and Training
Cllr Brooke outlined details a planning course recently attended and urged other members of the planning committee to also attend a course as and when possible.
Additionally, he reiterated the requirement for all councillors to make a meaningful return on all consultation papers so that he is able to summarise the views of the council as a whole.    
Action: All
8.1.5    Project Register
The Parish Clerk stated that there is a total of 16 live projects and also noted that 8 have closed since the last meeting and will be removed from the spreadsheet. This information will also be published on the Parish Council website    
8.2 Other Maintenance issues     
8.2.1    Maintenance Register
The Parish Clerk referred to the updated document that had been issued prior to the meeting showing the expenditure on village maintenance. The report had been filtered to show details of the current financial year only to date.
Decisions: To approve the report.    
8.3 Other Topics for Discussion    
8.3.1 Stump Tree Replacement 
Cllr Fritzsche stated that there is likely to be a delay in having the stump removed until at least September as Jackdaws had again taken up residency.  Cllr Roberts confirmed that the donated walnut tree had been planted on the triangle and would continue to be maintained .    
8.3.2    News and Views Funding Plans 
Cllr Fritzsche summarised details from the proposal document that had been issued to members prior to the meeting where the entire administration of the News and Views accounts would be transferred to the News and Views editors so that profits from the exercise could be better utilised to the benefit of the community.
It was noted that there were a number of concerns identified and in view of this it was agreed that the matter would be deferred to the meeting scheduled for May.
Decisions: It was agreed that further investigation was required and that LALC would be consulted regarding possible legal and VAT implications.    
action: MS/NF
8.3.3    Tree Planting
Cllr Crawley stated the need to make every effort to improve the carbon footprint at all levels and proposed that areas should be identified within the parish where trees could be planted.    
8.3.4    Heating and Solar 
Cllr Crawley again used similar reasoning before referring to a paper that had been issued to all members prior to the meeting.
Decision: In both this and item 8.3.3 it was agreed that these proposals should be investigated further. It was also agreed that these proposals should be included in the new Neighbourhood Plan.    
Action: AC/ JC
8.3.5    Standby Generators 
Discussed at the finance committee meeting of 25th  March and therefore approval sought for the sum of £2000 to be added to the 2020/21 budget.
Cllr Allen referred to a paper previously issued to the members and summarised a number of pros and cons for this proposal.
Decision: It was agreed that due to maintenance logistics and GDPR that the proposal was shelved for the time being.  On this basis voting resulted in 3 in favour with 8 against and therefore the motion was not carried.
It was agreed therefore that the sum being sought would not be added to the 2020/21 budget.     

Item 9 Community Safety – Report on Local Crime and Policing Matters
There were 5  crime or safety issues  reported on the Police Website since the last meeting and Councillors were urged to use the link to the police website,  provided with the agenda. for on-going monitoring.     

Item 10 Community Activities by Portfolio Holder
These reports are attached at Appendix 5 and the following additions were noted.    
10.1 Playing Fields
Cllrs Budden reported that the playground inspection is being actioned on a fortnightly basis by local volunteers and results being logged.  Additionally, an annual inspection is being scheduled.
Cllr Crawley reported a reasonably successful ‘Dash’ event last weekend with 67 competitors attending.  The event reported a profit in the region of £650.
It is understood that an AGM is planned for May.
The issue of the storage of sports equipment at the playing fields is currently being investigated    
10.2 Litter Picking
Cllr Crawley stated there had been email exchanges with Mid(UK) in recent times regarding litter on or adjacent to the A607 following the sighting a lorry spilling litter in that vicinity.
Decisions: It was agreed that Cllr Crawley would continue to pressure Mid(UK) to resolve this unsatisfactory situation. It was additionally agreed that the issue of vehicles turning right out of the Mid(UK) premises would be raised as would the level of litter being blown across adjacent fields.     
Action: AC
10.3 News and Views
Cllr Fritzsche requested on behalf of the editors of News and Views for additional interesting articles to be sent in for inclusion in News and Views publication.    
Action: All
10.4 Footpaths
Now that the growing season is nearly upon us the issue of overhanging hedges was raised. 
Decisions: It was agreed that Cllr Graham would produce and article for the next edition of N&V’s seeking the co-operation from parishioners whose gardens border a footpath.    
Action: AG
10.5 Debris in Burial Ground Layby
Cllr Roberts spoke of excess debris in the layby area near the Burial Ground.
Decisions: It was agreed that Cllr Crawley would enter a log onto fixmystreet.    
Action: AC
Item 11 Items of Urgent Business
There were no items of urgent business reported    
Item 12 Arrangements for Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 6th May 2020 beginning at 7.30 pm. Preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting that would commence at 6.30 p.m.    

Open Forum 
County Councillor
Cllr Maughan: Reported the following items of interest

Awaiting report

District Councillor
Cllr Milnes: Reported the following items of interest
•    Clay Pigeon Shoot. 
The Enforcement Notice was withdrawn by SKDC and as a result the appeal was stopped.
A new planning application has been submitted for 150 days shooting, together with a noise report. There is controversy and concern particularly from Fenton residents, and some from Brandon, who fear any increase from 50 days will cause unacceptable loss of amenity from noise.
•    The SK budget has been approved
•    Council Tax will rise by £5 on band D for 2020/21 despite the results of community consultation with 39% in favour. The reason for this is financial uncertainty in the medium term and the Governments offer currently available to DC’s (of a £5 increase) is unlikely to be available from 2021/22. It was therefore decided to maximise the limited funding available to ensure Council services and Corporate Strategy ambitions can be fully resourced.
•    The Councils reserves and balances are sufficient to meet cash flow requirements and avoid unnecessary borrowing.
•    Car Parking charges are to have an inflationary increase after a 10 year freeze to ensure costs are recovered.
•    The Council declared a climate emergency and whilst a task force is looking into ways to reduce the carbon footprint £20,000 has been allocated for ‘quick fixes’
•    EnvironSK will continue to run services with a commercial eye on profit.
•    InvestSK are to continue helping and encouraging businesses in the district to grow and also look for new investment to move into the area. They will continue to promote the benefits and attractions in the district.  F.E.A.S.T – an Art Exhibition in Caythorpe VH 20/21 March
Local Plan:
•    The LP is now adopted and the source for all planning policy. 
Pages 29 – 31:
SP2: Settlement Hierarchy defines Caythorpe and Frieston as a Larger Village. There are no land allocations but development proposals which promote the role and function of the village and will not compromise the settlements nature and character, will be supported.
Policies SP3: Infill Development and SP4: Development on the Edge of Settlements will apply.

New CEO:
•    The new CEO, Karen Bradford took up her post on 2 March. I have been in a group meeting with her this morning. She handled her first Full Council meeting very well – on her first day!!! And I feel that she will be open in any dealings with her.
"Karen has a wealth of experience, particularly in terms of driving change and generating growth that will be a real benefit to our district.  She knows the area very well, having been Deputy Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer at North Kesteven District Council for four years before moving to Gedling Borough Council as Chief Executive in 2018. 
She was one of five candidates, shortlisted from a total of 17, interviewed over a two-day period via a rigorous process of panel and one-to-one interviews.
Karen said: "I am honoured to have this opportunity to help shape the future of South Kesteven District Council at such an exciting time. I look forward to joining the team shortly and building on the excellent work that has already started to maximise the opportunities to grow the district in a sustainable way that ensures we deliver what residents, businesses and investors want and need."

Bus Stop Fence:
•    The work is lodged with the contractors and I have asked for an update on timings. Now believed to be actioned by 20th March.

Public Attendance
The meeting was attended by 3 local residents and the following points were raised:
A.    Village Hall
The question was raised regarding possible plans for a new village hall as the current location continued to cause concerns regarding public access, parking and traffic congestion.
1.    Cllr Fritzsche responded that there are no current plans, however, the subject would be included for consideration within the development of the new Neighbourhood Plan.

B.    Parish Council Website
It was suggested that the current website was rather antiquated and that there is an urgent need to upgrade and remove the out of date information.
The clerk responded that efforts has been made to update relevant sections of the website through the ‘parish news’ section and that current meeting minutes and the latest editions of News and Views are always available to view. 
Additionally, it was reported that there are plans to upgrade the site and that a briefing/training session would be attended on 23rd March.  There will be  a requirement to transfer data to the new website as soon as practical and once completed would be made available to the community.  Feedback from the community would be welcomed at this stage.

Mid(UK) Recycling
It was noted that an invitation was sent to Mid(UK) but unfortunately there was no attendance or update report received.    

Appendix 4 – Revised and Approved Budget ver. 1.4.2 11th March 2020

The details in this section are reports from individual portfolio holders from which any additional matters arising were highlighted and discussed at the meeting. 
Appendix 5 – Community Activities by Portfolio Reports

1.    Dog Fouling – Cllr J Allen
After a month or so with very little about, more dog mess has appeared, with the piles outside the school being a particular nuisance. As there is a litter bin right outside the school, the culprit is unbelievably inconsiderate. I put up an A4 poster of my own, with photographs, on the notice board and binned the poo – it remains to be seen if this has made any difference.  As promised at the last meeting, I gave a ‘Clear it up’ poster to Mr. Lee for the footpath over his land.

2.    Emergency Plan - Cllr Allen)
The completed Emergency Plan and Resource Document went off to Lincs. Emergency Planning department (LEPD) on Jan 10th. I have followed up with phone calls, but they have been unable to process the plan due to the strain on their systems caused by the recent bad weather. I have been told that they will eventually arrange a training session with the Emergency Planning Team (EPT), after which we will get an emergency box. I do not intend to bother them any more for the time being.
I am concerned that, at present, the only accessible copies of these documents are on my computer. With the council’s agreement I propose, therefore, to circulate by email the current version of the Plan to all councillors and the Resource document (which is intended for limited circulation only) to the EPT. I would also like to ask Mel to print off 3 copies of the important bits for himself, Neil and me. (The two together run to c. 100 pages, so I intend to wait for feedback from LEPD before printing more.) Please let me know at the meeting if this is acceptable.

3.    Housing – Cllr Betts
No updates since our last meeting with the planning department back in November 2019

4.    Facebook Page - Cllr Betts
Continued engagement on a variety of matter since the last PC meeting :- Caythorpe Dash, Village Green / Tyre, Planning Applications etc. The “following” of the parish council page continues to rise.

5.    Village Gates and Signs- Cllr Betts
The authorisation from Lincolnshire county council has been gated for the 5 different locations for the village gates. Various options for gates / installation have been considered and the final proposal based on feedback from other councillors is attached and will be discussed as an agenda item. 

6.    Village Hall committee - Cllr Brooke
Nothing to report

7.    Playing Field committee - Cllr Budden
Nothing to report

8.    The Parish Plan - Cllr Carpenter
 Next Steps
a.    To recruit a chair for the Working Party and settle the membership.
b.    To obtain background information into the process for members of the Working Party
through briefings from SKDC officers for a briefing on the process and other local
parishes that have produced a Neighbourhood Plan.
c.    CFPC applies for designation
d.    Look into potential funding for technical assistance
9.    Litter Picking & The Big Clean - Cllr Crawley
Since the last meeting, litter picks have been carried out on Gorse Hill and the A607 using a number of volunteers who are thanked for their efforts.
The clearance of the A607 resulted in 17 bags of litter being collected as well as some larger items such as a tyre, car parts, boots and construction materials.
An article in News and Views regarding the depositing of litter brought no direct response which is disappointing.
A piece appeared on the village Facebook page regarding a vehicle from Mountains depositing litter, believed to be recycled fuel (small pieces of plastic) came to my attention and as a result I emailed Simon Pattison at Mid UK for an explanation. A response was received that promised a full investigation into the incident as well as continued litter picks from their entrance to the A607 cross roads and 100m either side. I have yet to receive any further explanation for this incident or indeed what is being done to prevent a recurrence taking place.
SKDC Big Clean team is scheduled to carry out clearance of Old Lincoln Road and the footpath between South Parade and Hough Road on 2nd March as requested by us.
I will monitor and hope to report results to the meeting.
I also welcome suggestions for further areas that could be targeted, when the team are next due to be visiting Caythorpe and Frieston.

10.    News & Views - Cllr Fritzsche
Nothing to Report

11.    Footpaths – Cllr Graham
Overgrown bush adjacent to bus stop at Eastcliffe Square
The bush next to the bus stop was trimmed, allowing for easy viewing of oncoming buses from the bus stop enclosure. This is only a temporary solution though, whereby a fence will replace the hedge. As yet there is no date for the replacement of the hedge with the fence. This situation is being monitored.
Frieston Path
The surface of Frieston Path is becoming increasingly uneven, due in large part to tree root growth. This was reported on Fixmystreet. The council responded and conducted an inspection of the path but did not deem it necessary to repair at this time. It will now form part of their inspection schedule. 
Sensory Paving
This issue has been ongoing for some time now. On reviewing this, Cllr Maughan updated to the effect that this work has been included in the work schedule for this financial year, and that sensory paving will be installed in two additional locations. However, it now seems as if the locations given will need to be re-assessed by the council to ensure they ‘meet the usual criteria’. Updates will be sought on this issue. 
Wall damage
The wall along the footpath from the High Street near the Primary School to the Old Lincoln Road is deteriorating in a number of places. This has been reported to the Council. It is unclear at this point who has responsibility for this wall and further investigation is required.
Footpath Diversion Caythorpe/Fulbeck
Clarity is currently being sought as to the nature of the issue, before any ongoing action is taken. Andy Savage at the council has been contacted for an update on this issue. He has come back with the following update:
‘As you will be aware Caythorpe Public Footpath No. 4 has a missing link at either end of the path and does not connect to Old Lincoln Road or Lincoln Road.  A Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) application was therefore submitted a number of years ago to address this anomaly – DMMO application No. 358.  The application is currently 130 out of 153 and it is unclear when the Definitive Map team will commence investigatory work’.
He has also passed on a query, to the Definitive Map Modification Order team, as to when they think our issue may be addressed. They have now come back with the following update:
‘As you know, the case currently stands at 129 of 152 cases.  The first 30 are actively being worked on and once work starts it carries on until the case is complete, but the process is very lengthy, often taking a number of years.  This means that I am not able to provide any meaningful timescale for progress.’

12.    Community Heartbeat – Cllr Linforth
In Februarys news and views, residents of Frieston were asked if anyone was willing to house the 4th defibrillator that the parish has. We have had a couple of people contact us, but as of yet, no joy in sourcing a suitable spot. 
The defibrillator sign on chapel lane has been replaced.
This defibrillator was also used, and it was 6 days before I heard from The Community Heartbeat Trust, which meant that this defibrillator was out of action until I heard. I have emailed and asked if this is something that can happen quicker.

13.    Lives – Cllr Linforth
No changes so as per last update - At present we do not have a LIVES representative in Caythorpe. The community have been approached; however, no one has come forward yet.

14.    Hospital Car Scheme – Cllr Linforth
Following on from my update in Februarys news and views, I have had an individual contact me regarding the hospital car scheme. I have asked them to look into their insurance and get back to me.
The Parish Councils involvement is more a stamp of approval and the passengers themselves arrange with the drivers collection/payment/pickup times etc. 

15.    Highways - Cllr Sandy
Nothing to Report

16.    Allotment committee - Cllr Roberts
Tenants on the West and South side of the site have complained about the encroachment of overhanging trees ,brambles etc. 2 quotations are being obtained to deal this problem. The quotes will be discussed at an allotment committee meeting to consider their contribution to the cost.  The details will be forwarded to the P.C. for consideration at the May meeting. Work if authorized will take place after the nesting season in Sept. The site tap is turned off due to a leak. This will be repaired. There are no plot vacancies.

17.    Burial Ground – Cllr Roberts
The path has been repaired and surfaced to a high standard. The joiner inspecting the  entrance gate has found the rot has spread too far to be repairable. A specification on replacement entrance gates will be forwarded to contractors. When these enquiries are complete the details can be discussed at a future P.C. meeting.

18.    War Memorial & Remembrance Day - Cllr Roberts
The P.C. asked if traffic noise could be reduced whilst the Remembrance Service was in progress at the War Memorial. It was suggested a solution could be warning road signs. If the meeting considers this would help, then £151 is required to buy 3 boards and one frame with the words QUIET PLEASE  SERVICE IN PROGRESS AT WAR MEMORIAL AHEAD.  Cllr Andy Crawley stated  2 suitable frames were kept in the Village Hall.    The meeting needs to consider if this expenditure is justified
Chapel Green seat.
The contractor is waiting for settled weather before starting work on the concrete base
The public phone box in High St is working. The walnut tree  sapling has been planted on the A607 triangle and mulch put round to keep in the moisture. The stump is stable and on inspection  is occupied by 4 Jackdaws. The 5 hazel and 5 Maple saplings have been planted on the Eastern wide verge of the A607. Their positioning is well away from the roadside and will not impede the view of motorists at the Station road junction. Whilst they become established contractor Brian Wills will maintain them.