July 2019 Minutes

Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 10th July 2019
Councillors:N Fritzsche (Chairman)
R Brooke, M Budden, A Roberts, J Betts, P Sandy, J Carpenter, A Crawley
District Councillor:P Milnes
County Councillor:A Maughan
Clerk: M Stevens
1. Apologies for Absence. 
Cllr. A Graham,
2. Declaration of interests under the Local government Act
As the accounts auditor and members of the Playing Field Cttee, Cllrs Carpenter, Fritzsche and Budden declared an interest in the grant applications for both the Playing Fields and the Social Club.
 It was decided that: whilst such an interest would not preclude them from that particular debate, they would not be allowed to vote on the outcome
Action: JC,NF,NB
3. Approval of Minutes held on 8th May 2019
Approval was sought for the minutes taken at the above meeting.
Decision: Minutes were approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman.
4. Parish Clerk’s Report – To Update on matters occurring since the last meeting not otherwise on the agenda.
4.1 Frieston Post Box
Royal Mail had confirmed by letter that a replacement post box would be installed in Frieston within the next 12-week period.  Cllr Roberts proposed that this should be sited on Frieston lower green along with the new noticeboard.  Thanks, were expressed to Councillors and Caroline Johnson MP fort their support in this matter.
Decision: It was decided that the PC would write to Royal Mail requesting that the new post box be sited on Frieston lower green.
Action: MS
4.2 Armada Beacon
At the recent Playing Fields Cttee meeting it was reported that no action had been taken to relocate the beacon to land at the summit of the hill on Gorse Hill Lane as discussed and agreed at the February 2018 PC meeting.
Decision: It was decided to make contact with the landowner to seek an update of their intent and to report back at the next Pc meeting.
Action: MS
4.3 Caroline Johnson MP – Summer Mobile Constituency Surgery
The PC had been contacted by Dr Johnson’s office advertising a constituency surgery to be held in the Red Lion, Caythorpe, on 30th July between 10:00-10:30 hrs.
Decision: It was decided to publicise the event on the Parish Facebook page and place a poster copy on the village notice board.
Action: JB, MS
5. Co-Option Process - Update
Cllr Brooke updated the meeting.  Of the original 5 applicants, one had withdrawn. Synchronising the interviewing panel and the remaining 4 applicants had proven difficult but the selection interviews for the 2 co-opted places were now scheduled for Mon22nd and Tue 23rd of July. The recommendations of the panel would then be forwarded to the PC for a final decision
Decisions:It was decided that: 
a. The CFPC would meet on 25th July at 20:00 hrs to discuss the sole item of candidate selection recommendations.
Any selected co-optees would be briefed and their documentation prepared prior to the next PC meeting.
Action: All, MS
6. Financial Matters
6.1 Authorisation of BACS/Cheque Payments 
Two documents containing invoices approved and paid since the last meeting, and invoices awaiting approval for payment, were circulated to the meeting.
Decision: All items were approved for payment
6.2 Review and Approval of CFPC Accounts – July 2019
Management Accounts for CFPC previously circulated to Cllrs were presented to the meeting for approval.
Decision: Approved
6.3 Approval of £3,500 Grant to the Village Hall
Copies of the Village Hall accounts had previously been circulated to Cllrs. It was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr Carpenter that the grant of £3,500 be approved. The meeting approved unanimously
Decision: A grant of £3,500 was to be paid to the Village Hall in respect of FY 2019/20.
Action: MS
6.4 Approval for Provision of £3,500 Grant to the Playing Fields
The Playing Field accounts had been previously circulated to all Cllrs. During the debate concerns were raised regarding the decline in fund raising efforts and activities and the need to see a much more proactive approach from the Playing Field Cttee in this respect if subsequent grants were to be considered The Chairman then proposed that the grant of £3.500 be awarded.
a. The grant of £3,500 be awarded to the Playing Fields in respect of FY 2019/20.
The CFPC would write to the Chairman of the Playing Fields outlining our concerns for their future funding.
Action: MS,NF
6.5 General Data Protection Act
The Parish Clerk stated that there was nothing new to report and that the compliance document was still outstanding from LCPAS
Action: MS
6.6 Application from Social Club for New Furniture
Cllr Budden referred to the paper on this subject recently circulated to all Cllrs.  Despite prompting, the required accounts details were still outstanding. The share of costs for the furniture was 40% each from the Social Club and Playing Fields and 20% from the PC. Previous meetings had allocated the sum of £1000 as a contribution from the PC and, given the tardy response to our requests for financial detail this was not to be exceeded.
Decision: A grant of 20% of the furniture costs, up to a maximum of £1000 would be paid on receipt of a copy of the final invoice.
Action: NF, MS
6.7 Ward Grant Award Proposal - Update
SKDC Ward Grant
A Ward Grant of £200 had been offered by SKDC Cllr Penny Milnes. 
To date suggestions were:
a. Additional litter bins along Back Lane or Hough road opposite the bus stop, although concern was raised that, having reached our “allocation” of waste bins, SKDC would not empty them.
b. Provision of a “Caythorpe” road sign sited on Gorse Hill Lane.
Decision: Any grant application would be delayed until the next PC meeting pending any further spending proposals
Action: All
7. Transport and Highways
7.1 High Street Congestion-
a. Bus Stop Markings/Signage
Cllr Sandy reported a positive outcome of the meeting held with LCC Highways, other councillors and the Headmistress of Caythorpe School in order to challenge recent proposals from Highways regarding the placement of yellow lines in the High Street.  A revised report is now awaited, and Cllr Maughan (LCC) indicated that this consultation draft would more than likely go to himself in the first instance. 
b. Back Lane Parking.     
The Chairman Cllr stated that the parking area to the rear or the school appears to be being used well and this initiative was beginning to give dividends in the overall efforts to reduce high street congestions.
Comments had been noted earlier from the public gallery regarding the kerb edging opposite the new area and these comments would be passed on to Highways for their attention and consideration. It was also commented that the shrubbery had encroached into the roadway and should be trimmed back
Decisions: The PC would write to LCC Highways to request a better grading of the interface between the new tarmac and the existing lane.
The PC would ask Brian Wills to cut back shrubs and lower branches encroaching onto/ over the new tarmac.
Action: MS/PS,AR
7.2 LCC Highways Update
Cllr Sandy summarized the progress being made in the following areas. 
a. Lighting for the A607 bus shelter. SKDC Cllr Milnes agreed to speak with the District Council  to seek advice and availability
b. Village Hall Parking Sign = Cost being investigated Paper to be submitted. 
c. Burial Ground Path Refurbishment = Quotations and estimates in hand Paper to be submitted
d. Bench Seat Replacement – Chapel Lane/Back Lane.  Interest received from the public to fund and install a new seat in the memory of a previous village resident. Finalising proposals and timescale for agreement. 
1. Separate Papers to be submitted in. relation to a., b and c above.
2. Contact to be made with seat sponsor to finalise proposal and timescales.
Action: PS/MS
7.3 Hump-backed Bridge & Caythorpe Heath Lane – PGL Bend
Cllr Maughan reminded the meeting that the sum of £200 had been agreed by both Mid (UK) and the previous CFPC as contributions to the cost of supply of road marking and signing for the humpback bridge and the bend near PGL.  He stated that this project was now being considered by LCC Highways and that he would be seeking progress at his next scheduled meeting. Hump-Backed Bridge & Caythorpe Heath Lane – PGL Bend                         
Action: AM
7.4 Sensory Pavement Pads
LCC Highways will be looking to fund and action this financial year. The matter would be carried forward to the next meeting awaiting an update
7.5 A607 Bus Shelter Update
Following the last meeting and subsequent working party meeting, a summary of the recommendations was sent to LCC Highways for consideration. It is understood that the management team are now looking into a solution to level the new plinth to the kerbside and would reply with a decision soon
7.6 Gorse Hill Lane Gritting
Cllr Crawley outlined his safety concerns regarding Gorse Hill Lane when weather conditions are inclement. There had been several accidents in the past and, despite the attempts made previously by the PC, he proposed that LCC should be approached again with view to adding this area to the gritting route. Cllr Maughan stated the criteria within the gritting policy and, if meeting it the route would be added but only at the expense of an existing route. It is understood that 30% of the road network is currently gritted and cannot be increased without very good reasons. Cllr Maughan stated that he would seek advice to see if this area could be reassessed and would report back. Cllr Crawley also proposed the introduction of warning signs as a second-best alternative, which Cllr Maughan agreed to investigate. Cllr Crawley agreed to approach the farmer to see if the hedging could be reduced in height so that the road was not in shade and the ice could be thawed by the sun. 
  1.The PC would contact the landowner adjacent to Gorse Hill Lane  with a view to reducing the hedgerow in order to limit road shading.
  2.  Cllr Maughan be requested to investigate the possibility of reassessing Gorse Hill Lane for inclusion in the LCC gritting plan, together with the provision of road warning signs for inclement weather
Action: AC,AM
8. The Parish Environment
8.1 Planning
The following entries have been added using the project register and recommendations are yet to be finalised on the 2 outstanding applications below:
a. S19/1085 - Ms R Marshall, 11 Frieston Green, Cluny Cottage, Frieston Road, Frieston, NG32 3BZ
Full Planning Permission - Erection of single storey infill extension, alterations to windows, re-introduce pedestrian access and use of timber cladding to part of existing house
Response required by 18th July 2019.
b. S19/1136 - Mr N Wright, Glamis House, 45 High Street, Caythorpe, NG32 3DR,
Reserved Matters - Submission of reserved matters (appearance, landscaping, layout) pursuant to S17/0975 (erection of 2 dwellings) Response required by 25th July 2019. 
Decision:CFPC to respond to SKDC Planning by due dates as follows:
a. S19/1085 – No objections
b. S19/1136 – Comments awaiting response from other councillors
Action: RB
8.2 Planning Applications – Actioned
 S19/0574 - PGL Caythorpe -Construction of 4 outdoor Netball Courts      and temporary camping area.
Concerns were expressed regarding the impact of this additional use on the existing sewerage infrastructure.  The impact of any additional light pollution from evening use of the netball courts was also discussed.
1. CFPC to arrange a meeting with Anglian Water to ensure that existing water and sewerage infrastructure is adequate to cope with the proposed new application. (Subsequently arranged for 12th Sep with Cllr Brooke). This is to be requested as a planning condition by SKDC
2. Additionally, that the proposed lighting meets with existing rules and that they will be switched off by 2100 hrs each day. Again, requested as a planning condition by SKDC
S19/1064 - Mrs N Pledge, Land at Chapel Lane, Caythorpe, Grantham, Lincs Trees in CA - Section 211 Notice - Cut back overhanging branches of 1 x cherry tree
Caythorpe & Frieston Parish Council and no objections have been recorded 
Decision: CFPC have no objections to this application
8.3 Decision Notices
All Approved by SKDC – 15th May 2019 
S19/0264 - Mr Ivor Thomas, 15 Wheatgrass Lane, Caythorpe, NG32 3EA Full Planning Permission - Single storey extension to bungalow Approved by SKDC – 29th May 2019 
S19/0565 - Mr Chris Connor, Barnwell House, 63 High Street, Caythorpe, Lincolnshire, NG32 3DP
Trees in CA - Section 211 Notice - Works to trees including: - T1 Ash - removal, T2 Ash - crown reduction, T3 
Silver Birch - removal, T4 Silver Birch - crown reduction, T5 Ash - Removal and T6 Silver Birch crown reduction
Approved by SKDC – 10th May 2019 
S19/0617 - Mr & Mrs Budden, The Old Bells, 61 High Street, Caythorpe, NG32 3DP Demolition of existing outbuildings and the erection of a 1 and a half storey extension to form a kitchen diner with single garage and bedroom accommodation above and proposed summer house (Amendments to S18/0068) Approved by SKDC – 6th June 2019 
S19/0876 - Mr Ian Malloch, 8 South Parade, Caythorpe, Lincolnshire, NG32 3BT
Trees in CA - Section 211 Notice - T1 x common ash tree - reduction to maintain clearance from overhead 
powerlines and reduction to a monolith of stems of between 3 and 4 metres from ground.
Approved by SKDC – 2nd  June 2019
8.4 Other Planning Issues
Mid UK – Takeover
The Chairman reported that Mid (UK) recently went into administration and were subsequently taken over by New Earth Solutions (West) Limited, a subsidiary of the Irish-based waste recycling group Beauparc. Contact should be made with the new company with the objective to strike up a new relationship to benefit the village community. 
Mid UK – Noise and Lighting Conditions
Cllr Maughan reported that he was still awaiting a response to his previous enquiry and stated that a reactive external lighting system may well be the preferred system
1. A meeting was to be sought with the new company ASAP. The  delegates of the meeting would include Cllrs Fritzsche, Crawley, Carpenter and Brooke.
2. Cllr Maughan requested to progress noise and lighting topic and report back.
Action: NF,AC,JC,RB,AM
8.5 Project Register
Parish Clerk stated that there is a total of 39 live projects of which 12 relate to the recent applications from Mid (UK). Also note that 4 have closed since the last meeting and will be removed from the spreadsheet. This information will also be published on the Parish Council website.
8.6 Parish Council Plan v Neighbourhood Plan
Cllr Milnes reported in her earlier session that a Neighbourhood Plan should be considered in the future as a replacement for the existing Parish Plan.  It was reported that an initial meeting was planned by Cllr Carpenter to investigate requirements for the parish and that an alternative to the existing Parish Plan would be investigated.
8.7 Maintenance Register
The Parish Clerk referred to the updated document that had been issued prior to the meeting showing the expenditure on village maintenance. The report had been filtered to show details of the current financial year only to date. Other
8.8 Footpath Issues 
The Chairman, in the absence of Cllr Graham, presented the footpath report. 
Based on the report previously submitted to all members, and recent examples relating to Eastcliffe Square and Frieston Path, a new approach would be adopted for all issues related to footpaths. 
A607 – Footpath Caythorpe – Fulbeck.
A letter had been sent to LCC Highways regarding the condition of this pathway and the concerns for users of pushchairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters. An acknowledgement had been received and another reply would be sent once the area in question had been visited and evaluated in more detail. 
The following plan of action relating to footpath issues was to be adopted: 
a. In the first instance, and where possible, the householder would be asked to rectify the issue. 
b. Where appropriate, and authorised, the Parish Council would take action as necessary.  
c. Failing the above, the matter would be escalated to the relevant local authority for action.
Action: PClk/All
8.9 Grass Cutting
An email had been received confirming that the first cut had taken place with 2 additional cuts due for this growing season. The purpose of this item was to ensure that all areas had been actioned and to a satisfactory standard.
8.10 Sewer Issue in Frieston
Cllr Brooke confirmed that a meeting was scheduled with Anglian Water for 12thSeptember when this issue would be discussed in detail with view to agreeing a solution.
Action: RB
9. Community Safety – Report on Local Crime and Policing Matters
There were no crime or safety issue to report.
10. Community Activities by Portfolio Holder
The reports are at the bottom of this page
11. Items of Urgent Business
11.1 Tree at Junction of High Street and A607
Cllr Fritzsche reported that only one suggestion had been made regarding the future requirement for this area following the invitation for comments article in News and Views.
Suggestions tabled at the meeting included a carved structure, statue or tree replacement.
It was agreed that this decision would be taken at the next meeting once additional suggestions could be evaluated.
12. Arrangements for Next Meeting
The next meeting will be the Annual Parish Council meeting and will be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 11th September 2019 beginning at 7.30 pm. 
Open Forum 
Cllr Fritzsche reminded the meeting at this point that requirements are that all reports are sent in advance of the meeting so that the content can be evaluated before summarisation at the meeting.  Additionally, content of the report can be used within the minutes to ensure accuracy.
County Councillor: Cllr Maughan:
There was no report received in advance, so the following is a brief summary of points mentioned, and additional text is awaited.
• Children’s Service has been rated as outstanding
• Fairer Funding for Lincolnshire
• Highways and Customer Satisfaction
• Quality of Road Repairs
District Councillor: Cllr Mrs Penny Milnes: Reported the following items of interest 
PGL Caythorpe S19/0574
• Pending Decision
• Anglian Water infrastructure? Roger B advised to contact AW directly.
• Conditions – lighting off by 21.00?
Emergency Out of Hours Planning Enforcement
• Generic out of hours number to be used 01476 59 00 44.   Sent 15 May
• Traveller Briefs.                                                                    Sent 08 July
Mid UK
• Environment Agency ‘permit’ the site. Conditions include noise and odour.
• Phone numbers included                                                 Sent 16 May 
Housing SKDC  
• Report due May?
The Big Clean SKDC website – Caythorpe is scheduled for August 2019
Agenda Planning
• Arranged a planning briefing for Roger Brooke with Sylvia Bland, Head of Development Management. Slides forwarded to Roger. I think he found it a good introduction. 
• Planning is not necessarily cut and dried; weighting of competing issues figures large on more controversial applications.
• Parish Plan. I asked Sylvia Bland: Please could you clarify the status of this plan.
Does it have the same status as a Neighbourhood Plan?
Sylvia replied: The simple answer is no, a Parish Plan is an old style document that has not been through the same consultation processes as a Neighbourhood Plan and would not be as up-to-date in relation to the NPPF
This means that the PP does not have the clout that a NP has when commenting on planning applications or fighting controversial proposals. I feel that serious consideration should be given to creating a NP. I am currently investigating the current position regarding help and funding.
Ward Member Grant
• May I remind you that I have offered £200 from this SKDC scheme project towards a worthwhile community project. 
Public Attendance
The meeting was attended by three local residents and the following points were raised:
1. Back Lane Parking
o Despite being very happy with the new parking area there are problems associated with the opposite side of the road that has been widened for several metres. 
o As there is no lighting in that area the additional width is dangerous at night-time as there is a sudden step down onto the original surface which can potentially cause and accident.  It was agreed that Cllr Sandy would write to LCC Highways for comment.
o The trees are now overhanging the new surface causing a problem to pedestrians.  It was greed that Cllr Roberts would get this matter rectified. 
2. Litter Bin
In was suggested that as the new parking area is being used that there is now a noticeable increase in litter so suggested that a new litter bin is provided It was agreed that this would be monitored and investigated further after more info was available.
3. Litter on A607
Concerns were raised about future litter picking in this area now that Mid (UK) have new owners.  It was agreed that Cllr Maughan would request an agreed report from the company that should contain an analysis of the types of litter and additionally will ask for confirmation of the timetable and frequency of litter picking by Mid (UK) for the future.
Action: PS,AR,AC/PM,AM
Community Activities by Portfolio Reports
The details in this section are reports from individual portfolio holders from which any additional matters arising were highlighted and discussed at the meeting. 
1. Dog Fouling – TBD
No action to Report
2. Litter Picking – Cllr A Crawley
Litter picks have been carried out on Gorse Hill and the section of the A607 from the green at the end of the village South to the National speed limit signs on 3rd June and on the A607 North of the crossroads as far as the junction with Lincoln Road on 27th June. No further picks are scheduled until the winter when the vegetation has died back.
The section of the A607 from the crossroads South to the green at the Southern entrance to the village is being maintained by Mid (UK)
During the litter pick on 3rd June it was noted that there was a particular accumulation of litter around the South bound bus stop at Frieston and that the litter bin sited on the green on the opposite side of the road was lightly used. Having liaised with SKDC the bin has been moved for a trial period, adjacent to the bus stop to try and address this problem. One complaint was received but Cllr Crawley has responded to this and to date nothing further has been heard. A complaint had been received from a member of the public stating that now the bin has been moved dog walkers are having to cross the road to deposit dog bags in the bin, it was agreed that if the waste bin was moved permanently the dog bin located at \Frieston lower green may be moved to this area.
A meeting has been had with the litter picker employed by CFPC to clear litter within the villages and thanked him for his good work, identified blackspots and equipment issues. He continues to do a good job but is likely to be attending University next year which will leave a vacancy that will need filling nearer the time.
Reports of wet wipes deposited on the road and pavement (caused by the overflowing drains at the bottom of Richmond Close) were reported to SKDC and have been cleared. 
3. Allotments – Cllr A Roberts
  No action to Report
4. Playing Fields – Cllr M Budden
Cllr Budden referred to the report that had been previously issued. He attended the PF AGM & subsequent committee meeting on 23rd May 2019 and also stated that he is a secondary member of the committee as representative of the junior football club. It was noted that the planned relocation of the fire beacon off-site had not happened to date and that there didn’t seem to be an action point for anyone to take it further. Concern was expressed that bags of cannabis had apparently been left under the cricket covers and this had been reported to both the police and CFPC. It is understood that there had been previous instances with empty alcohol bottles and cans. It is understood that the PF committee is considering acquiring and installing CCTV as a deterrent. The issue of the unreplaced notice board aroused a lot of discussion but unresolved and would be raised at a future meeting. Gala planning is underway.
5. Village Hall – Cllr R Brooke
Cllr Brooke attended the Village Hall meeting on 25th June. Funding of the VH stood at £3,341 in the current account which includes a £500 grant for the pantomime and £14,029 in the deposit account, indicating healthy finances. The next meeting is on 1st August. 
6. Burial Ground – Cllr A Roberts
There are no issues to report. and that Cllr Peter Sandy has an update to report regarding Path Refurbishment. (see below) 
7. News and Views – TBC
No action to Report 
8. Community Heartbeat – Cllr A Graham
    No action to Report 
9. The Parish Plan – Cllr J Carpenter
    No action to Report. 
10. Footpaths – Cllr A Graham
 No action to Report 
11. Highways – Cllr P Sandy
Cllr Sandy attended the meeting with highways department representative, Cllr Fritzsche, Caythorpe School Head Mistress, Cllr Maughan and others. It was reluctantly agreed that the only yellow lines should be both sides of the road at the pinch point north of the village hall. The highways representative wanted them from below the village hall both sides of the road up to the school and also at the high street end of south parade both sides, as this is a very dangerous exit apparently, which was completely unacceptable. It was agreed that various observations and measurements at the junction would be recorded and that a plan would be sent to CFPC with a report.
It was also agreed that the school zigzag road markings would be repainted to make them more obvious. 
Regarding the lighting problem at the new Frieston bus shelter, it is recommended that the best and obvious answer is a new LED street light on the electricity pole a few feet south of the shelter, which would light up the shelter as it is translucent and also improve the safety of the junction. 
The Village hall parking advice sign is still in progress. 
Breaking up under its entire length with the curbs sinking into the ground, and tree roots are burrowing underneath The permanent fix would be to remove the curbs, cut the encroaching tree roots which will have no obvious impact on the tree and fit replacement curbs and resurface the entire length. Various contractors have been approached and estimates and quotations are expected shortly. 
Regarding the broken seat on Chapel Lane Green it was decided that as it was dangerous and beyond repair and it was been removed. CFPC have been approached by the family of a former resident (now deceased) of the village who would like to present a seat to the village in her memory, also that a small plaque added explaining its origin. It is understood that the family would supply and fit it to a new concrete base which they will lay at no cost to the P.C. It is recommended that this offer is accepted by CFPC as soon as final details and timescale are provided. Cllr Sandy stated that permission has been requested to allow the Parish Council to put an article in the village news about the lady who was the landlord of the wagon and horses in the 50s and 60s when the project is completed. it is finished. 
12   Housing – Cllr J Betts
Cllr Betts referred to the report that had been previously issued and reported that he and Cllr Roberts have been completing a handover of information regarding pertinent matters in respect of social housing within the village and that the full review of documentation this would be completed by 13th July. 
13 Emergency Plan – TBC  
No action to Report. 
14 Facebook Page – Cllr J Betts
Cllr Betts referred to the report that had been previously issued and reported that all system admin rights have correctly been transferred to himself and historic administrator accounts had been removed. He reported that the FB page had been used more frequently and sharing a number of items which have progressed this month e.g. Litter Clearing on A607. It is understood that many new members have joined the FB page as a result of posting content more regularly. Additionally, the public forum section of the PC meeting has been publicised to encourage the residents to engage with the Parish Council. 
Cllr Betts stated that a meeting is planned with the Claypole Parish Council member who runs their PC page as they have a good volume of information (Local and County Information) which they regularly publish and it would be good to be able to have these feeds of information as well as the output of our PC meeting. Additionally, there are plans to share Parish Council FB content on the "Caythorpe Village" page as this FB page has over 1200 members rather than our page which only has 110 followers, however, this has grown 10% in the past month. 
There are also plans to publish the Parish Council Meeting Minutes via Facebook in order to engage with residents as many residents are not aware that all the minutes are published on the Parish Council website 
15 War Memorial and Remembrance Day and Other Village Maintenance. Cllr A Roberts
Cllr Roberts referred to the report that had been previously issued and reported that War Memorial posts and chains around Memorial plus the outer posts at edge of grass need repainting and that the Army donated bench needs a coat of varnish.
It was also reported that Frieston bus shelter drainage channel is blocked and that the shelter bench and windows need cleaning of road grime
Additionally, Lime grove Copse has overhanging vegetation that needs cutting back, and the Police Station hedge and borders require attention. 
16. Finance Committee
Cllr Budden referred to the report that had been previously issued and reported that all finances, and the day to day income & expenses are in order and that. on- line payments have been approved as and when required by a combination of Cllrs. Brooke, Carpenter and himself. 
The first Finance Committee meeting is being planned for some time in the next few weeks. 
Cllr Budden reported that a meeting had taken place with his predecessor to go through the 19/20 budget and all appears to be in order. The present Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) debt will be completed this financial year. Despite there being no Government Grant CFPC seemingly have adequate reserves. 
There is concern that theoretically, a contingent liability of approx. £95,000 in respect of the upgrade of the sports pavilion carried out 10 or so years ago as the Parish Council is guarantor and should there be a breach of the undertakings given in respect of the funding provided at the time by the Football Foundation. It is understood that this was for a 20-year period from when the funds were provided 
Finally, the subject of interest rate offerings for PC funds is still to be investigated. 
17. Planning Committee – Cllr Brooke
Cllr Brooke referred to the report that had been previously issued and reported that since the last meeting to date there have been 3 new planning applications, none of which were contentious and have been dealt with via e-mail correspondence.
On 3rd of July, Cllr Penny Milnes and myself attended a meeting with Sylvia Bland who is Head of Business Development - formerly known as Planning. The meeting consisted of a PowerPoint brief covering the main aspects of planning policy, the most important element being the slide with the links to planning legislation. This slide will be forwarded to all councillors for information and action by the planning sub-committee. There was one aspect of legislation that generated a good level of interest namely the Community Infill Levy (CIL). This is a piece of legislation which allows councils to impose a levy on minor infill development with the proceeds being retained by the council. Unfortunately, SKDC does not operate a CIL policy on the grounds that in the round it does not generate sufficient income. The fact that it could be used as a potential deterrent was not considered. 
The SKDC Local Plan has been assessed by the Planning Inspectorate and viewed favourably. There are some 80 amendments to be made but the plan should be operational by the end of 2019 or early 2020. Of interest to us was the fact that as our local plan was more up to date (2016 as opposed to 2012-2015 for SKDC) then where planning consideration took place the Caythorpe Plan would have precedence in certain circumstances. Given this fact, it may well make sense to bring the revision of the Caythorpe Local Plan forward from 2021 to immediately following the publication of the SKDC Local Plan. 
Planning enforcement was discussed. Given the apparent lack of enforcement action, particularly regarding the Brandon Shoot, the point was made that surely if a planning condition was imposed then it could legally be enforced if persistently breached. However, the response was “it was more complex than that” and it became clear that fear of losing a legal case and having to pay costs was at the forefront of any enforcement action, effectively paralysing the system for anything but the simplest of cases. The loss of rates / income through issuing prohibition notices was also briefly touched upon – re-enforced by my comments relating to just such a suggestion received from SKDC when pushing for cessation of the straw deliveries to the Sleaford power station. The key here is the title change from planning to business development, where the SKDC seeks to generate income to balance the books as grants from central government are cut back. From a parochial point of view, this makes grasping the nuances of the planning system essential if we are not to be rolled over every time. 
It was also confirmed that the SKDC website holds planning records spanning approx. 20 years, and by typing Caythorpe into the search box, a page with a drop-down menu will display some 654 planning applications and 500+ property searches 
18.  Hospital Car Scheme – TBC 
No action to Report.