CFPC Minutes from the November Meeting

Councillors: Fritzsche (Chairman), Roberts, Sandy, Allen, Hall, Betts, Lee, Crawley,
Other Attendees: Cllr Penny Milnes(SKDC), 2 members of the public (Village Hall Committee)
Clerk:  Mrs D Manderfield

ITEM 1 – Apologies for absence
Cllrs Linforth, Graham, Maughan(LCC)

ITEM 2 – Declaration of Interests under the Local Government Act
Cllr Crawley declared an interest as a member of the Playing Field Committee

ITEM 3 - Approval of Minutes of Meeting 3 held on 15th September 2021 
Copies of the minutes were circulated prior to the meeting. It was Resolved to adopt the minutes as  a true record of events and they were signed by the chairman, Cllr Crawley 

ITEM 4 – Parish Clerk’s Report  
Nigel Sardeson has completed his report on all the trees in the Parish and made his recommendations. He had to return to further inspect 3 trees, namely the lime and the Horse Chestnut on the playing field and the lime on Upper Frieston Green. I have since requested quotes from 4 local tree surgeons and submitted necessary planning permissions. Parish Online has been completely updated so that all the information is accessible to all, and the quotes will be attached when they have all been received. 
Chloe Mulhall has been employed as the new litter picker for the Parish
I have been on a further clerks training course which has brought the following to my attention:
The LALC website is for all councillors and not just the clerk. However, LALC would ask that no councillor books their own training. This must be done through the clerk.
Financial regulations have not been updated since 2012
The AGAR has now been concluded and I have posted on the website a £10 fee for a copy. The last one I could find was £5 in 2019. There have been no parishioners come forward.
I had been getting more spam through my emails and was concerned so I have had the laptop ‘cleaned’. He did say that the anti virus appears to be doing its job.
I have started putting planning applications on the website

Cllr Fritzsche requested that the updated financial regulations be circulated to all councillors to be voted on at the meeting in January
Cllr Fritzsche also asked for councillors to comment on Parish Online. There was a varied view. It was Resolved to forward documents on notification.

4.1 It was Resolved that the Clerks appraisal would take place before the next meeting in January
Action: NF/Clerk

ITEM 5 – Financial Matters:        

5.1 Authorisation of BACS payments
Councillors considered the list, previously circulated, and Resolved to approve the accounts for payment. 
Please see Appendix A below

5.2 Review and Approval of CFPC accounts
Councillors considered the bank reconciliations and the management accounts, previously circulated, and Resolved to approve both
Please see Appendix B below for management accounts

5.3 Update from Cllr Fritzsche – Acting Finance Committee Chair
Cllr Fritzsche circulated a paper setting out possible % increases to the precept and the affect it would have on band D council tax. The councillors were asked to consider this in preparation for the next meeting in January.
Cllr Fritzsche expressed his gratitude for the work of the outgoing chair, and asked that a letter of thanks be drawn up and sent to Mr Budden.
Action: Clerk

5.4 Village Hall Grant
The councillors considered the application and it was Resolved that the Village Hall be awarded £3500.

ITEM 6 – Registers

6.1 Risk Register – this was distributed previously.
It was Resolved to approve this document

6.2 Maintenance Register – this is available to be viewed on Parish Online
Cllr Fritzsche expressed the importance of having all expected expenses on this document in order to budget for the future.
It was Resolved to approve this document

6.3 New Standing Orders – nothing to add

ITEM 7 -  Project Register Update – this is available to be viewed on Parish Online

7.1 Archive Library
Cllr Hall has agreed to take the 2 books.
It was Resolved that this project was ongoing
Action: Clerk/RH

7.2 Frieston Bench
The pad has been completed. Cllr Lee has agreed to speak to the parishioner in relation to the donation she wishes to make.
It was Resolved that this project was ongoing
Action: DL

7.3 EV Charging Points
Cllr Crawley reported that the Red Lion car park was a possibility and that he was in the process of getting costs for this. He will also approach the new management at The Waggon & Horses to assess the possibility of having charging points on their carpark next to the electricity substation. Also see 7.6 below
It was Resolved that this project was ongoing
Action: AC

7.4 Conifer Tree
Cllr Lee has agreed to source a conifer tree for Frieston Green.
Cllr Hall has agreed to source an artificial Christmas tree for the church
It was Resolved that this project was ongoing
Action: DL/RH

7.5 Line Markings
Cllr Fritzsche reported that the Parish Council were still waiting for the results of LCC consultation
It was Resolved that this project was ongoing

7.6 Back Lane Street Lighting
Although this project was Resolved to be completed. Cllr Crawley is still considering this as a suitable location for EV charging points

7.7 Road Repairs
It was Resolved that this project has been completed

7.8 A607 speed limit
Cllr Betts reported that at the moment it was not possible to borrow the SID from Carlton Scroop. It was Resolved that this project be suspended until the SID can be borrowed again. Cllr Betts has contacted Lincs Highways for a second time in order to get some replacement 30 Mph signage for Church Lane & Gorse Hill Lane. He is yet to have a response.

7.8 Caythorpe Heath Bridge
There is a weight restriction notice on the bridge LCC have sent formal consultation letters out. CFPC wish to ensure that local businesses are not affected by this proposal. Access must still gained from either the High Dyke, A15 or A 607 up to but not over the bridge.  Also, it was noted that the road is not being gritted this has implications on parishioners who use this route, as a B road it should be gritted.  Chairman to contact Cllr Maughan to make representation on these matters
Action: Chair

7.9 Allotment Hedging
Simpsons to be instructed. It was Resolved that this project was ongoing
Action: Clerk

7.10 Glebe Field
The tender was unsuccessful so it was Resolved that this project has been completed

7.11 Remembrance Sunday
Cllr Roberts has organised a parade and bugler. Cllrs Hall & Lee have put poppies up around the village. It was Resolved that this project be ongoing

7.12 Eastcliffe Square Bus Shelter
LCC have completed the work and although the Parish Council questioned if the work had been completed and signed off as there was no weather protection to the board that has been placed as the lean to protection. it was Resolved to request  that Cllr Maughan investigate.

7.13 Playing Field Trees
Councillors considered the quotes the clerk had obtained from 4 different tree surgeons, and it was Resolved that the tender to be offered to Sam Barrell, on the proviso that he removes all brash from site/s and cuts any logs into handleable sizes for use by locals. The PC would also need a copy of his public liability insurance. 
Action: Clerk

Item 8 – New Proposals

8.1 Neighbourhood Plan 04/21/8a
Cllr Allen read out the vision for Caythorpe & Frieston Parish in readiness for a meeting with Clive Keeble, the consultant. Cllr Roberts again expressed a concern for protecting some of the social housing. There followed discussions with respect to housing. Cllr Milnes did point out that as Caythorpe is considered a large village development is inevitable. Cllr Allen proposed a number of areas in the village that the Neighbourhood Plan would like to keep green. It was Resolved that, with evidence from the survey, that Back Lane is not to be considered a green area in the Neighbourhood Plan

8.2 Caythorpe Hall Footpath Diversion 04/21/8b
In the absence of Cllr Graham Cllr Fritzsche explained that Cllr Grahams’ proposal was simply to advise the PC that there is a proposal by the landowner of Caythorpe Hall to re route the public footpath across his land. When this proposal eventually goes to consultation the Parish Council will be consulted.

8.3 Allotments – Income & costs 04/21/8c
The Parish Council rents the allotment land and then gets reimbursed from the allotment committee. There have been large costs over the last 2 years totalling £2400. Cllr Roberts is to approach the allotment committee with a view to increasing the rent to cover R&M.
it was Resolved, 6:2 that from the financial year 22/23 a rent increase would be discussed to cover half of the cost of future maintenance.
Action: AR

8.4 Village Hall Grant
This issue has been dealt with previously in 5.4

8.5 Resignation – Co-option/ Finance Chair
Since the meeting the clerk received notification that there had been no election requests and the PC can begin the co-option process.
Cllr Fritzsche reported that a local parishioner was advising the Parish Council on financial matters during this time as there were no volunteers to take over the role. There were no  objections to this.

Item 9 – The Parish Environment

9.1 Planning – this is available to be viewed on Parish online
The clerk has submitted planning permission applications for the trees with TPOs and those in the conservation area of Frieston Green that require work recommended in the tree report carried out recently

9.2 Other Planning Issues
Cllr Roberts brought it to the attention of the council that the night time security lights at Mid Uk are not dimmed and it is understood that it is a condition for them not to be on when there is no working. However Cllr Fritzsche did respond that he believes they have a night shift now. Cllr Hall will investigate
Action: RH

Item 10 – Neighbourhood Plan – Report by Cllr Allen
The public survey ended early in September. The results have been analysed and are available on the parish website. I have revised some of the facts-and-figures sections already published,  on the advice of Clive Keble, and will discuss with the Parish Clerk how best  get them online. 
I had a meeting with Clive last month to discuss the next steps, which are to define a set of objectives for the plan, and policies that will achieve the objectives. I have drafted these, based upon the results from the survey, and circulated them to the working group and parish councillors. We have arranged a meeting with Clive on Nov 11, during which these will, I hope, be finalised. I would like councillors to be involved, but if few can attend please could we to run through them at the PC meeting. 
As ever, the Village Hall is the most difficult topic. The majority in the survey would opt for a new one, but it is difficult to see how this could be achieved in the foreseeable future. We need a policy that would leave as many options open as possible.
Once we have settled on objectives and policies, a case for them has to be argued as part of the plan. This is rather technical, and Clive will advise. Then we make the draft plan and an abridged version available for a 6 week public consultation, when parishioners and other interested parties (including SKDC) will be able to comment. This will start as soon as possible in the New Year, though we haven’t yet worked out how best to go about making it available to everyone (the unabridged version will be a very big document) or how to handle comments. I am advised that at least one public meeting needs to be held.
That just leaves amending the draft in the light of any comments, formal submission to SKDC, amending it again if the inspector requests it, and FINALLY a referendum for the parish on whether or not to accept it. 

ITEM 11 -  Community Safety.  – there is a Crime Register that can be viewed on Parish Online
During August there were a total of 4 crimes reported and during September there were none.

ITEM 12– Community Activities by Portfolio Councillor – the following are reports written by the individual councillors.

12.1 Cllr Crawley
12.1.1 Litter picking and the Big Clean
The new litter picker (Chloe Mulhall) has been appointed and has started work around the villages.
The Big Clean team attended in September and cleaned Gorse Hill Lane, Chapel Lane and East Cliff Square as well as Templeway Gardens.They are not due back in the villages until the New Year.

12.1.2 Environmental Sustainability
Trees being raised by various people in the villages and will be planted soon. Discussions have taken place with Ben Ulyott regarding planting along Love Lane and the fields behind Mid UK. Further planting will take place along the A607.
There has been no progress on the sustainable heating and lighting to the Village Hall and Hammond pavilion, pending possible replacement sites and re roofing work to the village hall.

12.1.3 I have written to Dab Clayton at LCC requesting an update on EV charge points.
I have also written to ESB Energy regarding the outstanding tree replacement work around the battery storage facility on Caythorpe Heath Lane.

12.1.4 Playing Fields
Please see 7.13 above The Playing Field appear willing to contribute a sum towards this work.
Peter Sowerby has agreed to lay the base for the new storage containers free of charge and once this is in position we will try and source two shipping containers to take the equipment currently stored in the Pavilion. This should be taking place in the near future
The DASH took place on Sunday 24th October and was well attended. 160 entered although not all turned up on the day. Approximately 60 people from the villages and beyond helped with marshalling and baking. The event was well supported by PGL, The Red Lion, and Uk Alternative Energy. Further sponsors are being sought. The event was very successful and greatly enjoyed by all competitors with much positive feedback and reviews. A substantial sum of money has been raised for the Playing Field and will be donated shortly. The next event is on 27th March 2022 and there are 4 people signed up already.

12.2 Cllr Hall
12.2.1 Village Hall Committee
Accounts as of 28th April – Trading at a loss email sent 28th April 2021
Grant requested of the amount £3,500 within this email, which wasn’t represented to the CFPC and therefore hasn’t been received. This needs to be discussed and a decision made at the next CFPC meeting on 10th Nov. 
Financial pressure exacerbated due to the number of groups that have ceased to use the hall during the Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions.

Estimation of future outgoings

Hedge maintenance             £1,000
Wall repairs to make safe     £2,940
General Decorating               £1,500
Replacement Front Door       £3,000
Ongoing roof maintenance    £1,500
Fire System Maintenance     £500 (per annum)
Badminton Club                    £300 (start-up costs)

Roofing Discussion
Quotes have been received to replace the flat roof that are circa £10,000.  However, discussion is now under way to consider that as a flat roof has a likely life of around 20 years, is a full pitch roof a better longer term solution but is likely to cost approximately £30,000.

12.3 Cllr Fritzsche
12.3.1 Village News and Views
Not much to update you on the N&V however below is the really good news if you didn’t already know
 The best bit of news to share is that we entered the Parish Magazine of the Year Awards. When we entered in 2019 we came 21st out of 320 A5 magazines.  This year out of 330 magazines we came 4th

Appendix A


Invoice Date Invoice Number To Whom Particulars of Payment Total Amount Date Paid
28.8.21 79 GW King & Sons maintenance at burial ground July & August 760 8.9.21
15.9.21 GTM/298450 Jacksons Buildbase

repaid to clerk who paid for bench pad materialson a personal credit card on behalf of the PC

113.46 15.9.21
10.9.21 11793 LALC1 website maintenance basic service 42 15.9.21
15.9.21 09/21/4 Caythorpe PF Committee

agreed at meeting dated 15.9.21

minute number 8.4

350 22.9.21
14.9.21 1460 Brian Wills empty dog bins, cut church grass & weeding 126 22.9.21
23.9.21 SB20213138 PKF Littlejohn LLP external audit 240 29.9.21
30.9.21 300921 D Manderfield

clerks expenses for September,stamps,stapler & staples

40.62 29.9.21
30.9.21   Unity trust Bank bank service charge 18 30.9.21
30.9.21 SL-7434 Direct PC Supplies computer repsir service 40 6.10.21
7.10.21` 71021` Nigel Sardeson tree safety survey and report 350 13.10.21
24.9.21 1170 Crimson Kings tree & hedge work at Village Hall 1344 13.10.21
19.10.21 191021 P&L Leeds Sept, Oct, Nov N&V expenses 75 20.10.21
9.10.12 1463 Brian Wills empty dog bins 24* £4 96 20.10.21
9.10.21 1462 Brian Wills

painting noticeboards, benches, shed & gates at Caythorpe & Frieston

463 20.10.21
22.10.21 221021 Nigel Sardeson

further tree investigation & drilling.Help with planning permissions

200 27.10.21
2.10.21 201021 P&L Leeds distributors christmas gifts 150 27.10.21


Appendix B: CFPC management accounts as at 31.1.21

  Actual 2020/1 Budget 2021/22 Actual for Period Revised Forecast Variance to Budget
Precept 3039 3039 30039 30039 0.0
Miscellaneous 0.0 0.0 200 0.0 0.0
Community Fund 1610 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Allotment 226 226 225.70 226 0.0
Burial Ground 1700 1700 1000 1700 0.0
SKDC Community 907 907 463.32 907 0.0
Neighbourhood Plan     7669 7669 7669
Ward Grant 0.0 400 0.0 100 -300
VAT Reclaim 1918 1538 1538.04 1538 0.0
TOTAL INCOME (inc N&V below) 45917 43810 44836.71 51179 7369
Revenue Expenditure          
Burial Grounds 3037 2980 3326.06 2980 0.0
Allotments 251 226 0.0 226 0.0
Audit 360 360 200 360 0.0
Staff Salaries 7278 7070 4014.40 7070 0.0
Election Costs 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Comm Projects 256 500 39 500 0.0
Maintenance 2096 2150 1962.93 2150 0.0
Street Cleaning 1147 1362 690.36 1362 0.0
VH Grant 3500 3500 0.0 3500 0.0
PF Grant 3500 3500 3500 3500 0.0
S137 Expenditure 416 500 115 500 0.0
Insurance 2496 2522 0.0 2522 0.0
LALC & SLCC 504 550 224.92 550 0.0
Tel,post, stat, etc 750 575 259.77 575 0.0
PWLB Loan 886 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Bank charges 72 144 72 144 0.0
Mole Control 0.0 325 325 650 325
Christmas Tree 0.0 150 0.0 150 0.0
Misc 1307 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Sub Total 27856 26414 14729.44 26739 325
Capital Expenditure          
Chattertons Legal Costs   400 100 1000 600
Neighbourhood Plan 198 0.0 1679 7669 7669
Tree Work 180 1000 1670 1000 0.0
New Trees Planting 0.0 0.0 0.0 200 200
Frieston Bench 1333 0.0 503.61 500 500
Conifer Tree     0.0 150 150
Queens Platinum Jubilee       1000 1000
BG Post & Gate 1428 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Village gates 3686 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Allotment Hedging 1920 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Memorial Signs 169 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Misc 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Sub Total 8914 1400 3952.61 11519 10119
News & Views          
Income 9517 9000 3701.65 9000 0.0
Expenditure 7212 6634 3196.12 6634 0.0
Sub Total 2305 2366 505.53 2366 0.0
Total Expenditure 43982 34448 21878.17 44892 10444
Surplus/loss 1935 9362 22958.54 6287 -3075
Reserves   38715.95 52312.49 35640.95