Extra Ordinary Meeting July 2019

Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council


Notes from Parish Council Meeting held on 25th July 2019



Councillors:        N Fritzsche (Chairman), A Crawley, A Roberts, P Sandy, J Carpenter


Clerk:    M Stevens


Copies: All CFPC Councillors, Cllr A Maughan, Cllr P Milnes


1. Apologies for Absence.

Apologies were received and noted from Cllrs. Brooke, Betts, Graham, Budden.


2. Declaration of Interests under the Local Government Act

There were no declarations of interest.


3. Exclusion of Public and Press

It was recorded that this meeting would be conducted with the ruling that ‘The exclusion of press/public is in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960’.

This motion was proposed by Cllr Crawley and seconded by Cllr Fritzsche and unanimously approved


4. Purpose of Meeting

Chairman Fritzsche outlined that the purpose of the meeting was to select the most suitable persons through co-option for the vacant roles of Parish Councillors.  Cllr. Fritzsche stated that the interview process had taken place this week and that Cllr Crawley would summarise findings and put forward recommendations of the Interview Panel to the meeting for a decision.


5. Interview Process

5.1 Cllr Crawley confirmed the candidates’ names as being; Colette Linforth, Jean Allen, Kim Sergeant and Sue Ordish.

5.2 Cllr Crawley explained the interview process to the meeting that involved the candidates all answering to a set of standard questions with a point awarded system being applied to the answers received from the candidates.

5.3 On behalf of the interview panel Cllr Crawley went on to summarise details of each of the interviews and reported the scores applied using the questions answered by each candidate.  Following the interview process each of the candidates’ attributes were discussed in detail.  Strengths and weakness of each were determined with view to ensuring that the person selected would be both capable to do the job and to also fit into the current team.


6. Recommendations of the Interview Panel

Based on the information recorded it was recommended by the panel that the following persons should be selected.

Colette Linforth

Jean Allen


The motion was put to a vote that resulted in a majority vote with 3 to 1 in favour of this proposal and therefore was carried.


7. Next

Cllr Fritzsche stated that Colette Linforth and Jean Allen would be invited to attend the next full Parish Council Meeting that is scheduled for Wednesday 11th September once all the necessary papers had been prepared and signed.


The following plan of action was agreed unanimously.

Action: All

Inform and offer positions to new Councillors

Action: AC

Inform and give feedback to the unsuccessful candidates

Action: AC

Arrange induction meeting with new Councillors

Action: MS

Prepare paperwork for new Councillors i.e.

Acceptance of Office

Code of Conduct

Declaration of Pecuniary Interests

Standing Orders

Financial Regulations

Good Councillor Guide

Action: MS

Portfolio Allocation

Action: NF


8. Items of Urgent Business

Cllr Fritzsche confirmed that there were no other items of urgent business thanked the members for attending and brought the meeting to a close.