November 2019

Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 13th November 2019



Councillors: N Fritzsche (Chairman), J Allen, R Brooke, J Betts, M Budden, A Crawley, A Graham, A Roberts, P Sandy

District Councillor: P Milnes

County Councillor: A Maughan

Clerk: M Stevens

 1.Apologies for Absence.

Cllrs. J Carpenter, C Linforth and guest speaker Simon Pattison (Mid)UK  


2. Declaration of interests under the Local government Act

Cllr Crawley made it known that as a member of the Playing Fields committee he was not in a position to comment on anything relating to the finances of the Playing Fields

Cllr Allen also declared an interest in planning as there is an application from her for tree work currently being considered

Decision: Declarations recorded              

3. Approval of Minutes held on 11th September 2019   

 was sought for the minutes taken at the above meeting.

Decision: Minutes were proposed by Cllr Brooke and seconded by Cllr Betts and  approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman.         


4. Parish Clerk’s Report – To Update on matters occurring since the last meeting not otherwise on the agenda.          


MS informed that meeting that a communication had been received from our GDPR company.  LCPAS are paid a sum on an annual basis for providing a GDPR service and being the Data Protection Officer on behalf on the Parish Council.  The communication state that the company are currently undergoing a restructuring process and more information would be given shortly.


It was agreed that members would be updated as more information is received.

Based on information received a decision would be taken in the New Year as to future arrangements for Data Protection and on-going compliancy.     

Action: MS/All

4.2Tyres Either End of the Village

MS informed the meeting that a complaint had been received from a parishioner regarding the tractor tyre(s) positioned either end of the village.  It is understood that these are used from time to time for advertising purposes although not very often.

The concern reported is that these tyres are now becoming an eyesore and it has been suggested that whoever owns them removes them between advertising events or if they are not required to remove them permanently.

Decision: It was agreed that the Parish Clerk would email the Playing Fields and Village Hall Chairman to ascertain ownership and to seek an answer regarding the future use of the tyres or their demise.    

Action: MS

5. Financial Matters       

5.1 Authorisation of BACS/Cheque Payments

Two documents containing invoices approved and paid since the last meeting, and invoices awaiting approval for payment, were circulated to the meeting.

Decision: All items were examined by members and unanimously approved for payment.              

5.2 Review and Approval of CFPC Accounts – End of October 2019

Management Accounts for CFPC previously circulated to Cllrs were presented to the meeting for approval. See Appendix 3


1.The accounts as circulated were unanimously approved.

2.Following the finance committee meeting the format of the Managements Accounts had been amended and would be used for future presentations.

3.Future accounts would be summarised and issued at the end of each month rather than on a bi-monthly basis.  

Action: MS

5.3 Review and Recommendations from Finance Committee Meeting – 04.11.19

5.3.1 Budget Items 2020/21

The decision was sought to add these items to the 2020/21 budget following a review at the recent Finance Committee Meeting.  Cllr Fritzsche confirmed that the sum was for budget purposes only and actual approval to spend the money would have to be approved at a later stage as and when required at a full parish council meeting.

Cllr Budden presented the following items, previously discussed at the Finance Committee meeting, to which further information can be found in the minutes of that meeting which was held on 4th November 2019.

1.            Litter Project (litter picking equipment) - £50

2.            Pavement Crossings for the Visually Impaired - £2000

3.            Salt Bins - £300

4.            Bus Shelter A607 - £1000

5.            Pavement and Hedgerow Clearance - £100

6.            Burial Ground Main Pathway – New Construction - £7000

7.            Signs - £1300


1.It was agreed that the Burial Ground Pathway Refurbishment Project should be increased from £7000 to £9000.

2.That all items should be included in the 2020/21 budget and agreed that the effect would impact on the account reserves to tune of approximately £11,775.          

5.3.2 Precept 2020/21 - Plan

Cllr Budden recommended to the members that a 2% increase should be applied to the budget resulting in an annual increase to each householder of approximately 50 pence per annum.


1.It was voted and agreed unanimously that this percentage would be reflected in the latest draft of the Budget for 2020/21 and this version (ver.4) is included in the minutes of this meeting as appendix 4.

2.It was agreed that the final percentage would be confirmed at the meeting scheduled for 8th January 2020 and prior to submitting the figure to SKDC finance department by the required deadline date of 13th January 2020     

5.3.3 Current Year Items

The following items were presented by the relevant portfolios holder later in the meeting and further details are recorded in that section of the minutes.

Theses project items had been identified as urgent requirements that would require funding within the current year (2019/20) accounts and would require approval at the full Parish Council meeting.

a)            Chapel Lane/Back Lane Bench – Cllr Sandy Proposal/Paper

b)            Burial Ground Post Replacement – Cllr Roberts Proposal/Paper

c)            A607 Bus Shelter Lighting – Cllr Sandy Proposal/Paper

d)            High Street Parking Sign – Cllr Sandy Proposal/Paper


1.            See section below for additional information.     

5.3.4 Reserves Limits

Cllr Budden stated that the Finance Committee’s collective view was that the PC reserves should sit somewhere within a range of £15,000 to £35,000 (allowing for short term fluctuations) – approx. 50% to 115% of the annual precept.

Decision: It was unanimously agreed that the in percentage terms and based on the current level of reserves should be within the 50% - 120% range and urgently reviewed should they fall outside of these recommended parameters.     

5.3.5 Final Budget Proposal

Cllr Budden having taken all items discussed into consideration and agreed at the meeting a summary document containing these final amounts was then presented for approval resulting in the latest draft of the budget for 2020/21 (ver.4)

It was noted that as all items budgeted for 2020/21 were adopted by the PC, estimated reserves by the end of that year could fall to approximately £25,000 and if the proposed current year additional items are approved (see 5.3.3 above) the impact would be that these could incur further costs of approximately £3,000, if all adopted, and would result in reducing reserves to £17,000 by end of 2020/21.

Decision: It was agreed unanimously to adopt the version 4 draft budget of the accounts as detailed in the meeting and that this version would again be re-examined and finally approved by the full Parish Council at the meeting scheduled for 8th January 2020.       


6. Transport and Highways         

6.1 High Street Congestion          

6.1.1 Yellow Lines and Bus Stops

Cllrs Fritzsche and Maughan reminded the meeting that this matter had now been referred to the LCC Planning committee who would be discussing this project and taking into consideration objections that had been received from the public, primarily with reference to the yellow lines on the corner of South Parade.


1.It was agreed that the Parish Council had a collective view that the current plan for High Street lining is the one adopted by the Council.

2.Cllr Maughan stated that the LCC committee meeting would decide if the current plan stands or if some of the proposed lines are removed. He would be attending  this meeting although members of CFPC and the public were not permitted to attend.

3.Based on the outcome of the meeting LCC would be providing a consultation to the general public for final consideration.

4.Cllr Maughan stated that at this stage representation could be made by individuals members of the public.

6.1.2 Bus Route Gritting

Cllr Fritzsche informed the meeting that Cllr Roberts had recently sent a letter on behalf of CFPC to the Operations Manager of Stagecoach expressing concerns about the No1 Bus Service should inclement weather be experienced.


1.That this action was unanimously supported.

2.Feedback would be given to all members once a response has been received.

Action: MS

6.2 Humpbacked Bridge and PGL Bend (Caythorpe Heath Lane)

Cllr Fritzsche informed the meeting that some work had already started to install safety signs in Caythorpe Heath Lane at the humpbacked bridge and at the bend near PGL.

Humpbacked bridge signs either side of the bridge had been installed as had bend signs either side of bend near PGL.


1.Cllrs agreed that installation of these signs were welcomed as a positive start.

2.Cllr Maughan was requested to seek assurances that installation of these road signs would be urgently followed by white lining either side of the bridge and bend and with a SLOW painted across the road either side of the bridge and bend.

3.Additionally, to have a chevon sign mounted in front of the wall on the PGL bend that keeps being demolished.

4.It was agreed that due to excessive timescales in providing this solution that LCC Highways should be asked to waive the contribution towards the costs previously agreed by CFPC and Mid(UK)    

Action: AM

6.3 Frieston Post-Box

Cllr Fritzsche updated the meeting with the latest events surrounding this project including detail of the negative responses received from Royal Mail.

Decisions: It was agreed to update Councillors with progress as and when received.      

Action: MS

6.4 Bus Shelter Lighting – A607

Cllr Sandy referred the meeting to the proposal document previous issued that outline the costs of options.


1.This project was seconded by Cllr Roberts agreed with majority of 8 to 1 that option 2 be selected to supply & install a new 6 metre steel column (to the right of the bus stop drop-off ramp which would be closer but would require trenching back to the electricity supply) complete with a new 19 watt ECO LED lantern controlled by an all-night photocell including 13 metres trench along the verge to the electricity pole to obtain an electricity connection, would be £1950 + VAT

2.It was agreed that Cllr Milnes who had sourced the quotations would confirm the order with SKDC and obtain a timescale for the installation.   

Action: PM

6.5 High Street Parking Sign

Cllr Sandy referred the meeting to the proposal document previous issued that outline the costs of options.

Decisions: This project was seconded by Cllr Crawley and approved unanimously that the sum of £300 is used to install a finger sign pointing to the Back Lane parking area and ideally for another sign at the location of the parking area.        

6.6 Bench – Back Lane/Chapel Lane

Cllr Sandy referred the meeting to the proposal document previous issued that outlined the costs of options.  It was noted that information had been received from a member of the public that “contact has been made with the two sons who will be donating the new seat in memory of their late Mother, who although wishing to proceed with this project, are unable to do so at present. The family want the seat to be made by one of the Sons, however due to his work commitments he is unable to complete it in the near future. When they have a completion date, they will approach the Parish Council again.”


1.Based on this commitment it was agreed that the project should be progressed with the installation of a new concrete base.

2.Having discussed and agreeing a new specification for the base it was agreed that this new specification would be offered again to the suppliers that had previously provided quotations for a new quotation for the work

3.It was agreed that a decision for this project could not be made and therefore deferred to the next meeting.     

Action: PS

7. The Parish Environment         

7.1 Planning       

7.1.1 New Planning Applications

•S19/1923 - Mr Peter Sowerby, Caythorpe Hall, Old Lincoln Road.

Discharge of Cond(s) Listed Building - Approval of details required by condition 2 (timescale) of S19/1209

Decision: Based on discussions at the meeting it was agreed that a collective response would be sent to SKDC by the required submission date of 14.11.19.  - Caythorpe & Frieston Parish Council support approval of conditions relating to limestone use.

•S19/1695 & S19/1696 - Mr Peter Sowerby, Caythorpe Lodge, Old Lincoln Road.

Householder Application & Listed Buildings Application - Refurbishment of lodge including replacement extension.

Decision: Based on discussions at the meeting it was agreed that a collective response would be sent to SKDC by the required submission date of 25.11.19 - The Caythorpe & Frieston Parish Council is given to understand that the planning application elements concerning the re-siting of the public footpath and additional new entrance gate have been withdrawn from these applications; accordingly, our comments are now only concerned with the extension to the Lodge.  The majority view of the Parish Council was in support of the extension to the Lodge, with the proviso that the materials used are  sympathetic to the original structure.  In view of the concerns expressed regarding the timeless view from the St Vincents Churchyard across to Caythorpe Heath, the Parish Council also requests that SKDC consult Heritage England, or an appropriate statutory consultant, prior to making their decision.

•S19/1871 - Mr Cain, 25 Millfield Crescent, Caythorpe

Conversion of garage and small single storey extension at front of house

Decision: Based on discussions at the meeting it was agreed that a collective response would be sent to SKDC by the required submission date of 25.11.19 - The Caythorpe & Frieston Parish Council have no objections to this planning application 

7.1.2      Planning Applications – Actioned

•S19/1314 – Glamis House- Formerly submitted under S19/1136  for 2 houses, this amended application is for one house only.

Application not supported by CFPC – submitted to SKDC 06.11.19

•S19/1315 - Mrs Elizabeth Beardmore, Urnsfield House , Gorse Hill Lane

Application supported by CFPC – submitted to SKDC 23.09.19

•PL/0159/19 - New Earth Solutions (West) Ltd, Caythorpe Heath Lane, Caythorpe,

Planning application for demolition of fire damaged building, erection of replacement waste management building

Application supported by CFPC – submitted to LCC Planning 30.10.19

•S19/1682- Mrs Rosemary Foster, Frieston Old Place, 9 Frieston Green

Listed Building Consent - Partial demolition and rebuilding to remedy structural defects

Application supported by CFPC – submitted to SKDC Planning 06.11.19

•S19/1867 - Mr Ian Braybrook, Frieston Old Hall, 36 Hough Road, Frieston

Tree Preservation Order - Removal of 1 x heartwood tree

Application supported by CFPC – submitted to SKDC Planning 11.11.19

•S19/1913 - Mrs Jean Allen, 16 Old Lincoln Road

Tree Preservation Order - Reduce overhanging branches and crown raise Sycamore tree

Application supported by CFPC – submitted to SKDC Planning 11.11.19

7.1.3      Decision Notices

•S19/1219 – The Gatehouse Frieston Heath Lane. Application to change residential category from C3 domestic dwelling to C2 residential care home status.

Approved by SKDC Planning Committee and endorsed by full SKDC Council. 24/10/19

S19/1085 -11 Frieston Green, Cluny Cottage , Frieston Road,

Erection of single storey infill extension, alterations to windows, re-introduce pedestrian access and use of timber cladding to part of existing house

Approved by SKDC Planning 18/10/19

S19/1829 - New Earth Solutions (West) Ltd, Caythorpe Heath Lane, Caythorpe,

Planning application for demolition of fire damaged building, erection of replacement waste management building

Approved by SKDC Planning 06/11/19 and passed to LCC Planning as part of the main application.       

7.1.4 Other Planning Issues

S19/1661 & 1662 – Tribal Lands Waggon and Horses.

Approval of details reserved by conditions 3 (Footpath Details), 4 (Materials), 5 (Boundary Treatment) and 6 (Joinery Details) of planning permission S16/0535

Approval of details reserved by conditions 3 (Materials) of Listed Building Consent S16/0536

Decision: Based on discussions at the meeting it was agreed that a collective response would be sent to SKDC by the required submission date of 25.11.19 - The Caythorpe & Frieston Parish Council have no objections to this planning application.


7.1.5 Project Register

The Parish Clerk stated that there is a total of 21 live projects and also noted that 6 have closed since the last meeting and will be removed from the spreadsheet. This information will also be published on the Parish Council website        

7.1.6 Other Issues to Report

Councillors were reminded that it is important to respond to Cllr Brooke to all planning consultations received even if the response is “no comment” as failure to do so may result in a Planning Meeting called to confirm the Councils collective response to SKDC Planning.

Decisions: It was agreed that all should response as indicated above and as requested in all consultation requests.  

Action: All

8.2 Other Maintenance issues  

8.2.1 Maintenance Register

The Parish Clerk referred to the updated document that had been issued prior to the meeting showing the expenditure on village maintenance. The report had been filtered to show details of the current financial year only to date.

Decisions: .No questions or comments were raised so the report was approved unanimously.

It was agreed to continue with the existing analysis as the information provide vital information into the cost of maintenance within the Parish.      

8.2.2 Sewer Issues in Caythorpe and Frieston

Cllr Brooke referred the meeting to a letter that had been received from a parishioner regarding water ingress problems into his cellar in his property on the High Street. This had, apparently been ongoing for a number of years and he believed, directly attributable to past Anglian Water infrastructure work. Anglian water was alleged to be tardy in their response. A check with Anglian Water revealed no complaints over the past 3 years.  The individual was appraised of this, given an Anglian water emergency response telephone number and asked to keep us appraised.  We have also requested the contact number from LALC of the LCC statutory planning consultant on water/sewerage issues regarding S19 category mandatory responses to water sewerage ingress into a household.


1.It was agreed that further information regarding S19 should be progress through LALC.

2.It was agreed that Cllr Brooke should continue to press for a meeting with Anglian Water. 

Action: MS/RB

8.3 Other Topics for Discussion 

8.3.1 Telephone Box removal – BT Consultation

The meeting was reminded of the deadline of 23rd December when BT needed to be informed of CFPC requirements via SKDC regarding the removal of the BT Payphone that is situated in the High Street.


1.            It was noted that there had been very little use of the telephone box in the past year, however, as it had been used it was considered to be wise to request that it remains in case of emergency.  It was also noted that there is poor reception from some mobile phone providers in the area.

2.            On this basis it was agreed that the Parish Clerk should respond to SKDC with the request that the box should remain with a majority of 5 to 3 in favour.

3.            It was also reported that the Police Phone had been recently removed from Old Lincoln Road without any consultation and as a result of this a letter should be written to the Police Crime Commissioner for an explanation.        


8.3.2 Ward Grant

Cllr Fritzsche recommended that this award grant should be used to go towards the installation of the new bench at the Junction of Back Lane and Chapel Lane.

Decisions:This proposal was seconded and agreed unanimously and agreed that the grant form should be completed and submitted to Cllr Milnes for the grant of £200.  

Action: MS

9.Community Safety – Report on Local Crime and Policing Matters

There were 10  crimes or safety issues to reported on the Police Website since the last meeting and Councillors were urged to use the link to the police website,  provided with the agenda. for on-going monitoring.            

10.Community Activities by Portfolio Holder

These reports are attached at Appendix 5 and the following additions were noted.           

10.1 Emergency Plan

Cllr Allen emphasised the importance of updating the plan with the correct up-to-date names and contact names.  It was also stated that any names included would also have to sign a GDPR Consent Form.  Additionally, there is a requirement to have people with skill sets that would be invaluable in the event of an emergency.


1.It was agreed that names of all Parish Council members should be included in the plan.

2.Volunteers should be sought to be included in the plan through the Parish Website and Facebook Page.

3.Cllrs Fritzsche and Allen agreed to meet to develop the plan of action.             

Action: JA/MS/NF

10.2 Remembrance Day Planning

It was agreed that the Remembrance Day parade and service went well but could be even better with some additional planning before next year.


1.It was agreed that Cllr Brooke would draft an Operational Order document that would outline all responsibilities and timings for all individuals involved.

2.To avoid unnecessary road closure costs, it was agreed that “Memorial in Progress” signs would be procured in advance of the next Remembrance Day to be positioned at either end of the village.

3.Football match start times should be adjusted to commence no earlier than 1115 hrs on Remembrance Day Sunday.      

Action: RB/AR/MB

10.3Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Fritzsche reminded the meeting that Cllr Carpenter had issued an invitation to residents to show an interest in the Neighbourhood scheme versus the current Parish Plan.  This outline was published on the Parish Website and Facebook pages but unfortunately no response has been received.

Cllr Milnes reiterated the benefits of a Neighbourhood plan as the format is similar to the SKDC Local Plan and will add more weight to on-going planning applications.  Additionally, it is understood that Fulbeck Parish Council are also considering a Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr Milnes suggested that if required an officer from SKDC could attend a meeting to give at outline of the benefits and timescales to the community.


1.It the absence of Cllr Carpenter it was agree that this item would be carried forward to the next meeting as it became clear that additional work was required to ingest interest from the community.

Action: JC

10.4 Footpaths

Cllr Graham has added the Sensory Pavements to his work list and would be investigating the work completed to date.

Decisions: The suggestion was welcomed by the committee.     

10.5 Burial Ground Path Refurbishment

The proposal previously issued to the meeting was summarised by Cllr Sandy and proposed that the lower quotation be selected.


1.This project proposal was seconded by Cllr Roberts and unanimously agreed by the other members.

2.It was agreed that Cllr Sandy would confirm the costs with the Contactor as detailed in the quotation and obtain a timetable for the work to be initiated.  It was noted that although urgent this is a project item for year 2020/21, However the capital would be coming from reserves so Cllr Budden (Finance Chair) indicated that it would make little difference if the project was brought forward to the current year

3.It was agreed that Cllr Milnes, Cllr Fritzsche, Cllr Roberts and the Clerk would carry on trying to locate alternative funding for this project through SKDC and others.    

Action: PS

10.6 Burial Ground Gate and Posts

This proposal previously issued to all members was reviewed and proposed by Cllr Roberts. 


1.This proposal was seconded and approved unanimously  It was noted that Cllr Fritzsche disclosed an interest in the matter as a member of his family had offered advice with this project.

2.It was agreed that Cllr Roberts would fine tune the specification and ascertain the material type of the replacement post and to confirm the final cost and timescale.         

Action: AR

10.7 Village Gates and Signs

Cllr Betts referred the meeting to his report and also to the submission made at the previous meeting.  Additionally, mock-ups of the gates and their proposed location were issued.


1.It was agreed that based on the information obtained from members for this project an updated plan should be provided in advance of the next meeting.

2.It was agreed that this next proposal would also include the specification and costs for this work bearing in mind that a sum of only £1000 had been allocated in the 2020/21 budget.

Action: JB

10.7 News and Views

Cllr Fritzsche referred the meeting to two proposals that had been previously issued to all members and summarised the requirements to authorise sums of money to the Editors to benefit the production and the distribution of this publication.


1.It was agreed unanimously that the sum of £100 would be awarded to be used to purchase a small gift for each of the 25 distributors in recognition of their hard work throughout the year.

2.It as agreed unanimously that the sum of £48.90 would be awarded for the purchase of new software for enhancing the production of the publication on a monthly basis.         

Action: MS

10.8 Allotments

Cllr Roberts reported that all 21 plots are currently occupied with 3 residents on the waiting list.

The Association held a Pumpkin Sales on Saturday 12th October in the Village Hall and also combined this with a sale of locally produced Jams and Chutneys, coffee and cake and a raffle.  The sale raised a total of £275 of which £150 was donated to the Village Hall.        

11.Items of Urgent Business

There were no items of urgent business reported             

12.Arrangements for Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 8th January 2020 beginning at 7.30 pm.        


Open Forum

County Councillor: Cllr Maughan: Reported the following items of interest

Next phase of Grantham Southern Relief Road officially launched

Work on the second phase of the Grantham Southern Relief Road has been officially launched. The second phase will join the B1174 to the A1 trunk road via a grade-separated junction and is expected to take approximately 18 months to construct.

Construction of the third and final phase of the relief road, which will link the A52 at Somerby Hill to the new roundabout off the B1174, will begin shortly after the start of phase two and is expected to take approximately three years to complete.

The completed Grantham Southern Relief Road will stretch for 3.5km, linking the A52 at Somerby Hill to the A1.

It will reduce congestion and improve journey times in and around Grantham and will also boost the local economy by encouraging the creation of new homes, jobs and community facilities.

The project is being led by Lincolnshire County Council and supported by South Kesteven District Council, Greater Lincolnshire LEP, Highways England, Homes and Communities Agency and local businesses.

£762m highways deal promises better road maintenance

Balfour Beatty Group Ltd, Colas Ltd and WSP UK Ltd have been recommended to deliver highways services for Lincolnshire County Council from 1 April 2020.

The authority's three current highways maintenance contracts are due to end in March 2020, having reached their maximum 10 year length. Following a detailed procurement process Balfour Beatty Group Ltd, Colas Ltd and WSP UK Ltd are the successful bidders for the new contracts, at a combined value of up to £762m over a potential 12 years.

Balfour Beatty Group Ltd has been recommended for the main highways works contract, worth an estimated £638m. They will be responsible for the majority of road repairs, including fixing potholes, winter maintenance, signs, road markings and cutting grass verges.

Colas Ltd has been recommended for the traffic signal contract, worth an estimated £26m, and WSP UK Ltd has been recommended for the professional design services contract, worth an estimated £98m.

Each contract will initially run for six years, with the option to extend for a further six years after that.

Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for highways, said: "It was important to get the best possible deal for taxpayers, so we've put a lot of time and care into these negotiations.

"The new contracts will see significant investment in improved equipment and new technology at highways depots around the county, which will mean better road repairs going forward.

"The companies have also shown a willingness to use local suppliers and take on apprentices, meaning there will be wider benefits for our communities.”

Working together for Greater Lincolnshire

The executive members of Lincolnshire County Council, North East Lincolnshire Council and North Lincolnshire Council are joining forces to better serve residents.

The 20 councillors assembled at County Offices in Lincoln to discuss how their authorities could work more closely together to provide residents with improved and more efficient services.

Among the topics under consideration was collaboration across a range of key service areas.

The councillors were also keen to give Greater Lincolnshire a stronger voice at a national level to ensure the area gets a fairer deal from central government in future. This was seen as the key to improved roads, ports and broadband infrastructure.

One million tonne milestone for Lincolnshire’s Energy from Waste Facility (EfW):

The place where our county waste is turned into green energy. The facility, owned by Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) and operated by FCC Environment, has repurposed the waste into 554,000 Mwh of green energy for 29,000 local homes, and enabled the council to reduce the amount of rubbish to landfill by around 92 per cent.

Improved IT in the pipeline for local libraries

People will be able to do more online at their local library, thanks to a planned investment in IT. The council’s library provider Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) is working to introduce new computers and IT equipment at libraries and community hubs across Lincolnshire.

Part-night streetlights to begin adjustment to Greenwich Mean Time

There are around 42,000 streetlights across the county that are switched off between the hours of midnight and 6am. Over the next few weeks, you might notice that the part-night streetlights start to go off and come on at different times, this is due to sensors that monitor the number of daylight hours, which is how they set their internal clock, as they adapt to the switch to Greenwich Mean Time.

Changes to the heritage service

The proposed changes include a change of use for the Usher Gallery and the return of Gainsborough Old Hall to English Heritage. The council's executive has approved the blueprint for a more sustainable heritage service, meaning people can enjoy Lincolnshire's rich history for decades to come.

The proposals include ambitious plans to redevelop The Collection Museum in Lincoln to expand its exhibition space, dramatically improving the visitor experience



District Councillor: Cllr Milnes: Reported the following items of interest

 The overgrowing hedge at 1 Eastcliffe Square, restricting visibility from the bus stop, has been cut back by EnvironSK. It has been agreed that the solution is to replace the hedge with a fence and SKDC are awaiting quotes. I hope that is this long-term problem solved.

I forwarded details of possible SKDC community funding to The Parish Clerk for the burial ground path. It was complicated and hopefully a way forward has been found.


S19/1219 The application for a children’s home, Gateway House, Frieston Heath Lane was heard by the planning committee; I spoke as Ward Councillor, Cllr Roger Brooke for the parish council as well as residents to explain the objections and concerns. The applicant was questioned extensively, and debate ensued, but the outcome was a vote to approve the application.

S18/0075 Brandon Wood Clay Pigeon Shoot Appeal will be held by public inquiry on 25-27 February 2020. The PC should have been notified of this and how to comment further. Any persons affected by the shoot should be encouraged to object formally.

It is also important for residents affected by the noise from the clay pigeon shoot, the karting or other noise nuisance, to continue filling in the noise report sheets and sending them to Pete Rogers, Environmental Health

Neighbourhood Plan

If the parish council is going ahead with a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) if requested, I might be able to arrange for an officer to come and talk to you about the process. As Fulbeck PC are also considering whether to do a NP it would be sensible to combine for the initial briefing.

Additionally, a heritage assessment of the entrance to Caythorpe from the A607 to the Church could be incorporated.

Caythorpe is a local service centre and could see pressure for development.

I recommend a NP is put in place as it is a democratic document on a par with the SKDC Local Plan. Whilst policies within the NP must be in line with the Local Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework there is scope for local preferences to be incorporated and has considerable weight when commenting on planning applications


On the broader SKDC front, I am speaking with InvestSK, being briefed by the SKDC CEO on his way forward and by the Finance Director on the Budget. I will update you on those matters in January. In the meantime, SKDC will be busy organising a general election!!!

Public Attendance


The meeting was attended by 7 local residents and the following points were raised:

1.            Village Noticeboards

It was reported that the noticeboards in both Gorse Hill Lane and Lower Frieston Green were too hard to use and almost impossible to push-in a drawing pin.


It was agreed that this issue would be looked into and that a recommendation would be obtained to rectify this issue.

2.            Pothole on A607

It was reported that a large pothole had developed on the A607 nearby the chairman’s property.


Cllr Fritzsche stated that this matter had been reported on “fix my street” the LCC fault logging system and was in the process of being followed-up by Cllr Maughan

3.            Millfield Crescent

It was reported that tree debris was blocking the footpath across the green at the rear of Millfield Crescent.


Details of the location were noted, and it was agreed that Cllr Graham would look into this issue with view to rectifying the problem.

4.            Frieston Road/High Street Junction

It was reported that at the triangle of this junction there are no road markings that indicate right of way and as a result of this a number of near misses are occurring.


It was agreed that Cllr Maughan would put a request into LCC Highways to rectify this issue.


Mid(UK) Recycling

Due to being unable to attend the meeting in person Simon Pattison the Operations Director of Mid(UK) issued the following statement in advance. “Regarding the business situation, there is nothing significant to report. We are installing some new equipment to process aggregates at Caythorpe, and we are upgrading the fire alarm system.”  

Action: AR/AM/AG

Appendix 1 – Accounts Authorised and Paid Since the Last Meeting

Appendix 2 – Accounts Requiring Authorisation

 Appendix 3 – Management Accounts

Appendix 4 – CFPC Approved Budget 2020.21

 Appendix 5 – Community Activities by Portfolio Reports

The details in this section are reports from individual portfolio holders from which any additional matters arising were highlighted and discussed at the meeting.

1.Dog Fouling – Cllr J Allen

2.I have put up a few more ‘Clear it up’ posters near ordinary litter bins and submitted a plea for dog owners to bag it and bin it for publication in the Nov issue of  News and Views. Two dogs continue to foul the High St and the footpath to Old Lincoln Road within a few yards of the bins, so any suggestions on dealing with the owners would be welcome.

3.Emergency Plan - Cllr Allen

I attended a ‘Resilience Conference’ in October, which was quite useful despite concentrating on flooding. From the conference it became clear that in most emergencies we simply need to hold the fort until the emergency services arrive, and then provide information that would help them, e.g. landing site for air ambulance, buildings for temporary shelter etc. Our involvement might be prolonged, however, in an emergency such as heavy snowfall or widespread loss of electricity, where larger communities would take priority.

There is a new template for the Community Emergency Plan, which I have completed as far as possible. This is the document most useful in dealing with short-term localised emergencies, such as a fire. There is also a  Community Resource Document (CRD), which duplicates a lot of the info. in the Plan, but also contains all the sections on local volunteers and resources. These are no longer listed in the Plan. The CRD is the one we would need most in a longer term situation such a  widespread, prolonged power failure, when we could not rely on rapid assistance. This will take some time to complete as under GDPR rules everyone listed as a volunteer or source of specialised help has to sign a consent form for their contact details to be made available to the Emergency Planning Group and the emergency services. In addition, there is an instruction that this document must not go on the internet – whether this includes emails is unclear.

In order to complete these documents and produce a workable plan it is necessary to convene the Emergency Planning Group. Cllrs Fritzsche and Brooke will be involved as Chair and Vice chair respectively, but we need one other member as Deputy Leader as an absolute minimum. Ideally this person would be able to help with recruiting volunteers and know the community well. The Parish Clerk has distributed the templates for both documents, and I have tabled an item for the agenda to expand the EPG.

I don’t believe it is a requirement for CFPC to have emergency plans but having filed one there is likely to be a commitment to have some sort of practise exercise, initially a dry run of the Plan on paper, but maybe something more involved in future.

Following a suggestion from Cllr Fritzsche, I am looking into producing a page for News and Views or a leaflet to be distributed with it advising on preparedness for an emergency. The same advice could go on our website and Facebook page.

4.Housing – Cllr Betts

Housing - Met with the SKDC housing department on 10th October. They shared a couple of high level proposals for development / upgrades to the social housing in the village yet were not at a stage to issue these formally as the plans form part of their 5 year development pipeline and may never progress to feasibility stage.

5.Facebook Page - Cllr Betts

PC Facebook page continues to grow its followers with 132 followers now compared to 62 followers in March 2019. A good level. of engagement to each post we share with villagers.

6.Village Gates and Signs- Cllr Betts

Village Gates - Rowan from the Highways department is in general agreement with the proposal for the installation of both village gates and village name signage on Gorse Hill Lane. He was of a similar view to Ancaster and Hough PC that these gate installations across Lincolnshire has helped to reduce the speed of cars entering villages / towns. I received paperwork from the highways department last week which now needs completing. As part of our meeting I would like to get agreement on the location of the proposed gates otherwise I will have to resubmit an application. I shall share the proposal document we discussed in the last PC meeting and the location of the gates which I propose to include in the application (Locations 2,3 & 4) as we had commonly discussed that gates on the 50mph stretch of the A607 may be dangerous.

7.Village Hall committee - Cllr Brooke

Nothing to report

8.Playing Field committee - Cllr Budden

The Gala in September was a successful event; as always, finding volunteers is the biggest challenge.

The reinstated Caythorpe Dash takes place Sunday 17th November. Approx 60 runners currently registered.

The bar area of the pavilion is about to be redecorated/refurnished by the Sports & Social club.

Some expected maintenance costs on playground equipment is likely to be incurred soon. Some funding received from SKDC.

Date of next PF committee meeting: 3rd December

9.            The Parish Plan - Cllr Carpenter

We discussed the way forward for the Parish Plan at the last meeting of the Parish council. We  agreed that initially an outline of the issues would be added to the Council’s website and Facebook page to evaluate interest and see who is willing to take part in the project prior to a wider presentation meeting once responses had been evaluated.

In my absence the Parish Clerk will provide an update on responses to the website and Facebook page.

The message posted onto the website and Facebook page is below.



A report produced by the Parish Council is attached that gives a broad overview of the way forward with the Parish Plan. It describes the alternative of a Neighbourhood Plan, what it is and the stages of producing that plan from conception to adoption.

The Parish Plan

The current Parish Plan was adopted and launched in 2016 after extensive consultation with the community and expires in 2021. A copy of the plan is on the Parish Council Website

The plan guides the decisions of the Parish Council and progress towards the objectives that were agreed by the community are reviewed regularly, as well as formally at the Annual Parish Meeting each May.

The Neighbourhood Plan

The alternative to the Parish Plan is to produce a Neighbourhood Plan which would allow the community to influence the way the village changes and develops.  The planning authorities must take the Neighbourhood Plan into account in reaching decisions when the Plan has been approved.

The preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan allows the community to have a say in its own future but its preparation will require that the community buys into the process.

The Future

This current Parish Plan expires in 2021 so it is the right time to decide if it should be updated to reflect changes in the last five years or if it should be replaced with a new Neighbourhood Plan.  The Neighbourhood Plan is much more detailed but carries a lot more weight in securing the requirements of the Parish and community over a much greater period of time.

With this in mind and having read the attached report you are all invited to express your views on;

a.      Whether you would like to see a Neighbourhood Plan produced for this Village?

b.       If you would like to be part of producing this plan for 2021 by being a member of the steering group or a working group?

The intention is that once a suitable level of interest is obtained a village meeting will be convened to agree the plan of action.

Interested, then please submit your comments and if you would like to be involved to the Parish Clerk at for collation and presentation at the next Parish Council meeting, no later than Friday 1st November.

10.         Litter Picking & The Big Clean - Cllr Crawley

Nothing to report

11.         News & Views - Cllr Fritzsche

Nothing to report

12.         Footpaths – Cllr Graham

Overgrown bush adjacent to bus stop at EastCliffe Square

A letter was sent to the resident of number 1 Eastcliffe Square requesting that they trim the bush next to their garden and the bus stop, as per the terms and conditions of residency. The bush was trimmed earlier in the year, before the letter was sent, but the bush is now becoming overgrown again and the letter has not elicited a response. As per the agreement at the last parish council meeting, a second letter was written and sent to SKDC, informing them of the situation.

This size of the bush as it stands now makes it extremely difficult for the resident by himself to trim it so it may need input from SKDC (it is beginning to knock against the bus when it passes). The height and depth of the vegetation mean that it may require specialist machinery to trim it back and care be taken when reducing the height; that alone is a health and safety issue (though it has reduced in bulk due to seasonal die-back). A meeting was arranged for the 9th Oct between the resident and SKDC at which alternative barriers to the fence would be discussed. An update from this meeting is being sought.

Issue 1643803/12330

The post holding the bin on Old Lincoln Road is in a pretty bad state. The top is rusting away leaving jagged edges of rusty metal that are unsightly and might present a danger. This has been reported to SKDC by Cllr Allen. As yet, the issue has not been rectified. This is being monitored.

Footpath damage

Building work is being undertaken to a property on Old Lincoln Road and as a result of this, the builders caused some damage to the footpath outside number 46. This was been reported on Fix My Street and is being monitored through that site. In addition, though, I have met with the resident (someone moving into the village). They were very apologetic and had already spoken to their builders with regards getting the damage repaired.

This issue has now been fixed by SKDC via the report on Fix My Street.

13.         Community Heartbeat – Cllr Linforth

In News and Views this month we are asking residents of Frieston if there is anyone willing to house the 4th defibrillator that the parish has. If we do not find anywhere suitable, we will house it somewhere in Caythorpe, and should we find another spot on Frieston at a later date, we can obtain a further defibrillator. 2 sites in Frieston that were suggested previously are listed buildings so the defibrillators cannot be fitted there

14.         Lives – Cllr Linforth

At present we do not have a LIVES representative in Caythorpe, and maybe this is something we can look at changing after Xmas? I will start looking into what training is involved and the costs and can then start approaching the community to see if anyone is interested

15.         Hospital Car Scheme – Cllr Linforth

I have spoken to the previous councillor responsible for this portfolio and have obtained the information of how this scheme works. The Parish Councils involvement is more a stamp of approval and the passengers themselves arrange with the drivers collection/payment/pickup times etc. However, I need to contact previous drivers to see if they are willing/able to do this prior to launching a new scheme. 

16.         Highways - Cllr Sandy

Nothing to report

17.         Allotment committee - Cllr Roberts

Nothing to report

18.         Burial Ground – Cllr Roberts

The Burial Ground is looking well cared for. The grass clippings are being picked up by the contractor along with the grass sticking to the grave stones. Mel has informed me this work is free of charge. One of the pine gate posts at the main entrance has rotted off. The adjacent gate has an area of rotten wood which has been inspected by a qualified carpenter/joiner who states this is repairable in his opinion.   The replacement gatepost should in my opinion be of hard wood not pine.  The recent finance meeting suggested a figure of £700 for repair replacement and use of preservative. I will try and obtain some costings before work is authorised.

19.         War Memorial & Remembrance Day - Cllr Roberts

Re the Act of Remembrance, we should have a debrief and consider suggestions for 2020. The comments re noise/football matches/and parked vehicles are all noted.

I will email the OIC of the Parachute Brigade with our appreciation of the attendance of serving personnel and their contribution to organising the Parade.