Annual Parish Meeting May 2021

Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 5th May 2021


Councillors:  N Fritzsche (Chairman), A Crawley, C Linforth, R Hall, J Allen, J Betts, P Sandy,    A Roberts, A Graham

There were 3 members of the public.

Clerk: Mrs D Manderfield

1 Apologies for Absence

Councillors: D Lee, M Budden

2 Approval of Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 2019

These minutes had been presented previously and signed by the chairman as a true record of the meeting.

3 Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

4 Annual Report from Portfolio Holders and the Chairman

4.1 Report by Cllr Crawley

Litter picking and the Big Clean

Litter picks have continued around the village using the local man paid by the Parish Council.

In addition, litter picks have been conducted on routes to and from the village using local volunteers.

Some villagers are gathering litter during daily walks and have been issued with equipment to enable them to do so.

More litter picks and bag hoops have been purchased to replace worn items and increase our stock as more volunteers have responded to calls for action.

An ongoing dialogue is taking place with Mid Uk regarding litter from their plant and vehicles. They are periodically deploying litter pickers on Caythorpe Heath Lane and parts of the A607.

The Big Clean team has attended the village and cleared at various locations as directed and will continue to be given areas of concern to clear.

It is proposed to continue using similar methods going forward to address the problem of litter and cleanliness around the villages.

Environmental Sustainability

Enquiries are being conducted to clarify the ownership of the Village Hall and Playing Field with solicitors, who will register ownership formally with Land Registry. Once this has been done schemes to reduce the carbon footprint of the Parish Council by means of heat pumps, Photovoltaic panels and battery storage, will be considered once grant aid has been sourced.

Areas around the villages have been identified that may be suitable for tree planting to act as carbon sinks, and enquiries are ongoing with local farmers and landowners to see if this can take place.

An appeal for tree saplings and stakes and tree guards had a good response but more are needed.

Some trees have been planted on the A607, the grassed area at the junction of Back Lane and Chapel Lane, and on the green on Kings Hill. An ongoing programme of watering until they are established is taking place by myself and volunteers.

Further areas will be planted in the autumn.

A memorial tree is being sourced by a villager for the green on Back Lane /Chapel Lane.

Action is being taken to ensure the planning condition regarding planting and maintaining trees around the battery storage facility on Caythorpe Heath Lane is carried out.


4.2 Report by Cllr Allen

Neighbourhood Plan update.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a chance for local people to have a say in the future growth of their area. Only matters that would need planning consent, such as new buildings and change of use of land, are in the plan. Nuisances such as potholes and litter are outside its scope.

The plan must fit in with national planning strategy and the SKDC local plan. In the SKDC plan, Caythorpe is listed as a large village and service centre. At present  no land is allocated for new building. Infill housing within the built-up area may be allowed.

Designation of Caythorpe and Frieston Parish as a Neighbourhood Area was applied for and approved in June 2020. Four parish residents and two parish councillors volunteered to form  a working party for the Plan.

We asked people for their views through News and Views, Facebook and notices on the boards in Caythorpe and Frieston. We could not to talk to  village groups in person due to the Covid-19 lockdown. We had 26 responses, which gave us some idea of the issues that matter to local people. Those mentioned most often were the value placed on the Spa shop, GP Surgery, playing field and pubs; the need for some more low cost housing; an objection to large housing projects; and dissatisfaction with the village hall.

Work then began on collecting the facts and figures needed,  such as housing, land use, transport and jobs. Drafts of these sections of the plan have been posted on the website as they have been completed.

The next stage will be to get an estimate of jobs and opportunities. We are also working on a  formal survey of local opinion, which will be sent to every home. We will then use this to produce the plan for the future. When this is finished, a referendum will be held to approve the plan.


4.3 Report by Cllr Betts

Road Repairs & Potholes 

The parish council have been pushing Lincolnshire Highways to address the dire state of repair of Gorse Hill Lane and to rectify the poor-quality repairs on A607 & High Street. 

The replacement of the subsiding road at the bottom of Gorse Hill Lane has unfortunately been undeliverable in 2020/21 as the bank slip and structural issues (or lack of !) has made that scheme too expensive for LCC to undertake. 

Highways have now agreed to put forward a scheme to protect and reinforce the bank slips and there will also be a scheme of extensive patching work where the deep potholes are, which will mean planning and relaying the road here. This may be done in conjunction with the larger replacement works previously programmed or instead of this. Our concern is that the patching work and bank reinforcement is a priority, but it may jeopardise the larger scheme.

In the immediate future the road needs to be made safe and Highways will be filling the large potholes with material as well as the cracks and bank slippage to make these safe for drivers and cyclists. This work should be completed by the time you are reading this article.

The highways department have agreed they will do it as soon as they can divert resources from pothole repairs on the A & B roads. These repairs will be temporary in nature with a view to permanent fixes being delivered by the patching and structural works.

When we have firm dates for the structural works, we will share these on our Facebook page. Please share with us any new road defects or poor repair work you see in and around the parish via Facebook messenger or email as it enforces our case for longer term investment in our roads rather than the constant churn of poor patch repairs...

Speed Watch 

After being contacted by several parishioners and the village school with concerns of speeding throughout the village we have been carrying out a speed survey around the village using the speed sign which Carlton Scroop parish council kindly lent us. 

The speed sign will be located in 14 different locations around the parish and we are in the process of analysing the data captured. The output will be discussed at our next parish council meeting.

It was discussed at the last parish council meeting whether certain roads in the parish should have a reduced 20mph limit, yet without evidence of a significant risk or previous incidents the County Council are unlikely to support any change. 



We continue to use our Caythorpe & Frieston Parish Council page to share all relevant information about our parish council meetings, local planning applications and any other pertinent matters.

If you want to contact the parish council, you can message us via Facebook messenger as well as emailing us. 


During the financial year we have co-ordinated the parish council Covid response for assisting parishioners. This involved bringing together a group of volunteers back in March 20’ and completing a village wide leaflet drop and assisting over 15 households due to either them being poorly or having to isolate. A second leaflet drop was completed in Jan 21’ to remind parishioners of whom their assigned volunteer is.


4.4 Report by Cllr Sandy

A major part of my work since 2019 was organising the replacement burial ground path. Very difficult to get people interested, the job was either too  big for most and too small for others.

In the end the council agreed a most reasonable priced quotation from a local contractor with family in the burial ground.

Shortly after this was completed and in collaboration with Councillor Roberts, we organised new entrance gates and posts. The water storage tank outlet tap had been vandalised which was repaired. It was decided that the new bus shelter at the Frieston junction could be unsafe because it was in the dark in the winter and so we got a new LED street light fitted. Again, collaborating with Councillor Roberts a new concrete seat base was fitted on the Chapel Lane Green large enough for two memorial seats. 

I also organised a large parking information sign which was fitted to the roadside of the village hall , asking people were possible to park on the newly provided hard standing at the end of back lane when attending village hall events, thus keeping the high street clearer for casual  parking when visiting the shop. 

Still in hand and to be fitted soon is a contractor advice sign for the burial ground path warning that the path has two dropped kerbs and heavy machinery should use these to avoid damaging the kerbs. Also in hand is annual treatment of the gates and repainting the store door. 


4.5 Report by Cllr Roberts


The allotments on Gorse Hill are owned by the Church of England and rented by the Parish Council for £225.70 pa.  this sum is reimbursed  by the allotment committee. There are 22 plots of 30sq yds. for which tenants are charged £40 for a full plot and £20 for a half plot. Tree work paid for by the Parish Council has taken place . £1800 was set aside in the  Parish Council budget for this. There is an under spend of £200 and a request for this money to be used to pay for additional hedge cutting <to the North facing hedge which runs from the car park to Mr. Wetherill’s field>  will be made at a subsequent Parish Council meeting. There is a good proactive Committee chaired by Mrs. Pepper.

Remembrance/ Church Green maintenance

The Remembrance service  last November went as planned. The traffic signs were put in position by Brian Wills ,who  also cuts the grass and weeds the borders around the Church Green on a as an when required basis. The posts and chains around the War Memorial could do with being repainted.


4.6 Report by Cllr Graham

The footpaths portfolio is by its nature made up of a series of discrete, individual issues, which can be summarised below. The overall objective of this area though is to maintain the footpaths in the villages of Caythorpe and Frieston in a clean, usable format, fully accessible and with no obstructions of impediments to use. To that end, the following issues have been addressed in the past 2 years:

Eastcliffe Square bus stop

The bus stop at the end of Eastcliffe Square has cause concern for some time, in that it has been positioned too far back, meaning that users of the bus stop cannot see oncoming traffic when they are in the shelter; they need to come forward and look down the road. The overgrown hedge tha was there has now been replaced with a fence but the issue still remains as to the positioning. Discussions are now underway with LCC to put in place a replacement shelter, better positioned for improved usability.

Sensory paving

There has been a plan to put additional sensory paving in place in the High Street to aid visually impaired users. This issue has been of concern now for some considerable time and LCC has again reviewed the potential locations of sensory paving. Because it is a requirement that there is pavement on both sides of the street where the paving is put in place, this limits the placing of this paving. LCC has identified two locations where this can be put in place and have committed to undertake this work at their expense, due to the length of time it has taken to get to this stage. We are awaiting confirmation as to when this work will be completed.

Path clearances

There have been a number of path clearances requested and carried out by residents, including path on Millfield Crescent and Frieston path. Requests go out each year in the News and Views for residents to maintain the vegetation around their property where it impedes a public footpath.

Dog waste bin on Back Lane

We have an incident where a resident slipped and fell whilst using the dog waste bin on the corner of Back Lane and South Parade. This was reported to the council and they have committed to level the ground around the bin. We are awaiting this work being carried out.

Various reports of paths in a poor state

There have also been a number of reports to the parish council of reports of paths being in a poor state, where the council has taken no action. In each case there has been a justified reason, including the path being managed by the residents themselves, impeded paths across farmland being repaired by the farmer before action was necessary and other residents reporting potholes before they were reported to the council, putting in place the action to get them repaired without the need for council intervention.

Footpath from Caythorpe to Fulbeck

There is a desire on the part of the landowner between Caythorpe and Fulbeck to redirect the footpath that cuts across his land. This has been discussed with the Parish Council, though we do not have any regulatory powers in this area. The landowner is willing to create an alternative path along the wall at the bottom of his land, though work still needs to be done to put this fully in place. A public consultation will take place should this go ahead so all residents will have a chance to have their say on the matter. It is not expected that anything will happen in this area in the short term though.

For the forthcoming year, the intention is to continue to encourage residents to maintain their own vegetation where appropriate, act quickly on reports of paths needing repair and direct resources where required to clean paths where they become clogged with leaves and slippery as a result. This will maintain the footpaths within the two villages in a state that is accessible to all, so we don’t need to consider the path we are walking along and can enjoy the surroundings we live in.


4.7 Report by Cllr Hall

Village Hall

Re-opened for Kids Theatre on 15th April.

Re-opening for team activities such as Keep Fit from 17th May.

21st June fully re-open although they have lost most bookings throughout July and August so do not foresee having many bookings now until September.

The flat roof has been leaking and quotes received range from £8000 to £12000.

The north end wall is breaking, and they have received a quote of £3000

The new fire alarm system that was done last year has been damaged by leaks from the flat roof, no quotes received to date.

SKDC grants have been received


S21/0376 – 15 Hough Rd, Frieston - Single storey rear extension – planning permission granted.

S21/0204 – Meadow House, Nettlecroft Lane, Frieston - Single storey rear extension – planning permission granted.

S21/0457 – Fourview, 12 Frieston Rd – CFPC was originally submitted with no objections.  However, residents did then contact us with objections following our deadline.  As the deadline differed between Parish Council and SKDC and did cause some confusion, CFPC have now resubmitted informing SKDC of said objections.

S19/2107 – St Vincent’s House, Old Lincoln Rd – Ongoing

It is intended that going forward, planning applications will be posted to the website and the Facebook page with a response due date 7 days (if possible) prior to the submission date set be SKDC, in order that parishioners may make comment to CFPC. However, it is always strongly advised that parishioners make their own objections as well.


4.8 Report by Cllr Linforth

Update on Defibrillators

We are incredibly lucky to have three working defibrillators within the parish. We are still desperately looking to house our fourth and would be grateful of any offers of support to be able to house this.

Defibrillators are checked weekly by myself and I liaise with the Community Heartbeat Team who ensure the ambulance service are aware of the nearest working defibrillator, should it be needed. When 999 are called, they will decide as to whether a defibrillator is needed. If it is deemed that it is required, the caller will be advised of the nearest one, and be given the code to get into the cabinet to retrieve the defibrillator. The cabinet cannot be opened without the code.


At present we do not have a LIVES representative in Caythorpe. If this is something that a member of the community would be interesting in doing, it is something that the parish council can support with training etc and would urge them to contact me.

Hospital Car Scheme

Due to covid restrictions, this is something that we have not been able to pursue, however, as restrictions are relaxed, it would be a great service to offer. The Parish Councils involvement is more a stamp of approval and the passengers themselves arrange with the driver details regarding collection/payment/pickup times etc.

Children and Childcare

Caythorpe Primary School is fully open as of the 8th March for all pupils. The new headteacher Mrs Hunt, has started her role and a replacement teacher for Mrs Hunt was recruited, Mr Knight.

Caythorpe Preschool remains open. Numbers of children are exceptionally low at present which has resulted in preschool currently not being open on Fridays. However, as demand dictates, they would look at opening again on a Friday.

Sure start centre is now open. Some sessions are still via zoom or outside, however some indoor sessions have now begun.


4.9 Report by Cllr Budden


The Parish Council finances are in good shape. The Finance Committee has been properly re-established, albeit it has not met for a while now due to COVID-19 restrictions. A meeting will be arranged soon.

At the end of the 2020-21 financial year, reserves stood at just shy of £27,000. This is within the agreed parameters of 50 to 125% of the annual precept, which is around £30,000. The accounts show a small surplus of £300 for the 2020-21 year.

The Parish Council decided to not increase the precept for the 2021-22 financial year. This is because it was felt that there are sufficient reserves held and, furthermore, currently anticipated expenditure for 2021-22 is lower than forecast income.

Much of the annual expenditure is constant and predominantly focused on maintenance and repairs. However, we do sometimes authorize expenditure on ‘capital’ or one-off items. Parishioners are always welcome to submit suggestions/requests for funding for particular items. The Finance Committee will consider such requests and then make a recommendation to the full Parish Council, with a vote to be taken on whether to approve the use of Parish Council Funds.

I would like to express my thanks to my fellow Finance Committee members for their input over the past year. And special mention to the clerk, Debbie Manderfield, for her helpful, thorough, and simplified management of the accounts, which makes my job a lot easier!


4.10 Report by Cllr Lee

Dog Fouling

There have been one or two isolated incidents of irresponsible behaviour by dog owners within the Parish thankfully these are few and far between. New signage has recently been added to areas where previous fouling has occurred to try and get the message across. There have also been messages on social media when required. Enforcement is obviously down to SKDC. We can only educate in order to get consent.I have also placed signs on our most popular walking spots as there are some who feel there is no need to pick up in the more rural locations which isn’t really entering into the spirit of things. I will look to add waste bags where necessary so there can be no excuses. 

Emergency Plan

Our EP has been signed off by LCC EP department and they were rather complimentary about it so well done Jean. This is obviously a working document and needs to be updated with details of those who have expressed an interest in helping out if should move to DEF CON 2! I will look to add to our kit held in the Village Hall when I spot any.

Business and Employment

Not a lot to add from my earlier updates I am not aware of any businesses that have gone under or who are struggling. Obviously there have been those that will have made use of the various Government schemes throughout the crisis. Of the few businesses I have been able to visit the impression I have is they have just got on with it in true British style and made the necessary changes to their plans required to keep moving forward.


4.11 Report from Cllr Fritzsche

News & Views

The editors had continued to expand  and to increase revenue until Covid. All income for News & Views is from advertising and this was thwarted as businesses cut back on their advertising. It was decided at a previous meeting for the News & Views accounts to be independent from the Parish Council Accounts, although the bank account itself is still under the stewardship of the PC.

The News & Views magazine continues to be a very useful and reliable source of information for the community and a positive morale booster for some in the current climate.


4.12 Report from the Chairman

Back Lane

The hardstanding on Back Lane is being used well by the school. This has had the desired effect of easing congestion on the High Street, aided by the school’s one way system due to Covid. It is hopeful the school will continue to use the hard standing after restrictions are lifted.

Face Masks

CFPC provided  every member of the parish with a face mask if it was required. This came to approximately 500 adults and 150 children.


There have been 2 benches sited on Chapel Green in Caythorpe. These were both procured with charitable donations from parishioners in memory of loved ones. There is to be a 3rd bench to be sited in Frieston, also a memorial bench donated by a parishioner.


There has been a new noticeboard sited on the lower green in Frieston. Along with the 2 in Caythorpe a refurbishment is planned for this year.

New Bus Shelter

There is a plan to put a bus shelter near the Red Lion on the High Street. this is very much in the planning stage and is a long term project.


There have been numerous complaints with regard to speeding and with this in mind the CFPC have set up a Speedwatch campaign. The speed camera has been moved around the village and the data it secures is to be analysed. Cllr Betts has done a fantastic job in organising and running this volunteer led project.

Line Markings

Double yellow lines on areas of the High Street and new markings outside the school have been promised by Lincolnshire County Council.


There have been complaints about litter around the village. Cllr Crawley is in continual talks with Mid UK with regard to their responsibility in keeping littering to a minimum and he does a fantastic job organising litter picks around the village. CFPC employ a litter picker who patrols and picks up on a weekly basis, but there will always be people who leave litter wherever they see fit.


This is an ongoing problem, and although the CFPC need to hear parishioners views on the situation of the roads the CFPC would always encourage individuals to report them all on FIX MY STREET.

This way when the CFPC address the situation at a meeting with Lincolnshire County Council they will already have been inundated with complaints. This will only help our case.


5 Any Other Business: As there was no other business Cllr Fritzsche thanked everyone for attending and brought the meeting to a close.