CFPC Minutes from the March Meeting





Councillors: N Fritzsche (Chairman)

J Allen, J Betts, D Lee, A Crawley, C Linforth, M Budden (until 8pm)

Other attendees: A Maughan (arrived late), L Leeds, P Leeds

Clerk:  Mrs D Manderfield

ITEM 1 – Apologies for absence

A Graham, P Milnes, P Sandy & A Roberts were unable to connect to zoom.

ITEM 2 – Declaration of Interests under the Local Government Act

Cllr Crawley declared an interest as a member of the Playing Fields Committee

ITEM 3 - Approval of Minutes of Meeting 5 held on 13th January on ZOOM.

3.1 These minutes will be approved at the meeting in May.

ITEM 4 – Appointment of the new Vice Chairman

Item 8a was brought forward due to Cllr Fritzsche’s concerns about the Wi-Fi stability.

Cllr Fritzsche proposed Cllr Crawley.

Seconded: Cllr Budden

Decision: it was approved unanimously that Cllr Crawley would be the new Vice- Chairman

ITEM 5 – Financial Matters:        

5.1 Authorisation of BACS payments

Documents containing invoices approved and paid since the last meeting and up to 28.2.21 were previously distributed. 

Please see Appendix A below

Decision: Approved unanimously

5.2 Review and Approval of CFPC accounts

Bank Reconciliations as at 28.2.21 were previously distributed. 

Decision: Approved unanimously

5.3 Update from Cllr Budden – Finance Committee Chair

Cllr Budden stated that as at 28.2.21 the current account balance was £32721.93 and the new News & Views account balance was £3351.57, giving an overall balance of £36073.50.

This results in the finances expected to be slightly better than projected at year end, 31.3.21 Although there is a need for a budget meeting, there has been a 0% increase to the next years precept.

It was unanimously agreed that Cllr Budden and the clerk would produce a draft budget for submission to the Finance Committee.

Action: MB,DM, Finance Committee

ITEM 6 – Parish Clerk’s Report

6.1 Village Hall/Playing Field The deeds (and the minutes of the relevant meeting) are at Chatterton’s (Solicitors) in order that the Parish Council can be registered as the owners of the Village Hall. The clerk has received email  confirmation from Chatterton’s that the PC are the registered owners of the Playing Field and the Hammond Pavilion. However, after speaking with David Cree he claims to have deeds that prove the Playing Field and buildings belong to the Playing Field Committee. The clerk has asked Chatterton’s to explain how it all works. Cllr Fritzsche suggested that the Playing field committee would need to challenge ownership if they saw fit to do so.

6.2 Village Trees: after chasing SK Environmental numerous times the clerk has now instructed Simpsons to do a walk round of the parish trees on the playing field, Frieston upper and lower greens and the cherry tree on Arnhem Drive, in order to give a report and an action plan of works.

6.3 Burial Ground: there has been a burial, a new headstone and an ashes interment

6.4 Parish Online: the clerk had  recently seen a presentation from Parish Online. The clerk had previously forwarded this to all Cllrs but understood that it may not have been a priority viewing. However, the clerk suggested that the system warranted consideration. It is a web based product that can be used by everyone. This means that all Parish information can be stored in one place and be more accessible moving forward.

Cllr Fritzsche proposed a year’s trial.

Seconded: Cllr Crawley

Decision: Approved unanimously

Action: DM

6.5 Insurance: this is due on 17th March for 21/22 and has increased slightly from last year to £2495.89.

6.7 Remote Meetings: there have been further guidelines from LALC that councils will still be meeting remotely until after June 21st. Cllr Fritzsche commented that this would mean delaying the Parish Meeting, however the deadline for this is 1st June. (Since the meeting the government have decided not to renew legislation approving remote meetings so the next meeting will now be in the village hall and the annual Parish meeting will also be planned and take place)

Action: NF,DM

6.8 Litter Picking Hoops: these are due for delivery to Cllr Crawley between 17-19 March

6.9 Internal Audit: the clerk asked the Cllrs if it was their intention to speak to Bruce Nelson with respect to this. 

Action: DM

6.10 Audit & Year End Training: the clerk reported attendance to an online training session.

6.11 New banking signatories: the clerk reported that Cllr Crawley had been added as a bank signatory and had returned the signed mandate. the mandates from Cllr Budden and Cllr Fritzsche were still outstanding.

Action: MB,NF

At this point Cllr Budden left the meeting 

ITEM 7- Registers

7.1 Risk Register – this was distributed previously.

7.2 Maintenance Register – this was distributed previously and reviewed.

Although not part of the maintenance register Cllr Betts aired his frustrations with respect to the potholes on  Gorse Hill road. it is a well-used road into the village. Cllr Fritzsche requested that Cllr Betts write to Cllr Maughan for his comments. Cllr Crawley and Cllr Allen also aired their views that the roads in the village were not substantially maintained.  See section 9 below for further information.

Decision: Agreed unanimously to approve these two documents 

ITEM 8 -  Project Register Update 

8.1 Neighbourhood Plan 

See portfolio update below.

Decision - Agreed unanimously to approve the progress of this project.

8.2 Burial Ground Gates

gates installed and preservative detail added to the maintenance register, and to be included in the budget, Cllr Fritzsche agreed to instruct Brian Wills at some point next year.


8.3 Emergency Plan

Cllr Fritzsche congratulated Cllr Lee on completion of the plan. Equipment including high-visibility jackets, torches and two-way radios have been procured and are stored in the Village Hall. It is thought that there will be no need to budget for further equipment next year

Project Completed

8.4 High Street Line Markings LCC

Cllr Maughan was absent from the meeting, so there is no change to this project  (Cllr Maughan did join the meeting later and has given an update in his written report)

8.6 Allotment Hedging 

Project Completed

8.7 Playing Field Trees 

See clerks report.

Action: DM

Decision - Agreed unanimously to approve the progress of this project.

8.8 LCC Archive Library 

There is no change to this project.

Decision - Agreed unanimously to suspend the project for the time being.

8.9 Allotment Tree Works

Project Completed

8.10 Speed Trap on Waterloo Road

Cllr Betts confirmed that suitable sites had been suggested for the location of the SID. The clerk advised that Came & Company had suggested that insurance was required for loss and damage. After discussion it was decided that insurance was not required

Decision - Agreed unanimously to approve the progress of this project.

Action: JB

Items 8a and 8c had been dealt with earlier in the meeting.

ITEM 9 - New Proposals. 

9.1 Appointment of a new councillor

Cllr Fritzsche reported that there had been one candidate for the position and that there will be an interview with Mrs Rebecca Hall on Wednesday 17th March in the Village Hall. 

Action: NF,AC,DM

At this point Cllr Maughan joined the meeting and expressed his apologies

Cllr Fritzsche invited Cllr Betts to question Cllr Maughan for comment on the potholes in the village.

It was agreed that Cllr Betts and Cllr Maughan would meet at the weekend to view Gorse Hill lane specifically to assess the immediate danger with respect to the road ‘falling apart’. Cllr Maughan explained that a complete resurfacing would be awfully expensive. He went on to explain that he had received many complaints from many councils about the state of the roads. The concern is that there maybe problems with contractors, but that the roads definitely needed addressing.

ITEM 10- The Parish Environment

10.1 Cllr Brooke submitted a paper to update the CFPC which is attached to the minutes as appendix B.

Cllr Fritzsche reported that there had still not been a resolution to the planning application at St Vincents House.

10.2 Until a new councillor can be recruited to take on the planning portfolio, the clerk will assume the responsibility of collating planning responses from Cllrs.

Action: DM

ITEM 11 - Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Allen reported that since the report below further sections were ready to forward to the working party, and that the plan had started to appear on the website. There is a contact email on the website for anyone wishing to get more involved. Cllr Fritzsche thanked Cllr Allen for all her hard work in these times. Cllr Crawley brought up the point of electric vehicle charging points becoming a problem in the future. Cllr Fritzsche expressed the view that there would need to be a lot more research in to this with respect to costs and location of charging points. Cllr Betts gave a run down on his experience with charging points and the massive expense they entail. Cllr Allen reported her plan to include the necessity of parking when considering planning applications, in the Neighbourhood Plan. It seems that this is not a criterion when it comes to planning at the moment but would be worth researching and including in the NP for the future. Cllr Crawley agreed to research grants for charging points.

Action: AC

ITEM 12 -  Community Safety. 

During December there were 2 counts for Criminal Damage, 1 for Violence and sexual offences and 1 for Drugs. During January there were 4 counts for violence and sexual offence charges and 2 for anti-social behaviour

These are the most up to date figures available at present.

Please visit for activity in our area

ITEM 13– Community Activities by Portfolio Councillor – the following are reports written by the individual councillors.

13.1 Cllr A Crawley 

13.1.1 Litter and the Big Clean

The Big Clean team are not due in Caythorpe and Frieston until after 2nd April (which is how far ahead they have planned to date). I intend asking them to address the leaf litter on the pavement outside 1 High Street, but welcome suggestions for other areas that may need attention.

A litter pick took place on Gorse Hill on Monday 22nd February. There was a fantastic response and 12 or 13 people turned up in the rain and cleared 38 bags of rubbish, 6 car tyres, some broken paving, and discarded electrical items. SKDC supplied some equipment on loan and then cleared the resultant debris on the Wednesday.

An order has been placed for some more litter picking equipment (Litter Picks and Bag holders) and these are expected shortly.

Several members of the public continue to voluntarily clear litter when walking and I have given a resident a litter picker and bag ring to assist her with this.

A dialogue is ongoing with Mid UK and I have a meeting with them on 11th March. One of the items due to be discussed is their inability to contain the recycled plastic fuel material that escapes from their site and their vehicles. They do clean Caythorpe Heath Lane down to their plant and along the A607 on occasions but cannot cope with the micro plastic material that escapes from their site and vehicles. 

Chloe Mulhall has finished her volunteer litter picking for her DoE award and I have written up a positive assessment of her work.

13.1.2 Environmental Sustainability

Enquiries with solicitors are ongoing but seem to indicate that the Village Hall and Hammond Pavillion are owned by CFPC and run by trustees. Once ownership is finally established, I will review the proposals for PV panels, battery storage, and Air Source Heating together with grants that may be available and submit papers to the PC for consideration.

Following an appeal, CFPC have been donated 20 substantial tree stakes by Tim Ranson and a quantity of tree guards by Alan and Hilary Mason. Our thanks go to them for their generosity. I have also received a couple of offers of tree saplings and have started to raise some cuttings myself. A Facebook appeal for trees has so far not brought a great response.

An initial tree planting will take place on Wednesday 10th March 2021. It is intended to plant what trees we have available along the A607 opposite the playing field (to replace those damaged) and restake those that have been flattened but may still be alive. Other trees will be planted on the green in Kings Hill, the triangle at the end of Back Lane, and along Love Lane. Once suitable trees have been sourced, I intend to carry out limited planting on the lower green at Frieston.

I am currently in correspondence with the Diocese of Lincoln regarding two other areas of land that I have identified as suitable for tree planting. The latest communication I had from Savills who are handling this on behalf of the diocese included the paragraph.

"The Diocese are in the early stages of looking at potential biodiversity schemes on their portfolio, and there is certainly scope in having some synergy between the Diocese and the PC in relation to a suitable tree planting scheme in Caythorpe."

This is encouraging but I suspect this will take a while to bring to fruition.

One of the parcels of land owned by the Diocese is prime for residential development and may be sold for that purpose. I am in communication with a resident who’s property adjoins this land and have floated the idea of putting an offer to purchase the land for the specific objective of tree planting and a community wildlife area, which may hold some appeal for the Diocese and enable the land to b acquired at a rate considerably lower than the rate for development land. This could be funded by private donations (the resident has stated he would make a donation), the PC, grant funding and possible crowd funding.

Savills are aware of our interest in local land and I am hopeful this will produce a result in the fullness of time.

I am also in contact with a farmer about donating an area of land for tree planting and a wildlife area but this is on hold due to his reluctance to meet due to Covid. I am hopeful that as lockdown is eased, I may be able to make some progress on this.

I have been in contact with a manager at ESB who run the battery storage facility on Caythorpe Heath Lane behind Mid Uk regarding the trees that have died around their site. He was very helpful and has instructed a contractor to replace those trees that have perished. He states this should take place before the end of March.

13.2 Cllr M Budden

13.2.1 Playing Field

Nothing to report

13.3 Cllr N Fritzsche 

13.3.1 News & Views

We have opened the new bank account for News and Views to enable us to separate the finances from the PC’s own main account. The editors and myself have access to the account and in future all income and expenditure will be taken from their account. We have been transferring the funds and advertising revenue that has come in during this financial year and it is hoped that next year it will be able to run independently. 

The editors are still carrying out a fantastic role and trying to expand the circulation. 

13.4 Village Hall Committee – Nothing to report

13.5 Cllr A Graham 

13.5.1 Footpaths 

Roadway along Frieston Green

We have had a report that the road along the top of Frieston Green is in a poor state. A report has been made through FixMyStreet, though it is not clear if this is an adopted road. We will see what the Council come back with.

Pathway at the end of Love Lane

We have had a report of a path that has been made very difficult to navigate at the end of Love Lane, the path continuing on along the side of the field. On inspection, there is a pathway there and it seems to be quite accessible, albeit it is a rough path along the side of a ploughed field. It is unclear at the moment whether there is anything the PCC can/should do. An enquiry to LCC may be the way forwards.

13.5.2 Public Transport 

Nothing to report

13.6 Cllr P Sandy 

13.6.1Highways - Nothing to report

13.6.2 Burial Ground- Nothing to report

13.7 Cllr D Lee

13.7.1 Emergency Plan

LCC have approved our plan going forward and we have now received equipment; clothing, radios, torches etc to assist as necessary.

13.7.2 Dog Fouling

I have received further laminated signage from Jean and will look to place these where required. The incident on Love Lane has been addressed and hopefully there won’t be a repeat.

13.7.3 Shops, Businesses & Employment

All appears to be ticking over as before, Jean has compiled a comprehensive list of businesses within the Parish, and those that can are hopefully receiving Government support where required

13.8 Cllr J Betts 

13.8.1 Housing - Nothing to Report

13.8.2 Facebook 

Relevant planning applications have been posted on our FB page along with the recent information regarding the changes to the recycling centre opening & water pipe works. We have been contacted by a resident who has asked if the parish council have any land where a bench in memory of a late family member could be sited, awaiting a response from him regarding what type of bench he wishes to donate. 

13.8.3 Volunteering

We completed a second COVID leaflet drop to all houses on 31st January  2021, the leaflets were printed by Westgate printing (Free of charge) and were distributed by some exiting & new volunteers. After the second leaflet drop, 2 further parishioners reached out for some simple assistance which shopping. No one has had any requests for help with transport for vaccination appointments

13.8.4 Speed Watch

We have provisionally booked the speed sign from Carlton Scroop for the 1st week of the Easter holidays 27th March 2021. Richard Rainthorpe (Carlton Scroop) PC will be providing us with some training on how to use and set up the speed sign in the locations we have identified thus far. The intention is to have it cited in the following locations : 

1.) Gorse Hill Lane – At 30 MPH Sign (By allotments) 

2.) Gorse Hill Lane – Near to Kings Hill entrance 

3.) Church Lane – Tied to playing field gates 

4.) Frieston Heath Lane

5.) High Street – Waggon & Horses 

6.) Waterloo Road – Near to Martin Lewis’s house (Resident who raised the speeding matter initially) 

7.) A607 – Along the 50mph stretch 

Welcome any other suggestions yet we would need to be able to lock to sign board to a fixed item to prevent its theft. The resident who raised the concern of speeding & weight limits will be helping with the set up of the speed signs and data evaluation. 

13.9 Cllr C Linforth

13.9.1 Community Heartbeat

No further update on this, still ongoing - In News and Views again this month for the final call for Frieston. We are asking residents of Frieston if there is anyone willing to house the 4th defibrillator that the parish has. If we do not find anywhere suitable, we will house it somewhere in Caythorpe, and should we find another spot in Frieston at a later date, we can obtain a further defibrillator. 

13.9.2 Hospital Car Scheme 

No further update on this, still ongoing and very unlikely to change whilst restrictions still in place. The Parish Councils involvement is more a stamp of approval and the passengers themselves arrange with the drivers collection/payment/pickup times etc. However, I need to contact previous drivers to see if they are willing/able to do this prior to launching a new scheme.  

13.9.3 LIVES 

No change - At present we do not have a LIVES representative in Caythorpe, and maybe this is something we can look at changing in the future.

13.9.4 Schools & Childcare

Caythorpe Primary School is open as of the 8th March for all pupils. The new headteacher Mrs Hunt has started her role.

Caythorpe Preschool remains open. Numbers are very low at present.

Sure start centre is closed.

ITEM 14 -  Items of Urgent Business


ITEM 15. Arrangements for Next Meeting 

The next Parish Council Meeting Number 1 of 2021 will be held on Wednesday 12th May 2021 commencing at 7.30pm and will be In the village hall

Open Forum

Penny Milnes SKDC Councillor


The Budget is for one year only; it is responding to changes as a result of Covid – 19 measures which have resulted in loss of income from various council sources.

Whilst the Government have contributed a lot of money to supporting businesses in the District throughout the pandemic, there is current uncertainty over future government money payable to the council for services provisions. 

The focus is on stability with no reliance on reserves whist maintaining excellent services.

SK have utilised the maximum increase allowed by government – this equates to £5 on a Band D property. Whilst this may seem harsh in the current climate it is balanced by an increase in council tax support claimants between Bands A – D.

Business rates will remain static. 

Pay rises are paused in accordance with government rules – those on less than £24k can have a £250 max increase and the Real Living Wage will be used.

9% of the council tax income is for SK specific uses and services;

whilst 91% goes to the police, LCC and PC’s

The £100k allocated to underwrite the unveiling of the Margaret Thatcher statue, which has proved to be controversial, has been withdrawn from this budget and will be privately funded.


S20/0098 Continuation of shooting ground for up to150 days per annum at Brandon Wood Clay Pigeon Shoot.

The application is still under consideration and will be heard by the planning committee when a recommendation is available. I understand shooting will begin again in April.

S21/0231 Erection 2x2 bed cottages, rear 35 Old Lincoln Road

This is a Reserved Matters application following approval S17/1847

Pending Consideration

S20/1811 Erection of 2x3 bed cottages – Withdrawn

S21/0232 Rear Extension Doctors Surgery, High Street

Pending Consideration

Design Guidelines for Rutland and South Kesteven

This booklet can be found at: 

I hope you have been consulted for your comments and I encourage you to look at it carefully. 

It is an important document which will be referred to for new planning applications and sets the standards and guidance for all new buildings and estate layouts. It will inform your Neighbourhood Plan Review where you can add specific considerations for your parish.



Council budget 

Despite the challenges of coronavirus, we remain on track to balance our budget in 2020/21. We have been provided with significant additional funding from Government to protect services and provide support for vulnerable people in the county. 

The budget for 2021/22 was ratified by the council last month and we will spend over £500million on delivering services in Lincolnshire next year. Total cost pressures across the council are expected to be £27million. The main cost pressures are in adult and children's services where we are seeing more adults and children with complex needs and general increases in the living wage have to be paid to staff and our suppliers. 

To balance the budget we agreed a council tax increase of 1.99%, which will raise an additional £8million of income. Our Council Tax remains one of the lowest in the country despite this increase. 

The budget also includes a 10 year capital programme of investment in Lincolnshire's infrastructure. This totals £204million in 2021/22 and £322million in future years. This is before taking into account developer contributions and other grants. In particular I was pleased to see the £86m investment in expanding and improving Lincolnshire special schools. 

Coronavirus – vaccinations 

Almost half of Lincolnshire adults have had the Covid-19 vaccine and people aged 56 to 59 are now being invited to book their coronavirus vaccination this week, with 50-55s to follow shortly. 

The Lincolnshire Transport Helpline provides information and advice on a wide range of transport options to attend your vaccination if you are struggling to make your apportionment. They can be contacted on: 0345 456 4474. The helpline operates from 9am-6pm Mon-Fri and 9.30am-4pm on Saturday. 

Lincolnshire County Council Business Grants 

Lincolnshire County Council recently launched a package of business support grants worth £12m to support Lincolnshire businesses recover from the pandemic. We had more than 850 applications on the first day of launching our digital and rural business grants. The four grant schemes are as follows, with further details available at ; 

- Business recovery fund (for small businesses who have not been able to access Govt support) 

- Digital voucher fund (supporting businesses in improving digitisation) 

- Invest for the future grant (to contribute towards business expansion) 

- Rural business grant (for businesses and organisations with projects specifically in rural areas) 

Household waste recycling centres 

Our household waste recycling centres are now able to take recycling, garden waste and general waste on any day they are open. The booking system still remains to manage the number of people on sites and to prevent queues. 

Local elections 

The government has confirmed that local elections are going ahead on 6th May, so councils are busy preparing to organise and administrate safely the upcoming County Council and Police & Crime Commissioner elections. 

I'm sure it won't come as a surprise to announce that I will be standing again as a candidate in these elections. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed working together over this term, and irrespective of the election result in May, would like to thank the Parish Council for your support in what has been a huge learning curve and privilege to be your County Councillor. time period has elapsed so I can chase. 


Appendix A

Invoice Date

Invoice No.
or Ref No.

Supplier Details

Invoice Detail

Invoice Value

Date Paid



Cllr Neil Fritzsche

2 books
for archive
and gift for
retiring clerk





Brian Wills

emptying dog bins






Westgate Print

N&V printing Dec





Countryside Gates

new gates
at Burial Ground





Brian Wills

emptying dog bins






D Manderfield

(ink, paper,
working from





TDP Limited

Peak bench
with anchor kit
& personalised






donation for
assistance of
Pete Langford
with the website











P&M Leeds

News & Views











ASPLI safety LTD






Alliance UK





Appendix B

New Applications – including actions taken and decisions since last meeting

S21/0073.  Application to vary conditions of S19/1315 Urnsfield House Gorse Lane. Addition of 3 extra roof lights and obscured glazing to be limited to bathroom.  Not Yet Determined (NYD)

S21/0232. Balffe Construction.  Erection of additional consultation rooms to rear of Caythorpe Surgery.  NYD.

S21/0231.  Erection of two, 2-bedroom dormer dwellings - reserved matters pursuant to S17/1847. NYD.

S21/0408. Middlefield House, 46 high Street. Tree pruning/coppicing of various species and removal of one conifer.  NYD.

Decision Notices Received Since Last Meeting

S20/1985.  T1 Multi-stem Sycamore remove to ground level.  11 Lime Gove.  Not supported by PC.   Not  approved by SKDC 15 Jan 21.

Ongoing Planning Issues

S17/1611 ANESCO 7.2 MW Energy Storage Facility on Caythorpe Heath Lane. 

Condition of planting / soft landscaping on western boundary.  Contacted ANESCO to ask what their plans are if any to remedy this. No response. Now ascertained that site passed to new owners who have been contacted by Cllr Crawley under Environmental Portfolio.  awaiting response. 

S19/2107 – Erection of dwelling land adjacent to St Vincents’ House 47 Old Lincoln Road – SKDC not yet determined.